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A beautiful woman with a beautiful family, with a resume to hire for -- with a French maid outfit? We agree to meet and greet during a potential strip tease...uh, modeling session...

As I told Miss Lovely and Sabrina many times, now that I'm no longer married, I'm not looking for a hooker, I'm looking for a friend.

secret diary of a manho

BUT......... The biggest disaster in the history of blind dates -- accidentally sending your X-rated diary to the potential girl of your dreams, or at least the girl of your next First Date....... I did that...... Never mind that it makes little girl's pussies burst into flames.

She was a good sport...took it with a :-) ... I really enjoyed her text banter...75...and one mysterious phone call...

Whores & Hookers: Hi. I sent you a message that was intended for someone else. Pls dont click the links. Sorry! Hate it wen that happens.

Calender Gurl: Ok

W&H: Thnk u. Sorry bout that. I watched ur videos n cried. I will pray for ur family.

CG: Oh thank u. We need all the prayers we can get. Its tough. I get lonely at times but its ok.

W&H: Lonely is not so good. Im up late tonight if you wanna talk.

CG: Ok hun sounds good. Are u married?

W&H: Divorced 1 year how about u?

CG: Never married, single over a year now. Dont have a lot of time for men, but I do get lonely.

(we discuss our date arrangements)

CG: Oh just saw those links u accidentally sent to me. You perv lol. But if that's u in the pic u r very attractive. Im sure u have plenty of women.

W&H: Oh shit lol. The camera lies Im really much more attractive in person ha. Im very lonely or at least a lil lonely. Most of "my" models I just shoot for a few minutes or hours. Ur the hottie with men chasing you wit $$$.

CG: Who's chasing me with money?

W&H: Me next month anyway. How much u earn from modeling?

(discuss $$$ for pro shoots)

CG: Send me a pic of urself

W&H: I took the selfies this year but now my hair is less gray.

CG: I like the gray

W&H: Thanks just trying to keep up with the teenagers lol

CG: Teenagers? Why?

W&H: Models lol over 18

CG: Oh

W&H: My 21 year old friend didn't even notice :-( Maybe thats a good thing?

We discuss Playboy models I hang out with in boudoirs, her potentially posing nude for Playboy, :-)

Now, no contact for several days... Gone dark. One of her hottie BF's back in town?

He did

I apologize to CG -- I just love women...their beauty...their love...their life...and I'm lonely...hard to find someone actually available...without addictions of any kind to anyone...an empty bed (almost) every night...no one to hold and touch and kiss every day...anytime, anyplace...someone to text and sext...someone to dream with, day and night...someone to cry with, as needed...someone to massage, one hour at a time, without an appointment...someone to do dishes and chores with, naked... someone to play in a hot jacuuzi with, with or without suitable attire...someone to tickle, even when it leads to great sex...someone to fuck, anytime, anyplace, sometimes all night long... over and over...someone to give the gift of neverending orgasms...even when it makes them smile and laugh...uncontrollably...and maybe, just maybe...fall in love a lil bit.........I've had it all before, and I know I want it again....

Maybe not now...maybe years from now...

But no, I had to potentially fuck up my potential fuck. What a dick! LOL

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