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My preggie ex-callgirl Miss Lovely wants to go to another strip club tonight...that's two nights in a row. Touring her old employment haunts, showing off her beautiful belly in her tubetop dress I bought her.

Who am I to argue? But this time she insisted BF come along. Not so exciting, especially with me payin the bill. But this is their reward for a half-day's labor from the two of them...or rather BF's work while Miss Preggie provided adorably cute-n-nasty entertainment on the boring job. Lots of filthy singalongs from the Catholic choirgirl. Spent a lil quality time alone with BF as she met her sugargramps for a tiny token gift of babyshit (compared to my 99% investment).

We arrive at the Tits R Ass Club. It's not actually a strip club, since there's no nudity. The advantage is full-contact lap dancing...and allegedly more potential for takeout. My girl friend should know, she did it, describing her vast experience in intimate details. The club was previously busted for promoting prostitution...fuck yeah! "Strippers and hookers are good people, you taught me that," I admit. Miss Lovely is still the most reliable person I know...

Miss Lovely wants to sit at the front next to the stage, the better to sample her lesbian tendencies, BF half jokes. I give them plenty of ones for play money. BF brags, "Best GF evar! Most beautiful girl in the club." I said the same thing about her last night.

Soon she picks out her favorite, and I pick out mine. BF plays the monogamous game demanded by Miss Lovely for her sexslave BF. Perhaps he plays the game better than I? But his game might cost Miss Lovely her daughter...

Petite Miss Lovely picks a young tall slim blonde (rasler!) to fall in love with. She acts as if she's never been in a strip club before...where to sit, how to tip? Is this her core personality who's never actually been in a club, without opiates to release her inner slutty demons from multiple personality disorder? She acts like a kid in a candy store...who's never seen candy before.

I zero in on a petite spinner -- a curvy sandy-blonde dancer, mid-twenties to early 30s (28), tight body, cute face, with a confident raspy voice like Miss Lovely's, and a face and body like actress Olivia Wilde. I'm falling in love with raspy voices, unfortunately they're all smokers. I hate buying smokes. I hate breathing smokes. I love fucking smokers. (Miss Lovely often morphs into the cutest Little Girly Girl Voice, as DID/MPDs often do?)

My new dancer Sabrina says hello and sits down to begin her sales pitch, making small talk, soon complaining of a headache. OPPORTUNITY knocks. I begin rubbing her neck and volunteer my massage services. I meet zero resistance. After 15 minutes massage she's laying her head on the table. After 30 minutes she's fallen asleep. After 45 minutes she awakens, we trade cells, confirmed by her request for immediate texts. She explains why there's two stripper poles on one stage -- the main one rotates! Learn something new every day... Eventually she's called back on stage...

I think I like this ratty old club! Good music, DJ very helpful with tracking down Miss Lovely's new fav fucking song on the internet -- Fuckmachine by Combichrist... I met his scary fiancee 20 years ago, when she stripped at the Mickey Meow Club...she's still dancing goth tonight, and loves my lovely preggie. She tells me about her art exhibits. Met another "new" friend!

A REAL lap dance

Back to my table with Miss Lovely and celebate BF. We discuss the finer parts of a dancers cunt jewelry, and such trivialties of her stripping business.

Sabrina returns from her rounds, looking a little fucked up. Another dancer falls off a bar stool, then staggers across the room to panhandle $2 from me without so much as a stage dance. "80% of dancers are addicts," Miss Lovely warns. She KNOWS.

"I'll take that couch dance now," as Sabrina grabs my hands and drags me to a private booth. I smile back at my friends, noticing Miss Lovely is having a stroke... Oh well, perhaps she shoulda given me a little more attention as her main employer, I think for about 3 seconds. Sabrina smiles, forces me down on the couch, kicks my legs apart, and puts my hands on her hot body. She climbs on top of my crotch and begins her lapdance. My hands explore her hard yet soft body, and her hands explore my soft now hard dick. I peel her top away from her boobies and suck delightfully. Just an introduction, a copcheck, if you will. Takeout is definitely on the menu!

I give her a couple of songs worth of $$ to get her attention that I'm a payer not a player. We talk softly when we can. Meet and greet in a more intimate setting. Making plans...

We return to my table. Miss Lovely's eyes are drooling. "What did you DO back there," she begged? As I suspect, her core alter has amnesia of what she did in that same club for two weeks. I describe my experience. "I never did THAT!" (she probably lied?) Was she jealous for my attention, or my money? Both? She got zero PDA from celebate BF, so perhaps she's a little lonely? She says she want's to return to work for "one day", after baby, perhaps with me driving her to work stripping? That's her revenge on me?! She also asks what her new friend did back there? Doh! I shoulda bought her a lap dance, I promise I will next time... (I did hook her up with her new friend after hours...)

Sabrina asks for my number and a text to confirm it. I give it to her. I agree to pay her for a "photoshoot". No other negotiation discussed. No cop would do that. Her guard is dropping...

Miss Lovely's really antsy for female attention, since she's denied all male lovin this final days before birth, yet her sex hormones are on overdrive. I bribe some girls to let her get their boobies in her face... She loves it, they love it, some kinda motherly thing? This made Miss Lovely insanely happy! But to be fair they were very nice knockers.

End of day and night. Drive them home, we hang out and joke around. I go home alone. This shit has gotta stop! I wanna sleep with pussy that's not feline.

insert gratuitous boob licking here


Late night hookup...

I send a couple generic texts to Sabrina about my free 90-minute massage, don't know her BF situation, no reply for a couple of days. Play it safe and walk away.

She calls a couple days later. In dire straights... the usual. I know the drill. No phone sex allowed. Drive over for a visit, bringing my XL protection, of course. She texts to bring pizza and cold beverage to her notel. Date night...

Knock knock...

She's dressed in a black catsuit. Actually it's a dancer's leotard. We hug, kiss and make smalltalk. We click and relax immediately. Unusual for me...and for her. Her room is clean and tidy, very unusual for such a lady of the night. OCD she says.

We dine and drink. We talk more deeply. Guts are spilled. We relax. This is nice... No pressure of time whatsoever... No alarm clock setting, for a pleasant change... "I'm lonely," she confessed...

She lays on her bed, facedown. Time for massage. Starting with the neck and scalp, her problem area from a prior injury. I massage her back, her arms, her legs, her ass...not so much ass, back to her legs. Dancer's aches and pains, you know.

After 30 minutes, I ask if she would be more comfortable removing her clothing? No, she is fine for a first date, but does allow me to remove her baby socks. I massage her feet with lotion. She melts.

After 90 minutes, she offers to pay ME for my services, and recommends I go pro immediately. "Lot's of hot young women would love this," she recommends... Like an idiot I refuse her offer of $$...apparently the secret to becoming a strippers BF/pimp...DUOH!

We talk some more. "Have you ever done takeout?" I inquire. She describes her "limited experience" with such, "to make ends meet sometimes." "Only 3 times," she claims. Time to make a move or this date is over...

I bring up the money issue, "What would it take to handle your needs tonight?" The price is right. Very reasonable. I whip out my wallet. Done deal.

We talk some more, sexy topics this time. She strips. Damn nice body for a 27-year-old MILF! First time I've seen her nude...

I love getting her bootycall for Afternoon Delight!

We fuck. Missionary only allowed!? Covered. Prior opiates blocked her orgasm. Tried a handjob. It was like she didn't know how to do it...like a little girl... She did have a prior head injury.

It was OK for a first date, no joy for either. Actually perfect except for the sex part lol. Have to overcome her EXTENSIVE feminine defenses before either of us really enjoy it. She was very tense, so prolly true I'm her 4th paying customer. I tell her I was the same way with my first few hookers. She claims to have severe abuse issues, like most of these broken dolls. Possible multiple personalities (she confirmed later -- what's her triggers to switch?).

I meet her mom! Not so attractive, tats n piercings, a "tad" overweight. Likes to shootup. Ex-hooker...but wish I could escape the gutter, and bring some friends with me.

XOXO. Goodnight. A connection was made... Sabrina!

Blacknails: My selfie pornstar gives excellent nude handjobs in the AM!


"I need you, cum on over," Sabrina begs by sext. Needs my money, she means. I'll take what I can get. Every woman needs money, most aren't honest about it. Nice to play no games, and the price is very affordable.

She immediately takes off all her clothes. Her old man calls, as I begin kissing her neck and fondling her assets. She says he doesn't know about me, but has been reading my texts. "Be careful what you send," she warns. Hopefully she deleted my sexts first. "Do I have anything to worry about? Am I going to get my ass kicked? It's happened before," I worry. "No, you're okay. I told him you're just a friend asking for legal advice." "So we're having an affair, then?" I ask. Smiling she replies, "Yeah!" "I like that, just like my other friend" (Miss Lovely). She nudely walks to the bed as I undress. "You're already getting hard!" She giggles and grabs, "You've got a big one!" (BIG change in attitude from last fucking...DID switching of alters after opiates?) I smile, "Yeah I get that alot, and lots of giggles, too. No complaints when fucking, though."

She's much more relaxed and into it this time, but time is more of an issue. Ah, the hooker alter comes out to play... She admits to opiate use, "I probably can't cum today." "I want to see you cum! Let's wait until you're clean and then fuck our brains out," I reply as she softly strokes my hard dick. She smiles. I think she likes that idea... She does look really hot, so it's not so easy to turn her down. But covered fucking ain't as good as a lady's soft handjob, so we settle on that. I reach for my cellcamera... "Wow, I love to see your cum!" she grins at the happy ending. Much better technique this time, with a little direction, and my own massage oil and lube.

"What's you're favorite position to orgasm," I inquire?

"Cowgirl!" she confesses. "We'll do that next time," I promise. Just have to work this girl up slow. None of that 6 orgasms/hour bareback first date, like my little cheerleader. My dancer friend has some severe sexual trauma for me to heal first... Rape-babies aren't fun, especially with aggrevated threat of death...

XOXO. Definitely better this time, in some ways but not others. Practice makes perfect?


I spend the morning escorting Miss Lovely and BF to court, helping to solve their insurmountable problems. Nobody can figure out why she sticks with (formerly) deadbeat babydaddy when it causes so many problems. They don't comprehend her real issues... He exploited them to the max of debauchery, and stuck around when family bailed. Time to pay the pickled pipers at gunpoint. Hope it don't kill them. The Big Brother bitches actually brag they hope they go back to doping! Clean-n-sober is not allowed in Amerika these days. They must be punished severely for refusing CIA heroin and CEOs' dope.

In the middle of all this my new fuckbuddy keeps calling. When I get a break I inquire whats up? Moneycall, of course. Needs help on her "room" bill. OK, I'll play, as soon as I'm done helping Miss Lovely and BF.

We finish in court and do some shopping. Glad their new foodstamps paid their bill, for a change. No thanks for me helping them win that emergency benefit. A little thank you for sticking my neck out in court and watching bitches try to chop it off. No hug, no kiss, as usual, with BF watchin every move she makes, every text she takes. That shit won't play forever... I told her I don't get that vibe from her, or I'd no longer stick around... I ask her to get her electric bill paid by another "friend" or by sugargramps. I promise, "If they can't do it don't worry, I'll take care of it." BF pays nothing, as usual. Goodbye. Miss Lovely looks more than a little shocked I'm not just hanging out watchin movies as she gets fondled by BF and I get nothin.

Time to visit my new friend. Bring some lunch. Hang out, talk horror stories, the pros and cons of her hot neighbor's threesome this week (man falling in lust with the new girl), meet her daddy this time (shooting up? she was washing blood off her hands when invited in). Meet her married BF too! No asskicking, thank God. Pay her bill. No fucking, no sucking, no service, I'm used to that long-term investment. Treating it more like a Real World GFE. We plan to hook up on the weekend (or perhaps late tonight after working the lapdance club), when her married BF ain't hangin around, spending time with his big fat wife n kids. Estimate chance of cash-n-dash is low...she likes my jacuuzi too much!


And what did Miss Lovely think about my dangerous liasons?

"Wear a condom if you don't want your dick to hurt," ML wisely sexted. She's ok with it, she says (in test?), with monogamous BF standing drunk outside hangin wit his homies. I tell her I'm looking forward to her recovery from having her vagina ripped wide open.

When BF leaves the room, I show her pics of our latest nude handjob. She eats it up, prolly loves Sabrina's boobs even more than my dick!

"Don't worry," I promise her. "I'd rather massage, suck and fuck YOU. Don't worry, I'm yours." Did she buy it? Does she only miss my wallet? Do any of her personalities love me? As BF says, she finally found somebody she loves more than herself...her baby. Big changes every day...

I give her a framed photo of her new family. She smiles, and gave me a big hug...a real hug this time (with BF's pre-approval?). Feels so good I give BF a big hug, grabbing his ass. "I'm lookin forward to our 3-way tomorrow," I wink... He worries I could be serious. Even I'm getting tired of that old joke. He's desperately jealous of my "love you as a friend." For Miss Lovely, I'd do anything...even fuck a hot naked stripper just to help her heal her wounds of love...maybe even 3-way with BF...

I want to make one thing perfectly clear...all my money would be invested in Miss Lovely (and her giant lactating boobies!), if she were available for blowjobs or handjobs, or even daily platonic XOXO. But jealous BF wont allow that to happen. And her hypervigilant DID core won't allow switching sans opiates (do you know why?). I do spend every day with her, feeding her money by the bankfull, solving all her insurmountable problems, sans mounting. But I need lovin to stay sane, and human touch for the power to fight her battles that no one else will. I need someone to talk to, PRIVATELY. It kills me hearing her giggles and laughter when it's not me its directed to, and seeing it's not me who's touching her. I miss sleeping with her...I miss her hogging the bed...I miss fucking her 'til 6am...I miss her causing mass chaos in my life -- wait, she's still doing that!

I need more hot young fuckbuddies!!! The FB mindfucking begins, as my new dancer friend revealed my secret weapon...free 60-minute massages!

And Miss Lovely wants me to take her "job hunting" tomorrow. Breaking away from BF? Going back to stripping? Under-employed BF forcing her to work rather than fuck her buddies for money, despite 4 weeks shy of doctor's orders? Or desperately seeking my money for a happy ending? 1-on-1 time officially allowed! Thank you Sabrina? And thank you Miss Lovely, for being the best wingman money can buy. Who'd a thunk a preggie lady would be so much fun in a strip club? :-)

to be cuntinued...


Lost At Sea

by In This Moment

My beautiful liar
Why are you crying
On your knees
You've crucified yourself
And now denial is rising

So tell me

So tell me how did you lose yourself at sea
Drifting within
So tell me why did you cast yourself away
It's such a sweet addiction
You should celebrate

My beautiful liar
You are drowning
In your fear
You're cutting into me
You think if I bleed
It can save you

So tell me

So tell me how did you lose yourself at sea
Drifting within this
So tell me why did you cast yourself away
It's such a sweet addiction
You should celebrate

And you know if I could
I'd take your pain
But will you turn and face your disease

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