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I have a dream

You'll drink it and you'll like it. Our last preggie sex party was an all you can eat buffet

Today I awoke in a cold sweat.

A black guy had just jacked off on my back...

My preggie friend was in bed beside me whispering "Come for me!"

We were in a long wide bed full of people...


My preggie friend Miss Lovely and I have been having dreams of each other lately, not suprising since we spend nearly every day together, sometimes having wild nasty sex, and always talking wild nasty sex (she usually starts it!). The dreams however are quite dull and logistical.

She also has a tendency to walk around with her giant boobies hanging out...in hospital rooms, in her apartment, in my apartment...whether her BF is there or not...

Yesterday she even had me taste $600 of her boobie milk...yummy! Courtesy of BF... Finally a gift from her to me lol. Watching her pump her nekkid breasts was entertaining...and beautiful...

Back to my dream...


BLACK GUY is a composite of a guy she met in last rehab who calls her on her ho phone, and her BF, since BF constantly says he has to jack off (cuz she's "secretly" only fucking me these last few weeks of preggieness). Tip to guys: always get the girl off if you want future sex, even when paying to play.

PREGGIE FRIEND is spending the night at my place -- with BF in MY bed...is she jacking him off in the same bed she screamed about me fucking her in "his" bed??? I'm sleeping on my couch! Nice guys finish last kinda thing...

"COME FOR ME" - Several cusomers paid her to watch them jack off.

LONG BED FULL OF PEOPLE = detox/rehab (she has been fucked/raped in rehab before)

Next day I tell BF it's him I'm dreaming for...put an arm on his shoulder and pat his ass...we all have a laugh...

Then I spend the next two days with preggie and her parents...BF not invited...He's prolly freaking out. She texts him on her other cellphone to care and feed his loneliness.

But she still gets in my bed with him at night...I need a real GF or 3 or 5 or 10!!!

Or a romantic evening at the local AMP...SCORE dat!


Next morning I awaken... My preggie friend has cum all over her face... But not from me... I hate it when that happens lol...

I hope this is not a trend... Perhaps I need to practice lucid dreaming, thinking more positive thoughts rather than negative fears throughout the day and as I fall asleep? Or perhaps I just need to fuck 10 girls ASAP?

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