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It's fun to share...?

Miss Lovely and I shared our first double lapdance tonight.

This is a non-stripping bikini "dance" club, with ladies doing lines (or whatever) in the ladies room, and empty condom boxes in the mens room...previously busted for prostitution. Fuck yeah!

For a young lady with extensive experience doing paid 3-somes and lesbian porn (receiving), this should be a cakewalk...except for those lesbian rapes...

We begin the afternoon at her place with BF.

I arrive expecting a quiet preplanned "normal" evening of a dollar movie and dollar-store candy. I gotta keep within the budget to pay her mounting legal bills or there will be Hell to pay.

What do I find but a tipsy BF and ML. I'm glad they're blowing off steam in a legal fashion, for a change.

But she's NOT dressed for a dollar movie...booty jean shorts and black lace top with my pink Victoria's Secret 36C shinin through...

Hard for an ex-callgirl to change her outfits in mid winter

She's all whored up (lookin GOOD-n-BAD) for an ex-preggie, soon practicing her dirty dance moves for a "strip" club. I enjoy the not-so-private show! Front door open, BF is inviting his rasta homies to watch his girl pretend taking it off. Perhaps he's competing with the neighbood callgirl n pimp screaming sex next door?

Now I know why BF is drunk, if this is how he feels every time his girl gets whored up. Nobody wants to share that! I wouldn't...except wit da ladees...

At any rate, she IS a very skilled dancer, all those years of ballet and hiphop skoolz. She could certainly teach dance to kids and earn a decent paycheck while having fun doing it. Perhaps open a pole dancing skool in my apartment for wannabe strippers and aging MILFS...?

She LOVES the attention -- a natural performer -- filling a need from her long lost childhood. She'd really prefer going back to work at the non-strip stripclub, but not possible and win her legal issues. But playing is ok... She shows me her newfound selection of slutty knee-high stockings and fishnets in the laundry...oh shit... "That's something every happily married couple has anyway, mostly for private use only," I speak from decades of experience.

She explained her wardobe strategy for interpersonal relations: "I was the bomb in high school! I could get any guy to hook up with me, no matter how hot his girlfriend was. I'd get close, and just when he'd tell his girl I was his new GF, I'd ditch him! HAHAHA!" Diabolical cocktease is not a new skillset for her and her 140 I.Q....

As we're making plans (ie, her making me change my plans to fit her agenda), I get a call from My New Fuck Buddy, Sabrina, needing a ride to the same club. Geez, coincidence? Or God saying GO FOR IT!!!!

After my friends get a little more liquered up, my designated driving departs and arrives for my Sabrina, a little wilted from her day hiking with her married BF, after an all-nighter at the club. Everyone says hello again. For the first time, ML is demoted from shotgun to backseat with her lonely BF...they get to snuggle in my rear-view mirror...lovely (sarcasm).

It's gonna be an interesting night of love, lust, hard dicks, wet pussies, jealousy and screaming...what could possibly go wrong? lol

ML and BF are acting loud and obnoxious, blowing off steam before they explode in rage. Sabrina leans over and wispers not-quietly enough, "I see what you mean about him..." Fuck. It Has Begun.

Sabrina needs to make one stop before work, "to pay a debt"... Knowing glances from the ex-addicts. My new girl appears effed up for few minutes afterwards...I hold her hand as she nods off. This is a huge issue legally speaking, but at least Miss Lovely gets to eyewitness what we all put up with from her. It's an eyeopener. Miss Lovely texts me as we drive, "she high". Jury is still out on that, but she's probably right, I'm afraid. Nobody hates an addict more than an ex-addict, especially a jealous one.

We make another pitstop for my daily smokes for Miss Lovely. From inside the store we hear screaming outside. Uh-oh... Sounds like Sabrina... OK, I pay ATF's bill and walk outside, where Sabrina is yelling into her cellphone at her married BF. I hear my name and my friends' names sparsed by profanities and alleged "roommates".

We survive the verbal altercation and arrive at the club, Sabrina storms to work (that her BF don't know she works at?!). BF recalls his time spent driving Miss Lovely, and HIS COUSIN to the same club. ML is stunned she was not his First... BF forgot his ID so back to ML's house. Hang out awhile, more drinking, more dirty dancing, more dirty talking. I text Sabrina for a good deal on a double lapdance...shared between me and Miss Lovely. BF not too thrilled (so he drinks some more), but ML is in love with her lesbianism. She needs some lady lovin to deprogram her violent childhood lesbian rapes, paid lesbian doubles and porn. ML applies extra scented lotion and perfume to her entire body...not for us guys that's for sure! Don't think I ever fucked her with shaved legs...that's new.

Finally we reach the club. I pay admissions and we take our usual seats in front of the stage, where ML can enjoy the show. The first stripper who walks up wins a free 30 minute neck massage by me. Miss Lovely must love that...I've never seen BF give her one, despite me giving her a free massage table. I hire my big-breasted new friend and many other girls to give ML boobs in the face. Miss Lovely falls in love with one tall slim dancer after getting a backwards split with puss in face. New Love sits down beside Miss Lovely, giving all the intel she needs to return to work, such as blowjobs allowed in VIP, or not, your choice. "I never had to do any of that to earn money," ML brags...of course two weeks later she went back to full-time escorting to feed her addiction, using numbers from dance customers. Sabrina is very busy hustling money, perhaps literally, too busy to hang out, with 5 "couch dances" in a row for one older gentleman, only popping up to hurridly yell at the DJ to skip her stage rotation. Miss Lovely wants to modify our arrangement for a doubles dance, preferring her New Love over my new love. I want to help my friends with financial benefits, so New Love talks to Sabrina about sharing. We get the ok and Sabrina finds time, giving me a big long hug in front of ML...better than any I got from ML (her mommy skillz kickin in).

Soon all four of us are led to play. VIP is a dark pair of booths visible only to each other, so Miss Lovely and I can watch each other, if desired... The song begins... Sabrina is giving me a relaxed bump n grind, nothing really special, unlike our previous boob licking and dick grabbing, as we discuss our pending weekend date in my jacuuzi (where Miss Lovely fucked me in front of the office girls). I glance at Miss Lovely and her new playmate, who's really giving her the lesbian sex act, not the crappy usual excuse for VIP. Very close rubbing, kissing, and licking...no dancing at all... Good for her! Those are the best lapdances. "I bet she does lesbian takeout, she knew way too many tricks," Miss Lovely hoped later...

The song ends way too early for $50, reminding me why I hate strip clubs. A 1-hour nude AMP massage goes for $50 now, much better value for money.

Grinning Miss Lovely and I share a couple minutes of afterglow before returning to her sad BF. She says she got to taste boobs, with plenty of licks near her sopping wet cunt. I promise to make that happen for real, either hiring her for doubles, or if she's really an ex escort, then hiring one for a playdate. I really want to see her cum like that! She looks at me funny........ (note to self: EX escort, now FWFB)

We return to our seats. BF has sobered up to his usual pouting self. Tough job being broke waiting on "his" girl to finish servicing and getting serviced. I feel his pain...he gets her all night long, every night, for awhile longer...

We (I) run out of money in our (my) budget, and we say goodnight to our fav strippers, er, dancers. Miss Lovely looks lovely in her smile, giant lactating boobies and lubricated legs. I'm proud of my friends staying clean and sober (or clean at least), despite all the triggers and temptations. No problem. Hopefully Sabrina can play our sobriety game? Back to Miss Lovely's place around midnight, not invited in this time... What about my new Zombie Strippers DVD? Will she only watch porn with BF now? What are the LT repercussions from this double/triple date rape?

Back at my lonely place, I soon get a call from my working girl. She needs a ride home at 2 am. OK. I text Miss Lovely, not to brag (really), but to let her know where I am in case I go missing with a gravedigger (beware the homicidal rapist), and to show I'm willing and able to offer transportation to work for her at a strip club (heaven forbid). What could possibly go wrong?

ML texts me back almost immediately at 2am... A pat on the back or...?

i jus want u to know that while fucking her dont expect anything from me. i think that shes gross. n if ur gonna be involved wit her, thats cool but dont write back BF will wake up. u can write online. we are ok:-) have a good night...try to get some sleep.

Catfight! lol

"Nothing like a great catfight!"
-Freddie Kruger, Zombie Strippers

My instant text reply:

Thank u for bein honest wit me. Fair enuff but hypocritical lol. U really needed to see her that way since that's how we saw u but we still loved u.

My secret online reply, edited to avoid incarcerations and homicides:

Thanx again for ur honesty. Its been hard these past weeks not knowing wats up, just guessin based on everything u said n did before. I jus really need somebody who can talk privately and hug me a lil, with a little luv every now n then. I dont know if she can do that, she has a BF she loves, plus she dances for many men, so shes not really available to me except extremely limited part-time. Maybe im jus for her to make her BF jealous n do wat she wants, much like u usin me to make BF shape up. Thats cool glad to help. It took me 6 months for u to open up to me about ur issues, ive got to get her to be honest in the next 6 days. I was not happy when she called for a ride to work tonight for that reason, since u n BF n i already had plans (that u changed! and i of course wont allow anything to risk you n family. I agree we wont do any plans together u n her until i sort out whats up with her since we cannot risk that ever again. U n BF were so happy tonight i didn't want to talk u out of play (or u were happy n BF was nervously drunk). u needed to be happy a lil bit. I think u really needed to get gentle lovin from the girls, to heal ur memories from ur childhood wit touch therapy. I was very glad to see u happy. I talked to her about it again tonight after her shift, her story is that she took a laxative instead of a motrin this morning n got a belly ache in the car, after spending all day hiking in mountains with her married BF on only 3 hours sleep. She claims no use for 18 months after a jail scare, but I dont yet believe it. U denied for quite a while too, before u trusted me. She opened up about some other stuff thats pretty intense, so shes trusting me more. Im earning her trust but she wants me n her secret from u to protect her BF, but i told her that cant be done cuz im with u every day trying to keep u clean n get ur legal shit sorted n thats very very important to me as a friend. She says she spent 18 months in a full body cast plus 6 months paralyzed in a wheelchair after after being run over by a car, and this causes her problems today such as seizures and not walking straight. She says she's "in love" with her married BF because "he's the first person to treat her nice with respect like a father/mother/sister/brother should have, that she never had." They had a fight tonight in the car over me, but really its about his lack of money from his business making him worried and her financially in trouble, so he didn't want her to work, then he told her "you better work cause I'm cutting you off as of now." He texted later that he "over-reacted" and she said ok dont worry about it. He earns so much more money than me theres no way she would ever ditch him for me. She fell asleep in the car then went straight to bed at her place, no invite inside. She predicted her BF would surprise her in the morning at 8 am so no sleepover. She paid me $10 gas money for pickin her up after work tonight. No fukkin, no cuddles, no kisses, jus a little hug. Now im all alone in my bed as usual n i really miss holding a warm lady all night. Wen ur 4 weeks of celebacy are up, then maybe u can decide if u still want me around. I have no idea if she will still be around by then. Ive only fucked her 1 time n it was pretty lousy she was so nervous or PTSD or something. For watever reason she is not really interested in that with me. She sees guys all the time wit BF and club so she don't need another man in her life, except a driver "friend" who's not drunk and gets no sleep n works cheap taxi service. She n i will probably never do sleepovers cuz her BF sees her almost every day. That's not wat im lookin for in a woman. I will keep tryin to help u get back on ur feet n can take care of urself agin financially, i wont bail on u even tho every dollar i spend on u kills my sex life n i need that to feel human a lil bit and feel stronger to fight for you. I do have my own needs for emotional support to make me strong in my job that pays my rent. Thank u for making me so important to u that u actually care who i fuck. I was afraid i was in ur "dont give a shit friend zone" like ur other ex-customers / friends wit financial benefits lol. That is actually very important to me. Thank u for bein my friend.

Back to sleep.

Woke up and now got more shit to say before i can relax n go back to sleep (not as exciting as ur dream about fukkin the judge n extorting a verdict lol). Until yesterday, Ive been afraid that no matter what, u didn't want to be wit me in 2014. If that is ur choice as a requirement for survival, I have no problem with that, because ur recovery is most important to me. But not telling me anything was effin wit my head (thanks for telling me now so i know where i stand n what choices i must make). I wont send u any more msgs on cell except appointment shit (i will miss that tho very much). I may be I have to cut sabrina off the dick, if she actually has no desire for it and no need for it from me (gets too much from BF?), then im not interested anyway (that feels too much like rape or begging or work even when consentual, especially with her). I guess the same thing goes for you too, if u dont need it from me whats the point, except i know u did enjoy being with me very much, and ive never actually fucked the real u...so im lookin forward to that someday...if u will have me. BTW last night was a lot of fun, i loved watchin you dance cuz u enjoy it! You really are talented n could teach dance professionally.

Spent the next day receiving numerous generic texts from ML, fallout from my successful reunification efforts with her daddy, as required to save herslf and her family.

Miss Lovely: What u doin today?

W&H: Catchin up on sleep wondering when Sabrina will call me...(typing as new text comes in)

Sabrina: Think its best if we dont talk no more. Not worth the drama causes between me and my man bc if vice versa I'd be same wayif he had a female friend. And my man means everything to me. Hope everything works out with ur girlfriend & family... Please respect this.....

W&H to Sabrina: I understand. Glad to make him jealous for u! U made my girl EXTREMELY jealous cut me off from sex last nite so long as i see u. Seems like we helped each other get what we want lol. I will respect ur decision but we may be in club agin as a group perhaps u cud say hello? I am thankful u were my friend a lil while. I wish u all the best with friends family n health. Goodbye.

Sabrina: Alright

W&H to ML: Actually jus this minute got text breakin up wit me to save her bf from wettin his panties lol. To be fair she prolly didn't like my pushin her very hard on suspected drug use cuz i cant risk that with u. Dont think shes ready to quit. Sabrina wishes u n ur BF the best. Does this mean Im banned from club as ex BF?

Miss Lovely: No ur not banned. Im sorry.

W&H: It's ok i cud not handle another doper. Think of all the money i will save. Never got to see her orgasm or shoot a porn dang it lol. I bet ur jumpin up n down n high fivin ur BF.

Miss Lovely: Lol no.

W&H: Sabrina's BF had a tracking app on her cell, knew everywhere she went. He freaked on the last trip we made to her notel buddies near my apartment to "borrow money". Perhaps he was tryin to clean her up too, o jus jealous n insecure maybe he really loves her n she luvs him? Or jus lust n greed?

Miss Lovely: Sad, u can only pray. Hopefully rehab or jail...way safer than death...iv use addiction is deadliest disease. I thank god everyday for saving me. See u soon.

W&H: K. I wonder if he even knows shes using? I was gonna ask him the next time I saw him. Some bfs are clueless, others r users, very few try to help in ways that actually help. Yeah i prayed a lot for u, a lil for her. Hes her moneybags n that wats most important for her survival since she hardly ever works, more of his fulltime mistress which is why she freaked wen he met me at her notel. Need to block cell trackin apps for future gfs lol.

Miss Lovely: lol

Invited to pizza and a movie and cigarettes, so long as its my treat, as always.

Got the lowdown on todays events. Daddy delivered a brand new bed for BF "deadbeat pimp" (daddy's words) to fuck her on (and me too perhaps, along with her other "ex" still-paying customers in love with her when stoned). Daddy also picked up her car keys to fix and deliver her abandoned car, now that she's finally clean and sober and needs it for working a real job and attending dr and govt appointments (glad it's not me paying for it!). Daddy visted her home (I helped get her) for the first time, warns BF "don't screw me (or her) over!" Daddy invites BF to holiday dinner...not me... Bet he has more fun playing ping pong against me, tho BF has memorized infinitely more football triva...and Pimpology!

Daddy's dinner with his daughter's pimp...I barely survived as her top customer

She and BF watched my new preowned Zombie Strippers porn DVD, so another wasted investment by me. Besides, it has sentimental value -- I met Sabrina on Zombie Night. I packed up n left, taking the trash and my trashy DVD. No hug, no kiss, no thanks, no love as usual -- to keep BF in the dark, or perhaps she really don't give a shit, still enjoys fucking guys over for sport and separating them from their GFs (2 for 2 in my case...)?

She won't need me much longer...will she even have time to see me "as a friend" if she wanted to? Am I just her employer, fucking her on the sly, so long as I remain her employer? What's the difference? Do I care?

Shit, I just saved myself a SHITLOAD of money today!

Nice guys finish last? Not if they figure how how to defeat cellphone tracking apps by slavemaster BFs (ho phones with call forwarding can be for hos too), pay to put hos on Suboxone script, and start earning big bucks in a new job for ho money...

Will Miss Lovely soon use her new freedom to drive over to my place and fuck my dick off bangin to her fav whore song Fuckmachine...for free (her words)? Will I be invited to her place to massage her on my free massage table then "take her on his bed" (her words) while BF is at work again? (note to self: get him a full-time job asap!) Will she allow me private datenights at strip clubs, bringing takeout lesbians home to play (her wish)? I pray to God...lol

Blizzards kill...

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