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Bucket List #357 : Driving a stripper home from work at a strip club

No better way to cover those pesky needle tracks...

...Picking up a stripper after work to drive her home... Officially been there done that!

2:15 am

I get a awoken from a dead sleep by a strange sound...my freakish ringtone.

My New Fuck Buddy needs a ride home from the nonstripping strip club. Says her stripper ride home is drunk, and calling a cab would cost her all her profit, which she needs to give her rich married old man to pay a phone bill (long story).

I did text her earlier offering my services after work. Didn't expect her to call my bluff so quickly. But then again, she does owe me a prepaid date. Could be an interesting night!

Pick her up at the club around 2:45. Parking lot packed with rides home. Poor bastards! Fuck now I'm one of 'em.

Dang she looks pretty good after a long shift of bumpin and grindin on dirty old men. She's in a good mood. I get the day's gossip. Talk about her old man BF and how she has to help him pay his bills after his high-maintenence wife fucked his business by cancelling advertising. She was getting $100 a day is free play money, but that's gone now. So now I'm her affair behind BF's back...he's asking questions...I'm "just a photographer" friend...he's probably not buying it. He needs to share.

No go on a sleepover, she has a date with BF at 7am, playing hooky from work to go on a sightseeing date. Too early for me!

We set our own date for her lonely weekend.

I get a tight goodnight hug after an hour of good conversation. She trusts me with her full real name. She tells me she never knew her father when momma was a prostitute...every customer she wonders if she's lapdancing daddy? Am I he lol? Sounds like my preggie friend...will her baby feel the same...am I her father? She says you can't judge a baby by its color, hers proved that. I gently touch her face and hair, "I'm so sorry for you." She pays me $24 for gas...should I have renegotiated for MORE?

3:56 am

Back to my bed, home alone...

Not as exciting as I pictured it...

Goodnight. Remove condom from pocket. Cuddle with my pussies... I miss falling asleep with a warm lady's body tight with mine... I need a GF...who likes hookers, strippers n porn stars...

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