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Hooker dreams

"If I wasn't using, I'd kill all my customers..."
-Miss Lovely

I'm spending an eventful day with Miss Lovely, my fav nude model, stripper, callgirl and lesbian porn star. We're eating lunch at a burger joint. Just another boring

My friend is a little Catholic schoolgirl. She had a bad dream last night, back when she was doped on natural preggie hormones and self-medicated on opiates. Actually, she was in withdrawal from opiates, after W&H denied her tearful requests for drugs on her 21st birthday the night before. Not your ordinary nightmare. I asked her to tell me about it....

ML: What was that, they say Hail Mary three times in the mirror and she'll come and get you?! Bloody Mary, something like that to try and scare people. I was with a few people. This demon thing would get you if you looked too close in the mirror, and it would do something with your eyes.

W&H: What was the demon like? A little girl?

ML: Yeah, but we didn't know that yet. But really it wasn' that house it had no form. It could take a form.

W&H: The haunted house where your family was killed in. Who in your family was killed in it?

ML: Nobody!

W&H: I thought you said somebody had been killed?

ML: Yeah.

W&H: Oh somebody's family, not your family?

ML: Yeah. We didn't know who. Some girl. But one girl, she died.

W&H: How did she die?

ML: I don't know. She looked into the mirror and died hahahaha!

W&H: I'm glad I'm not in this dream.

ML: One girl I did know. This girl I had a class with in ninth grade, hahaha, it's weird. And some guy I didn't know. It was her boyfriend. He filled me in, "Oh it happened here about a month ago blah blah blah. I'm like, "You retard!" So, me and her go back to my apartment. I just remembered seeing the cop SUV sitting out front like he always does. So that part was accurate. Than it was like, a family -- husband wife and mother. The husband looked like my (convicted alcoholic) stepdad (who punched her in the face breaking her bloody nose forcing her to abandon her home forever at age 13). I was like my own mom...

W&H: You were like your own mom? That's unusual. (Her mom the beautiful model, cop, drug addict, drug dealer who fucked her boyfriend.)

ML: Yeah. My little brother was in the dream too. And a little girl. And the demon chose her.

W&H: The little girl?

ML: Yup.

W&H: Do you know the little girl?

ML: Nope.

W&H: And what did the little demon do?

ML: Killed everybody. (ML spoke in a happy little girl voice)

W&H: Killed everybody?

ML: Killed my stepdad.

W&H: That's a horrible dream.

ML: Then it killed my (half) brother. So I was kept alive to witness all that.

W&H: Like happens in all the horror movies, only one person survives usually.

ML: Well, me and her (the demon girl) survived hahaha.

W&H: You and the demon you mean? What did you do to fight the demon?

ML: I didn't. I woke up.

W&H: They say if you don't wake up in the dream, you die in life. The demon is not your daughter, is it...? Were you pregnant in this dream...? You were your mother...? Is the demon YOU?

ML: Ha. I didn't look like me...

W&H: That is an interesting dream. I wonder if those liquid detox herbs and vitamins had anything to do with that?

ML: I think it was the Ambien.

W&H: Normally you don't remember nothing on Ambien, you've got total amnesia, day and night. Crash your car while sleeping, that's normal on Ambien. It's very strong.....


Multiple personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder) is highly suspected as the main cause of her diagnosis of anxiety disorder, as a normal PTSD reaction to violent rapes in her early childhood...and continuing through the present day...including a rape by a rehab counselor that almost killed her... Alters often "kill" each other, hopefully during integration and healing. Perhaps the Little Girl Demon is an enraged splinter from her original core personality, with the core from before the violent rapes at age 7? Her current daily personality (alter?) has total amnesia before age 6 -- 6 years before she ever used drugs... Nightmares are a standard withdrawal symptom from Roxicodone.....

Fantasy Voyage 1 : 3-way VIP

What can two pretty girls do on a couch?

"I had one girlfriend who liked to go back to the champagne room with me. We would take different strippers into the champagne room from time to time. We would just pay the lap-dance fee, and the dancer would tell the bouncer, 'These guys are my regulars.' One stripper used to finger my girl and make out with her and pull my cock out, and they would take turns sucking it. It was a crazy, wild time that I never knew could even happen in there. It goes on more than you think. It was then I realized that the rules are meant to be broken."
-D.P. Sala, How to Fuck Date a Stripper...with NO Money Down!

I'm missing my ex fuck buddy, Sabrina. She's gone back to her job as full-time sugarbaby in love with her married man and his wife's bank account. She does occasional stripping and hooking to help them make ends meet. He took her phone away as punishment for fucking me. It was meant to be, since she's still using, and I can't be around that, won't be around that, for my sake and Miss Lovely's. You remember Ms X nude model / X stripper / X escort / X lesbian porn star.

I get a text from Miss Lovely, "emergency...i must c u immediately". Won't say what it is, so I finish my business and drive over to her place. I text my arrival, she immediately sexts "cum on in." I do.

She's lounging on her daddy's couch, lonely and horny and dressed for sexcess, looking fine in her 21-year-young awesomeness, as usual.

She's wearing her favorite strip club uniform -- denim booty shorts, see-thru lace half shirt, my gift of her pink Victoria's Secret bra...

I shut the door behind me. "Lock it," she commands.

She rises and walks over to me, puts her arms around my neck, gives me a tight hug and kisses me hard on the lips. It's a deep long kiss, just a touch of soft tongue, not full French. A glad-to-see-you-Im-gonna-fuck-you-tonight kiss....

"BF is gone to work in his new full-time job," she whispers in my ear. FUCK YEAH!

"I want you to do something for me," she asks in her all-powerful Little Girly Girl voice, with a gleam in her eye and then a dazzling smile.

"Anything for you, babe," I reply with a rising hardon and hint of fear.

"I want to go play in the club tonight. Will you take me?" she begs with confidence, looking deep into my eyes.

"Hmmm...let me guess... Your favorite strip club, uh, "dance" club? The one that offers blowjobs and more in VIP, with empty boxes of condoms in the mens room, that was busted for prostitution, where you used to work before going callgirl 100%...?"

Wicked smile! "You catch on fast, for a guy!"

"Of course, sugar. But first, I need you to do something for me," I inquire, massaging the back of her neck just the way she loves it.

"Anything for you, too," she smiles with a hint of curiosity and total lack of fear.

"I want you to teach me how to tickle you, just the way you love it." This is what she told me she loves to get her turned on fast and in the mood to fuck NOW.

She gives me her BIG SMILE. The one I got when I pulled her close and told her "I love a friend," while we were fucking and she was cumming loudly over and over (clean and sober and super horny after detox). I melt inside but pretend it doesn't put me under her spell.

She takes my hands and leads me to her couch, pushing me backwards as she assumes the lapdance position. She gives me a little dance, then...

I try my new skillset on my willing victim. She dies with beautiful laughter, pulling closer with every touch of my fingers. Her smile is a kiss in space.

It doesn't take long for her soft hands to guide me to her huge lactating breasts. She's in love with those breasts! I reach a finger inside her pink 36C and fondle her hard nipples, then release the clasp behind her back. She removes her bra under her lace shirt, leaving me a smokin hot view of MILF boobs. I reach under the lace and feel their firmness, raising the excuse-for-fabric to see their full glory. I kiss them softly, then lick them, as she lets out a loud gasp and sigh of escaping tension. I little milk escapes... I lick and suck until she guides my hand to her shorts. I slide my fingers under her jeans and feel her sopping wet pussy. I find her clit and lightly massage her pussy juices into it, while licking her rock hard nips. She moans loudly...

She pulls away and stands to strip and slowly remove what's left of her top and short shorts. She performs a little striptease dance... Her smile is replaced with a look of pure lust.

I take her knee and place it on my shoulder as I lick the dripping juice from her legs up to her lovely shaved cunt. Her moans are intoxicating... She shudders with anticipation of what's cumming. I stand and force her back reclining on the couch, spreading her legs wide, and continue to lick closer and closer to her heated cunt. I lick her pussy from top to bottom as she almost screams with glee. I find her clit and lick it just the way she loves me to. Her sighs and moans are getting closer...until she suddenly screams with orgasm. Wow, everything's so much better off the pills! I continue licking softly, lapping up her juice...

She pulls me close and reaches down to rub my hard cock, then releases my belt buckle and begins removing my jeans and shoes, as I stand and pull off my shirt. She takes my bare cock in her hands, just like the day we first met almost 1 year ago. She licks the head of my cock then wraps her lips around my shaft. That feels so damn good! She knows exactly what she's doing... She stops and guides me to sit on the couch beside her as she continues to hold my raging dick as she kisses me deep on the lips and I massage her boobies. I reach over to my jacket and remove my massage oil and KY (the one BF found in "his" shopping bag!). She squirts the lube and massages my boner just the way I taught her. Doesn't take her long to make a gusher, as she quickly bends down and laps up my cum as she loves to do. She smiles and says she spits it out, but I know better, she loves my taste... "I love to watch you cum like a pornstar!" she gushes.

She climbs back on top and looks deep into my eyes. Uh oh, here it cums...

"Baby, I need a favor from you now," she pouts with total confidence. I know this is gonna cost me!

"OK, whatever you want, you got it. You want to go to the club and play with your girls, right?" I smile a little with an attempt at jealousy.

SQUEAL. "Yes! Thank you! But..."

"...but you want a VIP dance, right? No problem, we can do doubles again. That was fun last time!"

"Well, I have an idea for" she was no longer smiling...that look of lust was back on her beautiful face...

"Uhhh, so what is it you want me to do?"

She grabs my dick, pulling me close and whispers details in my ear......

"It's ok with BF," she adds. "We can stay out all night..."

We get dressed, but this time she's wearing a tight mini skirt, fishnet thigh-high stockings and stripper heels. She looks hotter than the girls in the club! Kitten is commando... She walks loudly to the kitchen and pours herself a beverage of pure courage...

We drive silently, listening to her screaming Fuckmachine. I'm thinking, "What have I got myself into now?!" She takes my hand...

The club is a dive, but we both have fond memories all the same. She loves it, but can never work there again, at least for now.... Playing is a whole 'nother story!

I pay admissions and we take our usual seat in front of the stage, the better for her to pick her favorites and see the show. I buy her plenty of boobies for her smiling face. She settles on a tall slim brunette who wrapped her legs around Miss Lovely's head and kissed her on the lips...then softly massaged ML's large breasts in front of the crowd on stage. She comes over to sit between us after her stage set. Introductions are made, gossip is partaken. Her name is Vixen.

Rapport is served. Vixen tells Miss Lovely how she brings home girls from time to time, for her and her BF to play with. Well, mostly her. No fucking the new girl by BF. "Only oral by me," Vixen brags.

"Mmmm, I love oral," Miss Lovely sighs.

"You know, blowjobs are optional in VIP," Vixen sells with a smile.

Miss Lovely giggles, "How about pure sex?"

"Sure, no problem, menu is open with me," Vixen smiles.

"How about sex with a woman," I ask the vixen.

Vixen smiles big, "Only with Miss Lovely here," wrapping her arms around her.

Miss Lovely grins and hugs her back.

"OK, let's play VIP." We arrange the script. Vixen talks to the bouncer, "This is a private dance." I let my two girls lead me by my hands into the dark...

The music starts... Vixen pushes Miss Lovely onto the couch, then sits astride her, pulling her top down, pulling Miss Lovely's lips forward to suck on boobs. I kneel behind Vixen, massaging her neck and back and grinding ass, then massaging Miss Lovely's soft bare thighs and breasts and neck, as she suckles. I slide my hand between their legs and begin teasing Miss Lovely's soaking cunt lips with one hand, and part Vixen's panties to reach her clit with the other...she's wet. I feel Vixens nipples are rock hard, as are Miss Lovely's, as they kiss on the lips and rub their bare breasts together. I sit beside Miss Lovely and help her kiss Vixen's breasts, then share Miss Lovely's breasts with Vixen. Moaning can be heard over the bangin beats. The song ends...

Next song begins... Vixen and I stand, as I slide behind Miss Lovely on the couch, as Vixen pulls her butt forward. Vixen kneels between Miss Lovely's shaved legs, spreading them open, her fingers exploring her cunt lips and clit. I'm massaging Miss Lovely's bare breasts and watching the show, hearing every sigh and moan from my friend, as my hard dick gets quickly recharged. Vixen licks a lovely pussy... I feel her shudders in my entire body. She cums quickly with a squeal! The song ends...

My turn... Miss Lovely stands shakily astride me as Vixen remains kneeling. My gym pants are slowly yanked to my knees, exposing my big boner. Vixen grabs it, giggling, "My my what a big dick you get to enjoy!" Miss Lovely kneels above me, reverse cowgirl. Vixen grabs my cock and begins licking and sucking... Miss Lovely gets an eyeful of jealousy, then eases slowly down until my bare tip touches her steaming cunt. Vixen begins lapping both dick and clit at the same time, then holding my dick and rubbing her clit with it, getting it slippery with juice and spit. Miss Lovely begins moaning again, begging with her body for my dick that wont go in. The song ends... Moans can be heard cumming from the VIP section...

Luckily the next song fades up quickly. "Do you want this big dick inside you?" Vixen asks. Miss Lovely begs, "Yes, please, do it now!" Vixen licks both clit and dick at once, but no dick rammed in cunt. Miss Lovely's shudders begin, closer and closer until she starts cumming, dropping down on my dick and riding as hard as she can, while Vixen hits her clit button with her fingers and I pinch nipples on both girls. Miss Lovely can't stop cumming and fucking at high speed, as Vixen begins sucking on her boobs again while grabbing my hard shaved balls. I explode my cockjuice inside her bouncing cunt. Her wet pussy feels so fucking good, especially with the extra lubrication! The song ends...

Miss Lovely remains astride my hard dick as Vixen licks my dripping cum from around her tight pussy, then Frenches Miss Lovely on the lips, who promptly licks my cum out of Vixen's mouth. Vixen softly licks Miss Lovely's hard tits while pumping the remaining cum out of my balls. We hug and relax for a minute until the song ends, getting up and covered up within seconds. Big smiles all around!

We stagger out of VIP and back to our seats, paying Vixen for her time. Best VIP evar!!!

We watch a few more dances but everything seems boring now. Time to go. Miss Lovely takes my hand once out the door, looking at me with That Smile on her glowing face. Soon we're back to her place. I walk her to her door. "Thank you for the lovely evening," she smiles, kissing me on the cheek. Don't want the neighbors to talk too much, especially the hooker next door. "Why don't you come inside?"

"Yes, ma'am!" I smile. We strip our shoes.

BF still not home, no mention where he is, but Miss Lovely is confident and unconcerned. "He's out tonight," she smirks.

I return the smirk and lock the door.

She goes to the restroom leaving the door open, as I walk to the kitchen and pour us some mental lubrication...Sangria.

"So now you can't say you haven't had sex in the VIP lounge," I tease, handing her a drink as she drops cum in the potty. Her top is pulled down to her waist.

"Fuck, I had no idea it could be so much fun!" she admits. "But I'd never do that with a customer, that's just gross!"

"Are you considering going back to work there?"

"I considered it, no more than one night. But then I realized I only needed that when I was using. I love the dancing and attention, but it's not what I need now." She stands and flushes, then removes all her clothes.

"Time for a milking. Will you help me?" Her babytalk voice again. She hugs me tight and looks into my eyes with love, or lust, I'm never sure.

She walks across the living room, bends over and picks up the breastpump. I love it when she does that. She sits on the couch and invites me to join her.

"First, I need you to get them started, okay?"

"How's that?"

"You suck in a special way, like a baby. Here, try it."

She guides my lips to her large erect nipple.

"Now suck hard until the milk cums out."

I obey. Soon the beverage begins to flow. Tastes better than cow juice!

"Now the other one."

I comply.

We never get to the pump... She swallows my cum, I swallow her milk. It's only fair!

Apparently, this makes her horny...again.

She starts complaining of a cramp in her neck, begging for a massage. I sit behind her naked body on the couch and run my firm grip up and down her bare back. She coos. I massage her hair and scalp, then arms and hands. She relaxes but remains tense. I move around to kneel between her legs and massage her smooth skin and soft feet. Lightly I brush her pussy, winning a moan.

I stand and drop my pants as she stares at my large boner dripping cum, like she's never seen it before, then remove my shirt.

I kneel and pull her to the edge of the couch, as she grabs my hard dick and rubs the cum drops on her soaking cunt, spreading our juices around, again. She pulls me inside her by my dick and balls, then grabs my ass for full penetration. We fuck slowly as she moans and whimpers. I kiss her softly on the forehead, then lips. She grabs my neck and kisses me deeply. Fuck, she even feels hotter than before...her pussy is on fire!

I stop fucking and slowly pull out. She whimpers and grabs my hard balls, trying to put me back inside. I stand and take her hands, pulling her off the couch, leading her into her bedroom...our bedroom, for now... With a knowing smile, she willingly complies.

I pull back the covers and we slide on top of the sheets. I take her, missionary, sucking more boobies and lift her bent right leg and hip, nailing her clit as she releases a moan.

"You're dick is so hard! I love your hard dick in my cunt!" she coos.

"How many dicks have you fucked this week?" I demand sternly.

"Only two," she whimpers.

"You're still a dirty filthy whore!" I command.

"Yes I am, I 'm a filthy fucking whore!!!" She cums quickly.

The flip. Cowgirl. She grabs my cock and guides it inside her, hitting her g-spot. "Fuck you feel so good inside me!" She hits her stride and fucks me hard as she cums quickly, and louder.

Before she stops cumming I flip her doggie style, ramming her hard and fast, as multiple orgasms render her screaming...


I explode inside her. We continue fucking softly for a few minutes, as I remain hard, pumping her full.

We fall to the bed, exhausted, but alive like never before. She rolls over to cuddle, kissing me on the cheek. "I love a friend," she confesses.

"I love you too, like a friend. I especially love your giant boobies," I kid. She giggles in her amazing voice. We laugh at the sanity.

"Mmmm, I could lay here forever," she snuggles. "You don't have to go home tonight..."

I awaken from my wet dream...3am........can't go back to sleep......


Later that day, Miss Lovely calls with an emergency...deja vu all over again?! She's stranded for over an hour and needs a ride immediately. I jump to her rescue, as usual.

We go back to her place. Bf didn't work today. We hang out. I listen to ML gushing about her new day in group, hating on drugs, making very important progress on all fronts. Very exciting!

Time for lunch and a movie, I'm buying. No BF on trip...

Time for talk... The conversation steers around sex, as always. Jealousy is discussed. I took it as a compliment!

"That's so cute you got jealous of me fucking Sabrina."

"Don't say that in front of BF!"

Doesn't BF know I'm fucking you?!"

"Well, he certainly knew I was....."

She says she's still trying hard not to feel feelings, for fear of what happens if she don't, along with the secret rules for threesomes -- she must pick the girl.

"I bet Vixen would do it -- she knew way too much how to turn me on!"

"BF may be afraid of threesomes, but I'm not." I promised.

"Lol. I just can't get turned on right now, and it's not enjoyable for me at all. Can't even masturbate. Every time I get turned on I start thinking about..."

"Yeah, me too, the stress is too high for all this. Can't get off. But then I woke up after having this dream, and that cured me! I dreamed about you and our VIP dance in the fuck club. You can read it if you want."

"Send me the link," she agrees with a smile...BF has no access......

"I understand why you can't even give handjobs or BJs right now, I can wait. Too much going on. Just save me from the doper girls please."

"We can start fucking again in 3 weeks," she promises.

I ask, "May I be your first? I've never fucked the real you."

She smiles, "Of course......."

We have a wonderful day, watching movies (including Zombie Strippers porn!), eating dinners, getting good news, talking sex, getting hugs, blocking calls from ex customers, making plans for 3-ways...... :-)

Willie Wonka and the Dick-Flavored Semen Factory

Willie of course is another word for dick.

The Filthiest Joke Ever Hidden in a Children's Movie

One of the most beloved and oft-quoted moments in the ridiculously beloved and oft-quoted film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is the sequence in which the unbalanced candymaker displays his newest invention: lickable wallpaper. As the children and their guardians go to town on the wallpaper, Wonka declares: "Lick an orange. It tastes like an orange. The strawberries taste like strawberries! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!"

We laugh, because "snozzberries" is obviously a fanciful, fictional word, and nobody knows what they really were. Except that Roald Dahl, the book's author, knew exactly what snozzberries were: They're dicks. Snozzberries are dicks. Willy Wonka made those kids lick dick-flavored wallpaper.

It turns out the guy who thought a story about an insane recluse casually murdering a group of children had a pretty fucked up sense of humor.

In 1979, Dahl decided to revisit snozzberries in his adult novel My Uncle Oswald. The equally witty and disgusting story revolves around Oswald Hendryks Cornelius, the titular uncle and "greatest fornicator of all time." Along with his sexy accomplice Yasmin Howcomely, he devises a complicated get-rich-quick scheme that involves Howcomely seducing Europe's most famous men and then selling used condoms full of their spent semen to women wishing to birth famous progeny. Please take some time to remind yourself that this book was written by one of the world's most beloved children's authors.

The term "snozzberry" comes up when Yasmin Howcomely recounts her experience with George Bernard Shaw:

"How did you manage to roll the old rubbery thing on him?"

"There's only one way when they get violent," Yasmin said. "I grabbed hold of his snozzberry and hung onto it like grim death and gave it a twist or two to make him hold still."


"Very effective."

"I'll bet it is."

"You can lead them around anywhere you want like that."

"I'm sure."

"It's like putting a twitch on a horse."

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written in 1964, 15 years before My Uncle Oswald revealed that the wallpaper was made to taste like the head of a penis. In the strictest sense of the term, we're pretty sure this makes Willy Wonka a pedophile. And honestly, we're not that surprised.

W&H 1700 page views per day

Not too bad since google censors all blogs from its web search engine.

Most blogs only appear in google's hidden blog search engine.


Doubles partners

It's fun to share...?

Miss Lovely and I shared our first double lapdance tonight.

This is a non-stripping bikini "dance" club, with ladies doing lines (or whatever) in the ladies room, and empty condom boxes in the mens room...previously busted for prostitution. Fuck yeah!

For a young lady with extensive experience doing paid 3-somes and lesbian porn (receiving), this should be a cakewalk...except for those lesbian rapes...

We begin the afternoon at her place with BF.

I arrive expecting a quiet preplanned "normal" evening of a dollar movie and dollar-store candy. I gotta keep within the budget to pay her mounting legal bills or there will be Hell to pay.

What do I find but a tipsy BF and ML. I'm glad they're blowing off steam in a legal fashion, for a change.

But she's NOT dressed for a dollar movie...booty jean shorts and black lace top with my pink Victoria's Secret 36C shinin through...

Hard for an ex-callgirl to change her outfits in mid winter

She's all whored up (lookin GOOD-n-BAD) for an ex-preggie, soon practicing her dirty dance moves for a "strip" club. I enjoy the not-so-private show! Front door open, BF is inviting his rasta homies to watch his girl pretend taking it off. Perhaps he's competing with the neighbood callgirl n pimp screaming sex next door?

Now I know why BF is drunk, if this is how he feels every time his girl gets whored up. Nobody wants to share that! I wouldn't...except wit da ladees...

At any rate, she IS a very skilled dancer, all those years of ballet and hiphop skoolz. She could certainly teach dance to kids and earn a decent paycheck while having fun doing it. Perhaps open a pole dancing skool in my apartment for wannabe strippers and aging MILFS...?

She LOVES the attention -- a natural performer -- filling a need from her long lost childhood. She'd really prefer going back to work at the non-strip stripclub, but not possible and win her legal issues. But playing is ok... She shows me her newfound selection of slutty knee-high stockings and fishnets in the laundry...oh shit... "That's something every happily married couple has anyway, mostly for private use only," I speak from decades of experience.

She explained her wardobe strategy for interpersonal relations: "I was the bomb in high school! I could get any guy to hook up with me, no matter how hot his girlfriend was. I'd get close, and just when he'd tell his girl I was his new GF, I'd ditch him! HAHAHA!" Diabolical cocktease is not a new skillset for her and her 140 I.Q....

As we're making plans (ie, her making me change my plans to fit her agenda), I get a call from My New Fuck Buddy, Sabrina, needing a ride to the same club. Geez, coincidence? Or God saying GO FOR IT!!!!

After my friends get a little more liquered up, my designated driving departs and arrives for my Sabrina, a little wilted from her day hiking with her married BF, after an all-nighter at the club. Everyone says hello again. For the first time, ML is demoted from shotgun to backseat with her lonely BF...they get to snuggle in my rear-view mirror...lovely (sarcasm).

It's gonna be an interesting night of love, lust, hard dicks, wet pussies, jealousy and screaming...what could possibly go wrong? lol

ML and BF are acting loud and obnoxious, blowing off steam before they explode in rage. Sabrina leans over and wispers not-quietly enough, "I see what you mean about him..." Fuck. It Has Begun.

Sabrina needs to make one stop before work, "to pay a debt"... Knowing glances from the ex-addicts. My new girl appears effed up for few minutes afterwards...I hold her hand as she nods off. This is a huge issue legally speaking, but at least Miss Lovely gets to eyewitness what we all put up with from her. It's an eyeopener. Miss Lovely texts me as we drive, "she high". Jury is still out on that, but she's probably right, I'm afraid. Nobody hates an addict more than an ex-addict, especially a jealous one.

We make another pitstop for my daily smokes for Miss Lovely. From inside the store we hear screaming outside. Uh-oh... Sounds like Sabrina... OK, I pay ATF's bill and walk outside, where Sabrina is yelling into her cellphone at her married BF. I hear my name and my friends' names sparsed by profanities and alleged "roommates".

We survive the verbal altercation and arrive at the club, Sabrina storms to work (that her BF don't know she works at?!). BF recalls his time spent driving Miss Lovely, and HIS COUSIN to the same club. ML is stunned she was not his First... BF forgot his ID so back to ML's house. Hang out awhile, more drinking, more dirty dancing, more dirty talking. I text Sabrina for a good deal on a double lapdance...shared between me and Miss Lovely. BF not too thrilled (so he drinks some more), but ML is in love with her lesbianism. She needs some lady lovin to deprogram her violent childhood lesbian rapes, paid lesbian doubles and porn. ML applies extra scented lotion and perfume to her entire body...not for us guys that's for sure! Don't think I ever fucked her with shaved legs...that's new.

Finally we reach the club. I pay admissions and we take our usual seats in front of the stage, where ML can enjoy the show. The first stripper who walks up wins a free 30 minute neck massage by me. Miss Lovely must love that...I've never seen BF give her one, despite me giving her a free massage table. I hire my big-breasted new friend and many other girls to give ML boobs in the face. Miss Lovely falls in love with one tall slim dancer after getting a backwards split with puss in face. New Love sits down beside Miss Lovely, giving all the intel she needs to return to work, such as blowjobs allowed in VIP, or not, your choice. "I never had to do any of that to earn money," ML brags...of course two weeks later she went back to full-time escorting to feed her addiction, using numbers from dance customers. Sabrina is very busy hustling money, perhaps literally, too busy to hang out, with 5 "couch dances" in a row for one older gentleman, only popping up to hurridly yell at the DJ to skip her stage rotation. Miss Lovely wants to modify our arrangement for a doubles dance, preferring her New Love over my new love. I want to help my friends with financial benefits, so New Love talks to Sabrina about sharing. We get the ok and Sabrina finds time, giving me a big long hug in front of ML...better than any I got from ML (her mommy skillz kickin in).

Soon all four of us are led to play. VIP is a dark pair of booths visible only to each other, so Miss Lovely and I can watch each other, if desired... The song begins... Sabrina is giving me a relaxed bump n grind, nothing really special, unlike our previous boob licking and dick grabbing, as we discuss our pending weekend date in my jacuuzi (where Miss Lovely fucked me in front of the office girls). I glance at Miss Lovely and her new playmate, who's really giving her the lesbian sex act, not the crappy usual excuse for VIP. Very close rubbing, kissing, and dancing at all... Good for her! Those are the best lapdances. "I bet she does lesbian takeout, she knew way too many tricks," Miss Lovely hoped later...

The song ends way too early for $50, reminding me why I hate strip clubs. A 1-hour nude AMP massage goes for $50 now, much better value for money.

Grinning Miss Lovely and I share a couple minutes of afterglow before returning to her sad BF. She says she got to taste boobs, with plenty of licks near her sopping wet cunt. I promise to make that happen for real, either hiring her for doubles, or if she's really an ex escort, then hiring one for a playdate. I really want to see her cum like that! She looks at me funny........ (note to self: EX escort, now FWFB)

We return to our seats. BF has sobered up to his usual pouting self. Tough job being broke waiting on "his" girl to finish servicing and getting serviced. I feel his pain...he gets her all night long, every night, for awhile longer...

We (I) run out of money in our (my) budget, and we say goodnight to our fav strippers, er, dancers. Miss Lovely looks lovely in her smile, giant lactating boobies and lubricated legs. I'm proud of my friends staying clean and sober (or clean at least), despite all the triggers and temptations. No problem. Hopefully Sabrina can play our sobriety game? Back to Miss Lovely's place around midnight, not invited in this time... What about my new Zombie Strippers DVD? Will she only watch porn with BF now? What are the LT repercussions from this double/triple date rape?

Back at my lonely place, I soon get a call from my working girl. She needs a ride home at 2 am. OK. I text Miss Lovely, not to brag (really), but to let her know where I am in case I go missing with a gravedigger (beware the homicidal rapist), and to show I'm willing and able to offer transportation to work for her at a strip club (heaven forbid). What could possibly go wrong?

ML texts me back almost immediately at 2am... A pat on the back or...?

i jus want u to know that while fucking her dont expect anything from me. i think that shes gross. n if ur gonna be involved wit her, thats cool but dont write back BF will wake up. u can write online. we are ok:-) have a good night...try to get some sleep.

Catfight! lol

"Nothing like a great catfight!"
-Freddie Kruger, Zombie Strippers

My instant text reply:

Thank u for bein honest wit me. Fair enuff but hypocritical lol. U really needed to see her that way since that's how we saw u but we still loved u.

My secret online reply, edited to avoid incarcerations and homicides:

Thanx again for ur honesty. Its been hard these past weeks not knowing wats up, just guessin based on everything u said n did before. I jus really need somebody who can talk privately and hug me a lil, with a little luv every now n then. I dont know if she can do that, she has a BF she loves, plus she dances for many men, so shes not really available to me except extremely limited part-time. Maybe im jus for her to make her BF jealous n do wat she wants, much like u usin me to make BF shape up. Thats cool glad to help. It took me 6 months for u to open up to me about ur issues, ive got to get her to be honest in the next 6 days. I was not happy when she called for a ride to work tonight for that reason, since u n BF n i already had plans (that u changed! and i of course wont allow anything to risk you n family. I agree we wont do any plans together u n her until i sort out whats up with her since we cannot risk that ever again. U n BF were so happy tonight i didn't want to talk u out of play (or u were happy n BF was nervously drunk). u needed to be happy a lil bit. I think u really needed to get gentle lovin from the girls, to heal ur memories from ur childhood wit touch therapy. I was very glad to see u happy. I talked to her about it again tonight after her shift, her story is that she took a laxative instead of a motrin this morning n got a belly ache in the car, after spending all day hiking in mountains with her married BF on only 3 hours sleep. She claims no use for 18 months after a jail scare, but I dont yet believe it. U denied for quite a while too, before u trusted me. She opened up about some other stuff thats pretty intense, so shes trusting me more. Im earning her trust but she wants me n her secret from u to protect her BF, but i told her that cant be done cuz im with u every day trying to keep u clean n get ur legal shit sorted n thats very very important to me as a friend. She says she spent 18 months in a full body cast plus 6 months paralyzed in a wheelchair after after being run over by a car, and this causes her problems today such as seizures and not walking straight. She says she's "in love" with her married BF because "he's the first person to treat her nice with respect like a father/mother/sister/brother should have, that she never had." They had a fight tonight in the car over me, but really its about his lack of money from his business making him worried and her financially in trouble, so he didn't want her to work, then he told her "you better work cause I'm cutting you off as of now." He texted later that he "over-reacted" and she said ok dont worry about it. He earns so much more money than me theres no way she would ever ditch him for me. She fell asleep in the car then went straight to bed at her place, no invite inside. She predicted her BF would surprise her in the morning at 8 am so no sleepover. She paid me $10 gas money for pickin her up after work tonight. No fukkin, no cuddles, no kisses, jus a little hug. Now im all alone in my bed as usual n i really miss holding a warm lady all night. Wen ur 4 weeks of celebacy are up, then maybe u can decide if u still want me around. I have no idea if she will still be around by then. Ive only fucked her 1 time n it was pretty lousy she was so nervous or PTSD or something. For watever reason she is not really interested in that with me. She sees guys all the time wit BF and club so she don't need another man in her life, except a driver "friend" who's not drunk and gets no sleep n works cheap taxi service. She n i will probably never do sleepovers cuz her BF sees her almost every day. That's not wat im lookin for in a woman. I will keep tryin to help u get back on ur feet n can take care of urself agin financially, i wont bail on u even tho every dollar i spend on u kills my sex life n i need that to feel human a lil bit and feel stronger to fight for you. I do have my own needs for emotional support to make me strong in my job that pays my rent. Thank u for making me so important to u that u actually care who i fuck. I was afraid i was in ur "dont give a shit friend zone" like ur other ex-customers / friends wit financial benefits lol. That is actually very important to me. Thank u for bein my friend.

Back to sleep.

Woke up and now got more shit to say before i can relax n go back to sleep (not as exciting as ur dream about fukkin the judge n extorting a verdict lol). Until yesterday, Ive been afraid that no matter what, u didn't want to be wit me in 2014. If that is ur choice as a requirement for survival, I have no problem with that, because ur recovery is most important to me. But not telling me anything was effin wit my head (thanks for telling me now so i know where i stand n what choices i must make). I wont send u any more msgs on cell except appointment shit (i will miss that tho very much). I may be I have to cut sabrina off the dick, if she actually has no desire for it and no need for it from me (gets too much from BF?), then im not interested anyway (that feels too much like rape or begging or work even when consentual, especially with her). I guess the same thing goes for you too, if u dont need it from me whats the point, except i know u did enjoy being with me very much, and ive never actually fucked the real im lookin forward to that someday...if u will have me. BTW last night was a lot of fun, i loved watchin you dance cuz u enjoy it! You really are talented n could teach dance professionally.

Spent the next day receiving numerous generic texts from ML, fallout from my successful reunification efforts with her daddy, as required to save herslf and her family.

Miss Lovely: What u doin today?

W&H: Catchin up on sleep wondering when Sabrina will call me...(typing as new text comes in)

Sabrina: Think its best if we dont talk no more. Not worth the drama causes between me and my man bc if vice versa I'd be same wayif he had a female friend. And my man means everything to me. Hope everything works out with ur girlfriend & family... Please respect this.....

W&H to Sabrina: I understand. Glad to make him jealous for u! U made my girl EXTREMELY jealous cut me off from sex last nite so long as i see u. Seems like we helped each other get what we want lol. I will respect ur decision but we may be in club agin as a group perhaps u cud say hello? I am thankful u were my friend a lil while. I wish u all the best with friends family n health. Goodbye.

Sabrina: Alright

W&H to ML: Actually jus this minute got text breakin up wit me to save her bf from wettin his panties lol. To be fair she prolly didn't like my pushin her very hard on suspected drug use cuz i cant risk that with u. Dont think shes ready to quit. Sabrina wishes u n ur BF the best. Does this mean Im banned from club as ex BF?

Miss Lovely: No ur not banned. Im sorry.

W&H: It's ok i cud not handle another doper. Think of all the money i will save. Never got to see her orgasm or shoot a porn dang it lol. I bet ur jumpin up n down n high fivin ur BF.

Miss Lovely: Lol no.

W&H: Sabrina's BF had a tracking app on her cell, knew everywhere she went. He freaked on the last trip we made to her notel buddies near my apartment to "borrow money". Perhaps he was tryin to clean her up too, o jus jealous n insecure maybe he really loves her n she luvs him? Or jus lust n greed?

Miss Lovely: Sad, u can only pray. Hopefully rehab or jail...way safer than death...iv use addiction is deadliest disease. I thank god everyday for saving me. See u soon.

W&H: K. I wonder if he even knows shes using? I was gonna ask him the next time I saw him. Some bfs are clueless, others r users, very few try to help in ways that actually help. Yeah i prayed a lot for u, a lil for her. Hes her moneybags n that wats most important for her survival since she hardly ever works, more of his fulltime mistress which is why she freaked wen he met me at her notel. Need to block cell trackin apps for future gfs lol.

Miss Lovely: lol

Invited to pizza and a movie and cigarettes, so long as its my treat, as always.

Got the lowdown on todays events. Daddy delivered a brand new bed for BF "deadbeat pimp" (daddy's words) to fuck her on (and me too perhaps, along with her other "ex" still-paying customers in love with her when stoned). Daddy also picked up her car keys to fix and deliver her abandoned car, now that she's finally clean and sober and needs it for working a real job and attending dr and govt appointments (glad it's not me paying for it!). Daddy visted her home (I helped get her) for the first time, warns BF "don't screw me (or her) over!" Daddy invites BF to holiday dinner...not me... Bet he has more fun playing ping pong against me, tho BF has memorized infinitely more football triva...and Pimpology!

Daddy's dinner with his daughter's pimp...I barely survived as her top customer

She and BF watched my new preowned Zombie Strippers porn DVD, so another wasted investment by me. Besides, it has sentimental value -- I met Sabrina on Zombie Night. I packed up n left, taking the trash and my trashy DVD. No hug, no kiss, no thanks, no love as usual -- to keep BF in the dark, or perhaps she really don't give a shit, still enjoys fucking guys over for sport and separating them from their GFs (2 for 2 in my case...)?

She won't need me much longer...will she even have time to see me "as a friend" if she wanted to? Am I just her employer, fucking her on the sly, so long as I remain her employer? What's the difference? Do I care?

Shit, I just saved myself a SHITLOAD of money today!

Nice guys finish last? Not if they figure how how to defeat cellphone tracking apps by slavemaster BFs (ho phones with call forwarding can be for hos too), pay to put hos on Suboxone script, and start earning big bucks in a new job for ho money...

Will Miss Lovely soon use her new freedom to drive over to my place and fuck my dick off bangin to her fav whore song Fuckmachine...for free (her words)? Will I be invited to her place to massage her on my free massage table then "take her on his bed" (her words) while BF is at work again? (note to self: get him a full-time job asap!) Will she allow me private datenights at strip clubs, bringing takeout lesbians home to play (her wish)? I pray to

Blizzards kill...

Bucket List #357 : Driving a stripper home from work at a strip club

No better way to cover those pesky needle tracks...

...Picking up a stripper after work to drive her home... Officially been there done that!

2:15 am

I get a awoken from a dead sleep by a strange freakish ringtone.

My New Fuck Buddy needs a ride home from the nonstripping strip club. Says her stripper ride home is drunk, and calling a cab would cost her all her profit, which she needs to give her rich married old man to pay a phone bill (long story).

I did text her earlier offering my services after work. Didn't expect her to call my bluff so quickly. But then again, she does owe me a prepaid date. Could be an interesting night!

Pick her up at the club around 2:45. Parking lot packed with rides home. Poor bastards! Fuck now I'm one of 'em.

Dang she looks pretty good after a long shift of bumpin and grindin on dirty old men. She's in a good mood. I get the day's gossip. Talk about her old man BF and how she has to help him pay his bills after his high-maintenence wife fucked his business by cancelling advertising. She was getting $100 a day is free play money, but that's gone now. So now I'm her affair behind BF's back...he's asking questions...I'm "just a photographer" friend...he's probably not buying it. He needs to share.

No go on a sleepover, she has a date with BF at 7am, playing hooky from work to go on a sightseeing date. Too early for me!

We set our own date for her lonely weekend.

I get a tight goodnight hug after an hour of good conversation. She trusts me with her full real name. She tells me she never knew her father when momma was a prostitute...every customer she wonders if she's lapdancing daddy? Am I he lol? Sounds like my preggie friend...will her baby feel the I her father? She says you can't judge a baby by its color, hers proved that. I gently touch her face and hair, "I'm so sorry for you." She pays me $24 for gas...should I have renegotiated for MORE?

3:56 am

Back to my bed, home alone...

Not as exciting as I pictured it...

Goodnight. Remove condom from pocket. Cuddle with my pussies... I miss falling asleep with a warm lady's body tight with mine... I need a GF...who likes hookers, strippers n porn stars...


I'm driving around with Sabrina, my new fuckbuddy from the strip club. Conversation takes many twists and turns, some sexy, some not so much... My madonna messiah has in fact risen from the grave...

Whores & Hookers: Tell me more about Dr X and digging your own grave?

Sabrina: Well, I was raped by my first and second babydaddy. You know, Dr. X warns no sex for six weeks after giving birth, because you can bleed and die.

W&H: Sure.

S: So what does this asshole do? He raped me and I got pregnant agin. I was bawling to Dr. X, 'I can't do this all over again!'

W&H: Where is he now?

S: In jail.

W&H: Good.

S: Uh hehehe Dr X told him like, 'You put your hands on her again and I'll kill you.'

W&H: Dr X told your buddy that?

S: Yeah.

W&H: Really?

S: Yeah.

W&H: In the office there?

S: Yeah. And I know you gotta know Nadine.

W&H: Now who's Nadine?

S: One of the nurses up there, a mixed nurse. She LOVES white men.

W&H: Okay, I'll keep an eye out for her. I'm sure I've seen her. So I might wanna hook up sometime. Hahaha.

S: Yeah, she's...

W&H: What's she look like?

S: She's real light skin. She's prolly about you're age, cause she went to school with my brother, and my brother is in his late 30s, early 40s.

W&H: I'm 51, 52...somewhere around there.

S: Seriously?!

W&H: I'm an old fart.

S: Billshit Bill!

W&H: Clean livin...I look like a little kid...Am I too old for ya?

S: No! OMG! You do not look fuckin 50!

W&H: Well I got white hair...

S: I think that shit is sexy, salt-n-pepper hair!

W&H: OK. Good.

S: Heheheheheheh!

W&H: Tell me more about diggin your own grave...that's an interesting horror story.

S: First I had to start with my hands...

W&H: Now what led up to this? Why was he pissed? Cause you were fuckin around?

S: No. I never had a chance to with him, he was so abusive, so on top of me everything I did.

W&H: An addict?

S: No. He smoked marijuana. What it is, I took his virginity. I didn't know I had taken his virginity, but fuck he stood 6-2, 260 pounds. When I met him he told me he was 25 years old and he had this this and this. We had sex 1 time, boom I'm pregnant. Boom he's 15 he aint 25. But uh he's just psycho, his first piece of pussy.

W&H: Yeah that will do it.

S: His mother is bi-racial but she hates white people.

W&H: OK so that makes sense(?!).

S: So, after 30 minutes digging my own grave, she brings me my shovel...says, "Here bitch use this!"

W&H: So the mother was in on it too...

S: Yes.

W&H: Holy fuck. I thought I had problems with in-laws...

S: I forget what happened...either somebody I know came by, or my family...or somethin, just so happened to hear all the chaos in the backyard... I was for sure I'd be buried alive...

W&H: There's been people killed up there for sure...

S: ...Buried alive, nobody'd ever find me.

W&H: What'd you do after they found you, your family or somebody came by and stopped them?

S: Cuz I know nobody he knows would do that.

W&H: Were you fucked up? Is that why you don't recall anything after?

S: It's where I have a brain injury. Short term memory loss. I can remember what I did twenty years ago, I can't tell you what I done last week. A lot of it is the trauma I've had, the pedestrian car wreck, all the beatings I've had smackin my head (she claims multiple personality disorder, that's caused by fear of imminent death).

W&H: So no police were involved, huh? He got away with tryin to kill ya?

S: The first time I did call the police, his mother brought out, 'They sell that, they sell this...' And I'm standin there like, 'Hello bitch...!'

W&H: Yeah, the police believe whoever tells them a lie first...

S: Oh it wasn't no lie! I'm like hello bitch, that's how my family makes a livin! Really?! The only reason she was mad was because we was white people living in a black neighborhood, and my dad sold a little bit of weed. Well, she sold a little weed to black people, the dime, ten dollars, that you can barely get a single joint out of. What we sold was white person's 25 grams straight up, so we took all of her business. But yeah, it was crazy... With my first kid (by her son), she blocked me in the doorway and punched me in the gut. I ended up gettin the best of her, but it was crazy. She marked my kid, my kid looks just like her. Just fuckin like her. And my second child looks just like me, but high yellow. Then my third one looks like a precious little doll, blonde hair and blue eyes. Ha, I tell my youngest one, 'If you ever go outside your race I'll whoop your ass!'

W&H: You've had some bad experiences, " I underestimated.

S: And then my other two are just standing there, 'You can go either way, you're black or you're white, you're whatever! Then my momma is all, 'Well I don't care who you mess with, just as long as they're good to you...'

W&H: Well, that's important too...

We arrive at our destination.

S: You care to wait five minutes?

W&H: No...

S: Cause somebody wants to come in my room and, whatever...

W&H: OK...

5 minutes later, I'm invited in, as she introduces me to her "daddy" and is washing blood drops off her hand... When alone, we give each other a big hug...

Well, that explains our first date antirape...

I discuss this tale with recently clean-n-sober Miss Lovely, after 8 years of addiction heaven and hells, as we cover addiction issues and potential cures, and our experiences with homicidal gangland violence... A treatment modality for Sabrina soon develops... Then again, some people don't wannabe be fixed. Sometimes the cure is more fatal than the disease...

Capt Save A Ho to the rescue, or Capt Fuck A Ho to the BBQ?


by In This Moment

I'm the girl you've been thinking about
The one thing you can't live without
I'm the girl you've been waiting for
I'll have you down on your knees
I'll have you begging for more
You probably thought I wouldn't get this far
You thought I'd end up in the back of a car
You probably thought that I'd never escape
I'd be a rat in a cage, I'd be a slave to this place
You don't know how hard I fought to survive,
Waking up all alone when I was left to die
You don't know about this life I've led,
All these roads I've walked
All these tears I've bled
So how can this be?
You're praying to me
There's a look in your eyes,
I know just what that means
I can be, I can be your everything

I can be your whore!
I am the doll you created
I am your sin
I am your whore
But let me tell you something baby
You love me for everything you hate me for

I'm the one that you need and fear
Now that you're hooked, it's all becoming clear
That all your judgments that you placed on me
Was a reflection of discovery
So maybe next time when you cast your stones
From the shadows of the dark unknown
You will crawl up from your hiding place
Take a look in the mirrorv See the truth in your face

So how can this be?
You're praying to me
There's a look in your eyes,
I know just what that means
I can be, I can be your everything I can be your whore!
I am the doll you created
I am your sin
I am your whore
But let me tell you something baby
You love me for everything you hate me for

Oh whoa ho, oh whoa ho, oh whao ho [x2]

I am the doll you created
I am your sin
I am your whore
But let me tell you something baby
You love me, you want me, you need me!

I can be your whore!
I am the doll you createdv I am your sin
I am your whore
But let me tell you something baby
You love me for everything you hate me for

I can be your whore!
I can be your whore!
I can be your whore!
But let me tell you something baby
You love me for everything you hate me for

You love me for everything you hate me for

Beautiful Tragedy

by In This Moment

Silent night, let me sleep away these memories within
sacrifices of purity are turning into sins
And this judgement day is growing near
And this confession is killing me again

This beautiful tragedy is crashing into me
This dying destiny

So now you lay yourself down in this grave with shattered eyes
Beautiful melodies to try and wash away the lies
And this judgement day is growing near
And this confession is killing me again

This beautiful tragedy is crashing into me
This dying destiny, take me away
This beautiful tragedy come crashing into me
This dying destiny

Will you be there
Will you be there by my grave
Or will you be the death of me
My beautiful tragedy

This beautiful tragedy is crashing into me
This dying destiny, take me away
This beautiful tragedy come crashing into me
This dying destiny

"When the Lord first spoke through Hosea, the Lord said to Hosea, 'Go, take to yourself a wife of whoredom and have dchildren of whoredom, for the land commits great whoredom by forsaking the Lord.' So he went and took Gomer, the daughter of Diblaim, and she conceived and bore him a son. And the Lord said to him, 'Call his name Jezreel, for in just a little while I will punish the house of Jehu for the blood of Jezreel, and I will put an end to the kingdom of the house of Israel. And on that day I will break the bow of Israel iin the Valley of Jezreel.' She conceived again and bore a daughter. And the Lord said to him, 'Call her name No Mercy, for I will no more have mercy on the house of Israel, to forgive them at all. And the Lord said to me, 'Go again, love a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress, even as the Lord loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other gods and love cakes of raisins.' So I bought her for fifteen shekels of silver and a homer and a lethech1 of barley. And I said to her, 'You must dwell as mine for many days. You shall not play the whore, or belong to another man; so will I also be to you. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you.'"
-Hosea 1-4, Christian Bible

in this moment whore lost at sea fucking naked nude hooker prostitute callgirl escort fuckbuddy friend with financial benefits homicide murder kill rastafarian

My new fuckbuddy

A fun 1st date, 2nd date, 3rd date, 4th date, 5th date, 6th date


My preggie ex-callgirl Miss Lovely wants to go to another strip club tonight...that's two nights in a row. Touring her old employment haunts, showing off her beautiful belly in her tubetop dress I bought her.

Who am I to argue? But this time she insisted BF come along. Not so exciting, especially with me payin the bill. But this is their reward for a half-day's labor from the two of them...or rather BF's work while Miss Preggie provided adorably cute-n-nasty entertainment on the boring job. Lots of filthy singalongs from the Catholic choirgirl. Spent a lil quality time alone with BF as she met her sugargramps for a tiny token gift of babyshit (compared to my 99% investment).

We arrive at the Tits R Ass Club. It's not actually a strip club, since there's no nudity. The advantage is full-contact lap dancing...and allegedly more potential for takeout. My girl friend should know, she did it, describing her vast experience in intimate details. The club was previously busted for promoting prostitution...fuck yeah! "Strippers and hookers are good people, you taught me that," I admit. Miss Lovely is still the most reliable person I know...

Miss Lovely wants to sit at the front next to the stage, the better to sample her lesbian tendencies, BF half jokes. I give them plenty of ones for play money. BF brags, "Best GF evar! Most beautiful girl in the club." I said the same thing about her last night.

Soon she picks out her favorite, and I pick out mine. BF plays the monogamous game demanded by Miss Lovely for her sexslave BF. Perhaps he plays the game better than I? But his game might cost Miss Lovely her daughter...

Petite Miss Lovely picks a young tall slim blonde (rasler!) to fall in love with. She acts as if she's never been in a strip club before...where to sit, how to tip? Is this her core personality who's never actually been in a club, without opiates to release her inner slutty demons from multiple personality disorder? She acts like a kid in a candy store...who's never seen candy before.

I zero in on a petite spinner -- a curvy sandy-blonde dancer, mid-twenties to early 30s (28), tight body, cute face, with a confident raspy voice like Miss Lovely's, and a face and body like actress Olivia Wilde. I'm falling in love with raspy voices, unfortunately they're all smokers. I hate buying smokes. I hate breathing smokes. I love fucking smokers. (Miss Lovely often morphs into the cutest Little Girly Girl Voice, as DID/MPDs often do?)

My new dancer Sabrina says hello and sits down to begin her sales pitch, making small talk, soon complaining of a headache. OPPORTUNITY knocks. I begin rubbing her neck and volunteer my massage services. I meet zero resistance. After 15 minutes massage she's laying her head on the table. After 30 minutes she's fallen asleep. After 45 minutes she awakens, we trade cells, confirmed by her request for immediate texts. She explains why there's two stripper poles on one stage -- the main one rotates! Learn something new every day... Eventually she's called back on stage...

I think I like this ratty old club! Good music, DJ very helpful with tracking down Miss Lovely's new fav fucking song on the internet -- Fuckmachine by Combichrist... I met his scary fiancee 20 years ago, when she stripped at the Mickey Meow Club...she's still dancing goth tonight, and loves my lovely preggie. She tells me about her art exhibits. Met another "new" friend!

A REAL lap dance

Back to my table with Miss Lovely and celebate BF. We discuss the finer parts of a dancers cunt jewelry, and such trivialties of her stripping business.

Sabrina returns from her rounds, looking a little fucked up. Another dancer falls off a bar stool, then staggers across the room to panhandle $2 from me without so much as a stage dance. "80% of dancers are addicts," Miss Lovely warns. She KNOWS.

"I'll take that couch dance now," as Sabrina grabs my hands and drags me to a private booth. I smile back at my friends, noticing Miss Lovely is having a stroke... Oh well, perhaps she shoulda given me a little more attention as her main employer, I think for about 3 seconds. Sabrina smiles, forces me down on the couch, kicks my legs apart, and puts my hands on her hot body. She climbs on top of my crotch and begins her lapdance. My hands explore her hard yet soft body, and her hands explore my soft now hard dick. I peel her top away from her boobies and suck delightfully. Just an introduction, a copcheck, if you will. Takeout is definitely on the menu!

I give her a couple of songs worth of $$ to get her attention that I'm a payer not a player. We talk softly when we can. Meet and greet in a more intimate setting. Making plans...

We return to my table. Miss Lovely's eyes are drooling. "What did you DO back there," she begged? As I suspect, her core alter has amnesia of what she did in that same club for two weeks. I describe my experience. "I never did THAT!" (she probably lied?) Was she jealous for my attention, or my money? Both? She got zero PDA from celebate BF, so perhaps she's a little lonely? She says she want's to return to work for "one day", after baby, perhaps with me driving her to work stripping? That's her revenge on me?! She also asks what her new friend did back there? Doh! I shoulda bought her a lap dance, I promise I will next time... (I did hook her up with her new friend after hours...)

Sabrina asks for my number and a text to confirm it. I give it to her. I agree to pay her for a "photoshoot". No other negotiation discussed. No cop would do that. Her guard is dropping...

Miss Lovely's really antsy for female attention, since she's denied all male lovin this final days before birth, yet her sex hormones are on overdrive. I bribe some girls to let her get their boobies in her face... She loves it, they love it, some kinda motherly thing? This made Miss Lovely insanely happy! But to be fair they were very nice knockers.

End of day and night. Drive them home, we hang out and joke around. I go home alone. This shit has gotta stop! I wanna sleep with pussy that's not feline.

insert gratuitous boob licking here


Late night hookup...

I send a couple generic texts to Sabrina about my free 90-minute massage, don't know her BF situation, no reply for a couple of days. Play it safe and walk away.

She calls a couple days later. In dire straights... the usual. I know the drill. No phone sex allowed. Drive over for a visit, bringing my XL protection, of course. She texts to bring pizza and cold beverage to her notel. Date night...

Knock knock...

She's dressed in a black catsuit. Actually it's a dancer's leotard. We hug, kiss and make smalltalk. We click and relax immediately. Unusual for me...and for her. Her room is clean and tidy, very unusual for such a lady of the night. OCD she says.

We dine and drink. We talk more deeply. Guts are spilled. We relax. This is nice... No pressure of time whatsoever... No alarm clock setting, for a pleasant change... "I'm lonely," she confessed...

She lays on her bed, facedown. Time for massage. Starting with the neck and scalp, her problem area from a prior injury. I massage her back, her arms, her legs, her ass...not so much ass, back to her legs. Dancer's aches and pains, you know.

After 30 minutes, I ask if she would be more comfortable removing her clothing? No, she is fine for a first date, but does allow me to remove her baby socks. I massage her feet with lotion. She melts.

After 90 minutes, she offers to pay ME for my services, and recommends I go pro immediately. "Lot's of hot young women would love this," she recommends... Like an idiot I refuse her offer of $$...apparently the secret to becoming a strippers BF/pimp...DUOH!

We talk some more. "Have you ever done takeout?" I inquire. She describes her "limited experience" with such, "to make ends meet sometimes." "Only 3 times," she claims. Time to make a move or this date is over...

I bring up the money issue, "What would it take to handle your needs tonight?" The price is right. Very reasonable. I whip out my wallet. Done deal.

We talk some more, sexy topics this time. She strips. Damn nice body for a 27-year-old MILF! First time I've seen her nude...

I love getting her bootycall for Afternoon Delight!

We fuck. Missionary only allowed!? Covered. Prior opiates blocked her orgasm. Tried a handjob. It was like she didn't know how to do a little girl... She did have a prior head injury.

It was OK for a first date, no joy for either. Actually perfect except for the sex part lol. Have to overcome her EXTENSIVE feminine defenses before either of us really enjoy it. She was very tense, so prolly true I'm her 4th paying customer. I tell her I was the same way with my first few hookers. She claims to have severe abuse issues, like most of these broken dolls. Possible multiple personalities (she confirmed later -- what's her triggers to switch?).

I meet her mom! Not so attractive, tats n piercings, a "tad" overweight. Likes to shootup. Ex-hooker...but wish I could escape the gutter, and bring some friends with me.

XOXO. Goodnight. A connection was made... Sabrina!

Blacknails: My selfie pornstar gives excellent nude handjobs in the AM!


"I need you, cum on over," Sabrina begs by sext. Needs my money, she means. I'll take what I can get. Every woman needs money, most aren't honest about it. Nice to play no games, and the price is very affordable.

She immediately takes off all her clothes. Her old man calls, as I begin kissing her neck and fondling her assets. She says he doesn't know about me, but has been reading my texts. "Be careful what you send," she warns. Hopefully she deleted my sexts first. "Do I have anything to worry about? Am I going to get my ass kicked? It's happened before," I worry. "No, you're okay. I told him you're just a friend asking for legal advice." "So we're having an affair, then?" I ask. Smiling she replies, "Yeah!" "I like that, just like my other friend" (Miss Lovely). She nudely walks to the bed as I undress. "You're already getting hard!" She giggles and grabs, "You've got a big one!" (BIG change in attitude from last fucking...DID switching of alters after opiates?) I smile, "Yeah I get that alot, and lots of giggles, too. No complaints when fucking, though."

She's much more relaxed and into it this time, but time is more of an issue. Ah, the hooker alter comes out to play... She admits to opiate use, "I probably can't cum today." "I want to see you cum! Let's wait until you're clean and then fuck our brains out," I reply as she softly strokes my hard dick. She smiles. I think she likes that idea... She does look really hot, so it's not so easy to turn her down. But covered fucking ain't as good as a lady's soft handjob, so we settle on that. I reach for my cellcamera... "Wow, I love to see your cum!" she grins at the happy ending. Much better technique this time, with a little direction, and my own massage oil and lube.

"What's you're favorite position to orgasm," I inquire?

"Cowgirl!" she confesses. "We'll do that next time," I promise. Just have to work this girl up slow. None of that 6 orgasms/hour bareback first date, like my little cheerleader. My dancer friend has some severe sexual trauma for me to heal first... Rape-babies aren't fun, especially with aggrevated threat of death...

XOXO. Definitely better this time, in some ways but not others. Practice makes perfect?


I spend the morning escorting Miss Lovely and BF to court, helping to solve their insurmountable problems. Nobody can figure out why she sticks with (formerly) deadbeat babydaddy when it causes so many problems. They don't comprehend her real issues... He exploited them to the max of debauchery, and stuck around when family bailed. Time to pay the pickled pipers at gunpoint. Hope it don't kill them. The Big Brother bitches actually brag they hope they go back to doping! Clean-n-sober is not allowed in Amerika these days. They must be punished severely for refusing CIA heroin and CEOs' dope.

In the middle of all this my new fuckbuddy keeps calling. When I get a break I inquire whats up? Moneycall, of course. Needs help on her "room" bill. OK, I'll play, as soon as I'm done helping Miss Lovely and BF.

We finish in court and do some shopping. Glad their new foodstamps paid their bill, for a change. No thanks for me helping them win that emergency benefit. A little thank you for sticking my neck out in court and watching bitches try to chop it off. No hug, no kiss, as usual, with BF watchin every move she makes, every text she takes. That shit won't play forever... I told her I don't get that vibe from her, or I'd no longer stick around... I ask her to get her electric bill paid by another "friend" or by sugargramps. I promise, "If they can't do it don't worry, I'll take care of it." BF pays nothing, as usual. Goodbye. Miss Lovely looks more than a little shocked I'm not just hanging out watchin movies as she gets fondled by BF and I get nothin.

Time to visit my new friend. Bring some lunch. Hang out, talk horror stories, the pros and cons of her hot neighbor's threesome this week (man falling in lust with the new girl), meet her daddy this time (shooting up? she was washing blood off her hands when invited in). Meet her married BF too! No asskicking, thank God. Pay her bill. No fucking, no sucking, no service, I'm used to that long-term investment. Treating it more like a Real World GFE. We plan to hook up on the weekend (or perhaps late tonight after working the lapdance club), when her married BF ain't hangin around, spending time with his big fat wife n kids. Estimate chance of cash-n-dash is low...she likes my jacuuzi too much!


And what did Miss Lovely think about my dangerous liasons?

"Wear a condom if you don't want your dick to hurt," ML wisely sexted. She's ok with it, she says (in test?), with monogamous BF standing drunk outside hangin wit his homies. I tell her I'm looking forward to her recovery from having her vagina ripped wide open.

When BF leaves the room, I show her pics of our latest nude handjob. She eats it up, prolly loves Sabrina's boobs even more than my dick!

"Don't worry," I promise her. "I'd rather massage, suck and fuck YOU. Don't worry, I'm yours." Did she buy it? Does she only miss my wallet? Do any of her personalities love me? As BF says, she finally found somebody she loves more than herself...her baby. Big changes every day...

I give her a framed photo of her new family. She smiles, and gave me a big hug...a real hug this time (with BF's pre-approval?). Feels so good I give BF a big hug, grabbing his ass. "I'm lookin forward to our 3-way tomorrow," I wink... He worries I could be serious. Even I'm getting tired of that old joke. He's desperately jealous of my "love you as a friend." For Miss Lovely, I'd do anything...even fuck a hot naked stripper just to help her heal her wounds of love...maybe even 3-way with BF...

I want to make one thing perfectly clear...all my money would be invested in Miss Lovely (and her giant lactating boobies!), if she were available for blowjobs or handjobs, or even daily platonic XOXO. But jealous BF wont allow that to happen. And her hypervigilant DID core won't allow switching sans opiates (do you know why?). I do spend every day with her, feeding her money by the bankfull, solving all her insurmountable problems, sans mounting. But I need lovin to stay sane, and human touch for the power to fight her battles that no one else will. I need someone to talk to, PRIVATELY. It kills me hearing her giggles and laughter when it's not me its directed to, and seeing it's not me who's touching her. I miss sleeping with her...I miss her hogging the bed...I miss fucking her 'til 6am...I miss her causing mass chaos in my life -- wait, she's still doing that!

I need more hot young fuckbuddies!!! The FB mindfucking begins, as my new dancer friend revealed my secret 60-minute massages!

And Miss Lovely wants me to take her "job hunting" tomorrow. Breaking away from BF? Going back to stripping? Under-employed BF forcing her to work rather than fuck her buddies for money, despite 4 weeks shy of doctor's orders? Or desperately seeking my money for a happy ending? 1-on-1 time officially allowed! Thank you Sabrina? And thank you Miss Lovely, for being the best wingman money can buy. Who'd a thunk a preggie lady would be so much fun in a strip club? :-)

to be cuntinued...


Lost At Sea

by In This Moment

My beautiful liar
Why are you crying
On your knees
You've crucified yourself
And now denial is rising

So tell me

So tell me how did you lose yourself at sea
Drifting within
So tell me why did you cast yourself away
It's such a sweet addiction
You should celebrate

My beautiful liar
You are drowning
In your fear
You're cutting into me
You think if I bleed
It can save you

So tell me

So tell me how did you lose yourself at sea
Drifting within this
So tell me why did you cast yourself away
It's such a sweet addiction
You should celebrate

And you know if I could
I'd take your pain
But will you turn and face your disease

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