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"I Love You..."

My 20-year-old nude model stripper ATF UTR escort porn star comes over to visit and write her first "blog entry" for W&H.

We are naked and fucking, or taking a 1-minute break from fucking after her first HARD AND FAST orgasm after detox...

W&H: "I love you..."

THE LOOK (you just fucked up!)

"...like a friend." (smirk)


Soon to be followed by her EXTREMELY HARD AND LOUD CONTINUOUS orgasm!!!!!!!

"That's what friends are for..."


(FUCK YEAH I didn't say) "Stress relief."

"And you have waffles!"

We eat soggy waffles from the microwave, the way we both like it.

"You should come over and eat French toast. BF cooks it just right." (just like granpa used to make)

"Sounds great. I'd like that. BTW what's his secret to being your BF? You guys have been through a lot together...jail, shooting up, escorting. I'm just trying to gather some intel."

"No matter what happened, he was always there for me. Not even family did that."

Hmmmm... "I'll never judge you."

We devour our buttery high-glucose corn-syruped factory food.

She types...

"I used to be a call girl..."

W&H confirms lactating boobies are tasty treats in the FWFB Zone!

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