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I only date a girl who fucks on the first date

Cop check: What's the best first date, celebacy or fucking your brains out?

Hangin out with my ATF UTR ex-hooker, er, "escort", Miss Lovely, and her BF ("He's not my pimp I'm an independent working girl." ["My actual pimps are my dope dealers," she didn't say.]

What's the best first date, blue balls or BBBJCIM?

BF: "You didn't put out on the first date. And you were the one who started it, not me. You told me to 'not' tickle your back. Hey, since when are your feet ticklish?" [Ever since W&H started massaging them before, after and during fucking, showering and hottubbing.]

What's the best first date, line dancing or riding a cowgirl?

ML: "Hahaha." (abusing her extremely mischevious patented babytalk smirk)

What's the best first date, small talk or fucking an oversexed undersatisfied young hottie?

W&H: "I only date a girl who fucks on the first date lol." ["That's how I met your GF," I didn't say.]

UPDATE SEXT: ML: "I didn't do nothin today!" [After our long day of TV and dinner with her and the BF, she had a "milkshake" date with one of the five hardcore guys in love or lust with her -- no sex, no paycheck, no dope.]

W&H: "Thnx Im so proud of u!" [Hard enough watching my beautiful friend laughing, loved and tickled by her celebate BF then I chose to leave before her rich grandpa date arrived to pick her up, back to work after his recent vacation to the loonybin (reminds her of her 'real' dad -- her grandpa, except for the suicidal/homicidal part). The day prior, BF skipped work and said he'd rather move back to the trailer park than watch her fuck customers in "his" bed (in her apartment) for his-n-her dope money. Hard to watch BF sabotage her beauty to sabotage her dates by sabotaging her personal hygene by refusing to give her a bath after I fucked her brains out last night, not dying her hair color I bought, not manicuring her nails with the tools I bought, but 100% willing to do her dope she fucked me for. But she's making lots of changes and The Rules are changing fast...who will be able to keep up with her as The Nasty Good Girl? After all, in the final weeks before her baby's birth day, I'm the only man in her life she actually allows to fuck her...who actually gives her orgasms...who encourages and takes her to her many dr and $$$ appointments to get off illegal dope and stop fucking and sucking to survive...who actually buys her clothes and hairstyles to display her true beauty...who takes her to real play dates with other hot models...and who actually helped get her approved for her free apartment bordello so she's not homeless or fucking for a hotel corporation...OMG if BF moves out does that make me her new not-a-pimp lol?]

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