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Playing Doctor 3

Time for finding another primary care doctor.

The church lady doctor didn't want to play without copay.

It's potluck who the company picks for me.

Appointment set for a random female nurse practitioner...in the Hood.

I arrive at the empty office and fill out the obligatory paperwork.

A frumpy nurse takes my vitals, nothing too exciting there.

I'm led to a back room and ordered to sit down and complete my forms.

A knock on the door, and in walks a tall blonde spinner barely 25 years young...SCORE!

She takes a double-take of me and I can see her heart skip a beat.

I instantly notice her cute smile, tight shirt, tight abs, ample boobage popping out of her white lab coat.

I smile outside and inside.

Time to play?

We go through a basic intake interview of what work needs to be done.

The usual questions.

"Your blood pressure is a little high..."

"That would be some family issues..." ("From the ex-wife meeting my hooker" I didn't say.)

"I will get you a referral to a psychologist. I really want you (Freudian slip?) to get some testing."

"Good, we can discuss my divorce." ("I'm available if you are" I didn't say.)

We discussed sexually transmitted diseases, like the herpes on my lip -- "There's a lot we can do for that" (should I mention the three hours of oral sex I gave this week?), and when was the last time I had a prostate exam (fond memories)?

She demands I sit on the table and allow her to play doctor.

I of course comply.

She begins by holding my hands...WTF?!

Lots of touching...skin2skin.

She grabs her stethescope...thus begins the most-thorough chest exam I've EVER had.

She places one hand softly on my back and caresses my chest with her stethoscope.

Man I've not had such a groping on a hot date before!

She went on for quite a while, feeling my entire chest and back.

I began the exam with bored impotence...but that changed as the touching and feeling continued...and continued...she has very nice soft breasts!

Then she orders me to lay back on the table...uh oh!

Will my rising boner make an appearance? Fuck, who cares!

I smile, lay back and enjoy my show.

She continues her examination of my "chest"...

Will she go for it?

Adventures in Medical Sexual Land

Not today...but we scheduled another appointment soon...

Just a first date meet and greet, to prove she feels safe playing doctor...

Definite potential here!

The blood draw was not so much fun, with a curvey BBW.

Overall Grade: Medical Care -- 0; Cock Tease -- 10

To be cuntinued...

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