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Vampyre sex

My sexy little UTR "roommate" has modeled as a sexy undead vampire -- cosplay in our future? She's a big fan of vampyre TV, as am I. She looks remarkably like her hero BTVS.

But this time another vampire sucked her blood.

A LOT of blood

She's a trooper tho, still loved getting a big boner while making another preggie porn video (her idea).

Starting to get her trained how to lose control doggiestyle.

Too bad she stole my #1 magic bullet vibrator, and forgot to bring it with us to the hospital. And I forgot to bring my new bullet vibrator (with AAA super action!). Massive blood loss, nearly passing out from needle sticks in a racetracked arm, and a new diagnosis of diabetes. So no joy -- for neither of us, despite our best efforts (see porno below).

Dark Shadows on the horizon

On the downside (or upside?) she moved out last weekend. On the upside (or downside?) she still has my key and vibrator, I still have her food, and we made another porn video today. She should move into her own apartment next week, according to the Government.

A ho goes to the highest bidder. It’s the American way. Freedom, baby! I was always her third choice as backup for the backup, after her rich sucker she was fucking and living with kicked her out last week. "His ex was moving back in," was the excuse I got. Now she's back with her wannabe sugardaddy (who's in love with another hooker who won't have sex with him!), for a week or so, trying to get him to get her car fixed, after it was sabotaged by a previous sex-crazed sugardaddy. Queen Of The Night drama!

This was a week after she was kicked out of her white trash dream trailer park where she lived with a beerbelly wannabe-customer parked next door to her deadbeat babydaddy pimp, er, BF.

Where's Jerry Springer when you need him? (at a hohouse of course)

All this moving and freaking is in preparation for her getting her very own house of ill repute. Everyone is helping her do this, in their own way.

Or sabotaging as best they can.

"Purse first, ass last" is the motto of pimpin', the very foundation on which pimpin' is built. What separates a pimp from a trick is that a pimp completely flips the game. A trick pays a ho for the pussy, but a ho doesn't get to fuck a pimp until she pays him. A ho has got to put it in a pimp's pocket like a rocket before pimpin' can begin. It's not about a pimp breaking a ho, it's about a ho breaking herself. Violating this first law will guarantee a pimp a career of troubles and stress. If a woman can try you before she buy you, then, as B.B. King says, "The thrill is gone."
-Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game

There’s a lot of money at stake, for everybody involved. I got her sugarbaby contract signed, to aid her great escape. How that escape will affect our business relationship, I’ll wait and see.

A big part of the No Joy problem was/is that she is two-timin her rich sugardaddy, with me. He's trying to buy her exclusivity (or scam her), after his last doper sugarbaby scammed him for $1000s without even giving him more exclusive sex. Perhaps he’s wiser now? Her OBs and other errands lasted 8 hours, and she had a curfew, apparently, to get back to him before his midnight shift. Of course I was charged the full rate, despite my full day at her peck and call (just like a marriage, or ex-marriage, but far cheaper).

Then there's the doper BF pimp in the trailer park who says he loves her and kisses her before and after many of our "cosmotology/modeling" dates, which is her #1 choice of home (that she loves getting away from to go fuck as many sober employed men as possible).

I even get to hear her tell him "I love you" before she bangs the brains out of my little-big head (oversized in our porn videos, explaining why I get so many giggles and thank yous from the girls).

The thing is, she was a hottie little semi-rich girl before the trailer park trash got hold of her. Her MILF momho drives a new Vette. "The reason my daddy is a dick is his wife. We used to be really close." Not so much daddy issues as wifey issues. My mission impossible, should I choose to accept it, is to return her to her former modeling glory, before it's too late for her and the baby (beware the pedopimps!!!). Operation Save A Ho Fuck A Pimp. Nothing I can do about the needle marks except use photoshop. The hospital was a little shocked trying to suck her blood.

Then again, he's not the only one livin in a trailer with a criminal record (one of my several current domiciles). She discovered the latter today while doing other things she/we shouldn't have been doing. So I've been arrested slightly more times than her. Bad boy points SCORE. Trying extremely hard to prevent more badboy points, however. Been there done that. Got the photos to prove it.

But I don't want to piss off the pimp, again and again. That might not end well for somebody.


The facts of an undead life

So here I am fucking a 21-year-young nude model stripper UTR escort porn star, 30 years my junior. Shoot, I was married before she was born! She explained, "My (sugarbaby MILF) mom called the cops when she found out I was stripping. I was on stage when they came in the door. Since I was 18 there was nothing they could do. It was really embarrasing. I was the baby of the club so they were understanding." What does her dad think about all this? "Dad doesn't know what I do now." I replied, "How could he not notice? If you were my daughter, I don't think I'd have a problem with you modeling, stripping or escorting. That’s your lifestyle and career choice. A lot of the professionals I’ve met are more fun to be with and more honest than the average girl. As for drugs, moderation is the key to everything. Split the pills to avoid OD at your bodyweight." Her BF pimp is using the drugs as mind-control, the 49th rule for pimpin. If a pimp's drugs don't work, there's always strangulation sex, which she says he is fond of. Rehab never works without the Vitamin Cure, which of course is censored by all rehabs and jails for profit purposes (even too much of a good thing can kill you in an alien sex drug cult from outer space).

But sometimes you just gotta say WTF. Daughter/sister, whatever it takes.

Her new stolen vibrator will come in handy for phone sex, on those scary lonely nights she calls me while her sugardaddy is at work.... Anxiety Disorder can come in handy after all!

Yes, gentle readers, my ho is a very Bad Girl! A playa who claims she's her own pimp. I respect dat. So do 39-million other people:

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