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Today my preggie 20-year-old nude model stripper UTR escort sugarbaby porn star "recovering" addict moved in with me for a little FWB action.

Has an alternate universe opened up and cracked the sky?

The day before our multiple Os sure felt like it. Or perhaps discussing our impending deal/doom during sex was a turn on? "Do you like riding on motorcycles?" "Yes, I used to ride with my daddy all the time." "Do you hog the covers?" "Not usually." "Do you sleep with your clothes on or off?" "Depends, sometimes I just sleep in a t-shirt." "Do you ever have sex in the middle of the night?" "Sometimes, hahaha." "Do you ever get horny and wake the guy up for sex?" "I have before." "Do you have any girlfriends who you want to invite over?" "Yes, and she has a great ass." What more do you need to know?

Just helping her out with her financial situation, taking the stress off her having to hustle for daily rent.

Now I get to play taxi and home shopping service. Shopping at Walmart will never be the same. Not really saving me any money, just putting that money to better use. Hopefully without making a dope dealer rich.

She couldn't believe I was volunteering to be her knight in shining armor.

She kept texting and asking I was was sure the ex or some other femme fatale wasn't going to queer the deal, like all her other recent living arrangements. (So what's the real reason ???)

I replied, "I know your daddy let you down, and everybody else you trusted, but when I say I will do do something, I do it." (Usually, unless I don't)

Then I dropped her off with her deadbeat BF suitcase pimp for a last night of debauchery in their overpriced sleazy notel.

When I picked her up the next morning at checkout time, she asked me to give her BF a ride home. It gave me a little 1-on-1 with her pimp. We sorted some shit out.

She kissed him goodbye and we were off on our adventure. Amazing how light she travels.

I asked her what he thought about our arrangement? She replied he preferred that over her "living on the street." (Shudder the thought.) Sure beats her deadbeat BF having to work and get his own place away from the shithole trailer park dump full of dope-dealing zombies.

First stop, home for a nap. We both had less than 3 hours sleep, time to crash. Weird sleeping in a bed with a hooker who normally times you by the second. And her baby-to-be. And her tramp stamp. She snores, a little. Very cute in her GF's tiny shirt.

Over one year ago, I invested in this cheap little ebook, for hypothetical laffs only:

Date a Stunning Stripper: How to Change What You Do and How You Act so the Girls Want to Date You, Not Just Take Your Money, by William Richardson.


Remarkably well-written and entertaining.

Stunningly accurate to my present situation. A warning to beware girls on drugs -- "they will hurt you."

Amazon has a large variety of simular books...

And I did listen to a lot of Tony Robbins.

Several steps were taken to reduce the risks. Boundaries. Firewalls. Rules (made to be broken).


1. Don't get me arrested.

2. Don't get my shit stolen.

3. Don't get me kicked out of my home.

4. Don't off yourself. (forgot to mention this one)

5. If you fuck somebody in my bed, wash the sheets.

"I think I can do all that, no problem, and I won't invite anybody over while home alone," she smiled. Time will tell... "You can always invite a girl friend to come over, whether I'm here or not," I counter-offered. "Actually, I met this girl the other day at the hotel. I'm wearing her shirt right now."

One step I would add that was not in the book -- having an immaculate indoor/outdoor pool closed the deal. Which is exactly why I moved there.

So does this make me her new pimp daddy?! Sugardaddy? Or just daddy waiting up past curfew?

I guarantee ya, every BF and hubby who let's their womans work is pimpin her a$$ to her bo$$. WORD


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