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Risky Business: How to piss off a pimp

Or BF. Same diff.

It started out as our regular weekly date.

My hot little nude model stripper UTR escort.

Except we signed our Sugarbaby contract.

12 months. 4 pages of fine print. 'Modeling and cosmetology services.' Sexy!

Perhaps that turned her on?

Or she just loves my little magic bullet train?

Or she loves my big hard bare dick sliding in an out of her sopping wet cunt?

Whatever it was...

She came four times. A new record.

Not so easy when under the gun of a constantly beeping cellphone alarm clock.

But when those Big Os keep a cummin, nothing can stop her!

Not even her angry pimp. Or BF.

It's an odd feeling seeing him ANGRY as we pull in to their driveway.

DAMN! He actually looked like this... A scary pimp (or BF)...Risky Business! Actually, she does work for me now...I have a signed contract.

Or God bless. She handled it like a pro. Who lies to her PWBF. With a sweet innocent smile.

We hook up again 3 days later, just the two of us and a dozen other potentially nude models.

She's an excellent wingman. No jealousy? No problem! That's the benefit of a true professional. Who loves 3-ways with hot naked women...

The question is, how long can she hang with me, before running back to her pimp?

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