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New AMP Experience

Took a vacation at new massage establishment.

Always exciting gettin nekkid with a hot stranger or two.

Every place is a little different, some places are more reserved, some just say no for show.

Everybody plays it safe when it gets spooky with vice. Best to play safe until the coast is clear.

The ad price is low, indicating they either want to scoop the HE/FS competition, or they're a goody-girl therapeutic massage. Not posted in the bodyrubs section, so it may be a challenge...or UTR.

Nice office building, not that it means anything. Walk in sure is handy, and no phone records. The lobby is businesslike, yet has that AMP feel. The girls barely speak fresh-off-the-boat Engrish, very AMP. No nightgowns, full CF, not very AMP. I agree to an hour massage. Pay the price.

She's tall and slim with a good body, leading me back to a room without doors, just beads. Not very AMP.

However, the optional table shower is last, not first. I'm intrigued. Table shower = AMP!

A therapeutic masseuse will go out of her way to maintain modesty with draping, closing doors, giving instructions. None of that here!

Now I suspect why the doors are missing -- alibi.

The traditional way for a HE massseuse to meet and greet is CFNM, grab cock. Hello! Negotiate options and tip. Didn't do any of that, just playing it cool, enjoying myself, thinking of all the money I'll be saving.

I'm standing in my boxers and my masseuse lays the only towel flat on the table. OK.

Good first test for vice cops. AMP!

I drop my shorts and climb on board, moving my semi-hard shaved dick into a visible position as I lay face down. No complaints, just some giggles. Worst case scenario, I get to tease her without fear of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Feels a lot more like AMP.

She drapes me with a towel, head to toe. WTF? Not AMP! That's OK, I go with it. Might be another vice test. Feels good as a warmup massage. Actually, all massage feels good, doesn't it?

A little less draping, a little more massage. Soon, no draping, full nude. AMP action!

I relax and enjoy the ride. Literally, she climbs on top to hit the right spots. Really works my ass, over and over. Has me move my legs farther apart so she can get a good look at me.

That's the thing about "real" masseuses -- they really know how to massage, and they're not afraid to work.

Time for the flip, no draping. AMP. Then a little draping...no doors, remember? Pretty much hard as a rock, especially when she gets close. I like it when a girl sees my hard cock and has no problem with that. Teasing works both ways.

Time for the table shower. I stand up nude with her and she hands me the towel and flip flops. We walk back through the empty establishment, no need for doors.

She removes my towel and preheats the water and table, then motions me to lie facedown. I move my manhood to comply. This is where the American girls could learn something! Note to self build shower large enough for three and a massage table.

A good soapy bath and rinse. Time for the flip. Pretty much hard as a rock. No flinch = AMP.

She soaps me up and down, rinse. Since there was/is no renegotiation, she won't wash my cock by hand, using her shower nozzle to do her dirty work. "You like that, don't you?" she smiles. Sandbaggin the Engrish? Then she holds out my hand and fills it with oil! Never had a masseuse do that before, though I did have a hot little girl in a beauty salon give me extra time with instructions to finish myself.

So hey, a hot wet girl is touching my naked body and tells me she wants to see me cum, who am I to refuse her desires?!

I comply with her demands and give her a show, as she continues to massage my hard wet body. As I get closer to coming I slide my hand under her soaking shirt to feel her firm erect breasts. I start to cum and cum, feeling great with the warm hands and hot water all over me.

She cleans me off and slowly dries me up and down.

That's my AMP!

She leads me back to get dressed, and we walk to the lobby. The other girl looks even hotter, so I book another hour. Round Two.

Back to the massage room, and more of the same. Except this time more frontal action. The second hour was definitely a stress reliever. She was constantly smiling at me and had no fear of my big boner. I like that quality in a woman. Lots of teasing action to recharge my sex machine.

Back to the table shower to wash and rinse the massage oil. Soft hands, hot water, hard dick. Time for the flip. Hard as a rock. She's smiling and admiring, a good AMP sign. Without negotiating extras, she also takes my hand and applies copius massage oil. Apparently this is their standard vice test. Once again I pass the test with flying colors, uh, sperm.

Wash and dry cycle. Get dressed. Walk to the lobby to tip two smiling girls. The second hands me a card and recommends 90 minutes, "call for an appointment". That way privacy is assured for maximum HE pleasure. No doors = no problem since no other customers allowed! I get it.

I'll be back!

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