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Little John

Teacher asks the kids in a 4th grade class: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Little Johnny says: "I want to be a billionaire, go to the most expensive clubs, take the best bitch with me, give her a Ferrari, an apartment in Copacabana, a mansion in Paris, a jet to travel through Europe, an Infinite Visa Card and make love to her three times a day."

The teacher, shocked and not knowing what to do with little Johnny's comments, decides not to give importance to what he said and continues the lesson.

"And you, Susie? What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I want to be Johnny's bitch!"

My hot young hooker friend

Let's call her Buffy, though she's named after another hot scifi actress

Ever have sex with a 20-year-young model/stripper/escort? Yeah, I know, it's great.

These girls deserve extra love for making the effort to be as beautiful as they were born to be.

She had no idea what the AMP Experience is about...the body shower warmup. An actual shower for two is a great substitute. Fun to play teacher.

Is it me, or are the skills getting more...skilled? Nice to hear, "Holy cow you cum like a porn star!"

Some things are a 10, like the BBBJCIM.

Others are still in the Teenie Bopper Zone, like how to give a girl a continuous orgasm who's never had one.

Giving a hooker a real orgasm or two or more requires skills, since they not only get it all the time, but they're a bit over-stimulated into numbness, both physical and mental, borderline boredom.

That's where the electric dildo comes in handy....while fucking.

After she gets a couple of O's, the real fucking begins. "Only one other man can get me off," she said with the most-beautiful O smile.

It's fun to fuck a hottie talking about bringing her hot girlfriend for a 3-some.

It's extra hot to fuck a hottie showing her photos of her hot girlfriend she wants me to fuck and suck.

PS: For you really kinky girls out there...yes we TALK.

To be cuntinued......

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