Why Men Love Happy Endings Rant

I advise newlyweds:

"The secret to a happy marriage is lots of booze, strippers and hookers...

...and that's just for the wife."


"The purpose of most marriages is to discover a spouse's vulnerabilities, then press those triggers every day for the next 50 years."

This isn't true for every marriage, just most, he said sarcastically, with just a hint of irony and bitterness.

The politically correct answer is wives strip and spread em for male OBGYNs, then pay them for their services. Orgasm is often involved. Even when it kills them by the millions. This is considered "normal", legal and ethical by everyone...nor is it considered adultery by preachers or prosecutors. An OBGYN may be our next president, but nobody asks him about seeing more pussy than JFK.

Dangerous Housewives often complain about their husbands sticking their dicks in other women. Often prior to a homicidal event. Yes, that has happened to friends of mine (wife shoots mistress then kills self). This is why men try to keep their secrets. Ask John Wayne Bobbett.

Human physical contact is a superior psychological need than an hour of talking to yourself in a therapist's office, and probably cheaper too. Think how many school shootings and serial killings were prevented by masseuses.

I dare say sensual masseuses have saved many a marriage from divorce, by keeping the man in occasional bliss. Otherwise he'd be forced to divorce to get sex. God and Mother Nature made that drive strong enough to survive any obstacle, otherwise none of us would be here.

Hand jobs and nice long fuckings are what I like best about a good massage. "Legitimate" masseuses are nothing more than cock teasers who apparently have no concept of human anatomy or human nature -- lesbian? A good massage is always foreplay.

Every sensual masseuse or hooker I've ever met was overflowing with feminine charm, submissive to my sexual needs yet always in control...with the endurance to get the job done. This allows me to "feel more manly". There's never an attempt to compete with me in manly skills, unlike everywhere else in life. She accepts this as a man/woman relationship, not a man/wanna-be-man competition. There's a lesson to be learned here for all women.

Domestic Goddess

Every wife should be required by law and church to read Fascinating Womanhood before they're allowed to marry or date, and take a massage class. Sex is not even the missing link -- it's all about a wife appearing to be a "submissive" woman, not a man. The exception to this Rule is SEXLESS MARRIAGE -- a guaranteed recipe for outsourcing. If you think men would rather pay top dollar for it than get it "free" at home -- and risk a night in jail -- you're nuts. FW even raves about the joys of polygamy and the powers of influence by a mistress, and how any wife can have this power over her men. Becoming a Domestic Goddess is the key to this success, while ignoring the trap of feminism that destroys feminity.

Fat wives, ugly wives, lazy wives, bitchy wives, man-hating wives, lesbian wives, alcoholic wives, addicted wives, working wives, career wives = rich masseuses. Fat = food addict, smoking = speed addict, career = greed addict. Addiction - psycho who can only focus on one thing. Smoking alone costs between $100,000 and $400,000 just in the cost of buying cigarettes per person, not counting medical issues = theft of family money by wife. These are breach of marital contract, and often cited as such in a divorce trial.

Womens Lib was always a CIA/banker/jewish plot to overthrow families and USA by getting wives out of the home so they no longer NEED men, financially or sexually, then double the tax on families and cut a man's income in half. Playboy bunny Gloria Steinem was a kosher CIA agent. (evil laff)

American masseuses should study the methods of Asian Massage Parlors if they want to compete for business. How many American masseuses give full-body washes? How many wives do the same? Do they arrogantly consider it beneath them?

Typical lazy Americans refuse to compete at this high quality of service. That's one reason there's 100-million illegal aliens in USA, including the White House.

There's many other reasons, many political, having nothing to do with the work ethic of American masseuses. Asian spas are alleged by cops to be run by the Korean mafia, though the Mexican mafias are flooding in and displacing them, with 100% approval from the White House down to the local sheriff (who extorts a protection racket sex tax). Cops raid Asian spas and replace them with Mexican "cantinas" where a sexslave bangs 75 illegal aliens every day. Organized crime syndicates of all nationalities run massage parlors and brothels, often using virtual slavery, just like Walmart using slave labor in 3rd world nations. Even Walmart executes slaves who fail to perform in their factories in Communist China, and executes customers in USA who fail to pay $5. At least with the Korean mafia, anyone who kills a masseuse will not be a $75,000/year burden on the taxpayers. And the Korean mafia don't go around chopping heads off cops, politicians nad news reporters like the Mexican mafias.

All cops ARE organized crime, same for both major political parties. Cops often use massage parlors as honeytraps, to extort money from married men and parlor owners, and to arrest their political rivals. If you really want to fight crime, clean out the govt first, that's where the worst psychopaths are. If you pay taxes, you are funding organized crime and the murders of millions of women and children, including Asian nations. At least the Korean mafia don't do mass murder.

If you want to get rid of the mobs (and the police state), then legalize freedom. Try driving or shopping without a driver license, and find out how free you are.

Read the Franklin Coverup, Why Johnny Can't Come Home (because he's tied up at the White House) and Trance Formation of America to find out how our govt runs the pedophile kidnap snuff-kiddie-porn sexslave business. Even the Pentagon and United Nations run massive sexslave operations. Any madam who caters to politicians soon winds up dead for their efforts, if she ever gets busted by a political scandal.

As for the legality of happy endings of every kind, that is legal in many parts of the world including USA, with mandatory medical testing and free medical care. A good lawyer would be able to win legalization of prostitution in any jurisdiction using the Constitutional Equal Protection argument, since wives, GFs, whores and porn stars are given immunity for the same thing, often with a higher profit motive. If you buy cable or sat TV, or stay in any hotel chain, you are funding prostitution and sex slavery by the largest pornographers on the planet.

A cheating lover or spouse can legally fuck any other person, so long as they don't pay cash or credit for it. But legality means nothing when feelings get hurt. Too few can handle an open relationship without freaking out, which requires talking not just about family and business, but who you lusted after that day. How many wives are wise enough to hire a masseuse for their hubby, then watch an expert show how its done? Same for phone sex, cybersex video chat, strip clubs, escort service, or plain old porn? Wives can enjoy all these games people play while having FUN.

My wife really enjoyed giving me a handjob while I was getting phonesexed, since she got to participate. Later, a young female bank teller asked me if I wanted that "unusual" credit card charge reversed, and I replied, "No, it was worth it."

Too many have PTSD from childhood sexplay trauma, thanks to embarassed parents, schools, religions, etc. Hence, fun must be avoided no matter how much it costs. What really hurts is not the other person having fun, it's getting left out that scares them.

I double dare you...ask your honey what she thinks about trying some of these games...without keeping score. Just PLAYtime.

An essential skill for all women to learn from sex workers is shaving. Even strippers are shocked the first time they shave. First they realize they've been doing it wrong all these years. Then they usually have to ask someone else to do them. Spas are expensive and painful. DIY, or ask a lover to help.

As for proper handjob etiquette for a lady, the number one requirement is SOFT HANDS. This requires wearing rubber gloves and work gloves when doing housework, and being careful what soaps touch your skin. When a woman has rough skin, it might as well be a man jerking off a fag. Doing housework in a French maid outfit wouldn't hurt, either. And keep your bod in shape. And take the gloves off BEFORE the happy ending.

How to be a Domestic Goddess

That is all.
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