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Why Do Men Cheat?

Every man needs a hobby.

Most of my own answers are posted here. I'm probably not too far off the average.

Other men cheat because they really want to. 5% of everyone you ever met is a psychopath, incapable of human bonding. So only 5% of cheaters are psychopaths. They other 75% are just normal.

This probably applies to many if not most whores, strippers, masseuses and hookers. They care not about cheating with someone's else's "property", because they make no personal attachment, and cannot conceive anyone else can either. That's just how God made them.

Though I must admit, when asked what kind of man they would like to marry, hookers tell me, "I want a man who will put me first for a change." Would a psychopath say that? That particular girl was very bubbly and happy, most of the time, and would probably make a great wife...for a mobster. That's probably her fate.

Psych docs agree, there's no cure for psychopathy. The most a psychopath can hope for is to become a self-aware psychopath.

A psychopath can lure one to one's doom, since they play by no set of rules or laws, without conscience or remorse. Developing an emotional attachment to a psychopath is a recipe for disaster.

When swimming with sharks, the key to survival is psychological detachment. When dating a psychopath with many sex partners, one must also have many partners to balance the equation, or risk jealousy and madness.

So when "dating" a stripper, one must spend time with other strippers stripping. When "dating" a masseuse, don't let her be your only happy ending. When dating an escort, hire some more escorts.

Unless they really want to settle down and quit their jobs, as all women MUST do to be a real woman. Then you can play 3-way together, if you both still want to.

Too many so-called women will never figure this out in their lifetimes. Womens Lib has destroyed their souls.

Most men never figure this out, and prefer pimpin their wives to a job boss. Many affairs begin as a "work wife".

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RIP Patrice ONeal...

No, his wife didn't kill him.

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