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Sex Injury #9

When fucking a woman, the cure for premature ejaculation is to DIY the night before. This reduces sensitivity, delaying orgasm the next time.

But, for a normal man, DIY too close to sex can delay orgasm... excessively.

What happens when you have sex (with yourself), then hire a professional, in violation the mandatory waiting period, then make the mistake of cutting her pay by rejecting a BJ for a HJ? What could possibly go wrong?

It was a "nice" Asian spa, one of several I've grown fond of. They do good work. The girls are cute enough. Some can even speak Engrish. They know their massage tech. They give good table bath. Occasionally I get the GFE. They even give gifts at Christmas. Not upscale, but relatively "safe" and professional. Prices are going up, though. Or maybe that's because I'm not as young and hot as I was? Or, heaven forbid, they're going more mainstream?

The masseuse was new to me, youngish with a hot body. $70 is the 1-hour rate for theraputic (prick tease) massage.

She tells me to strip as she delivers the cash. I strip for her and put on the towel. (All part of their ingenious legal defense against LEO, though it's not 100% effective.) My cock is getting warmed up.

She returns and takes me to the shower. She removes my towel and begins to rinse my body with hot water. Feels good! My shaved dick is fairly hard at this point. She asks if she may touch it. It's dirty and needs a good cleaning! I of course say Yes.

She has me lay face down on the table and lathers me up and down, then rinse. She has me roll over and washes my body, focusing on my hard dick, washing it, then rinse. I stand and she dries me off with a towel, gently. I wish I got this service at home...

She leads me back to the massage room and shuts the door.

We negotiate a non-speaking price for a massage with HE. $180 for a BJ, $200 was not enough anymore for full service. $140 was higher than the previous price of $120, when I had low-balled and haggled a little too much, which I felt guilty about. So that's only fair.

I remove my towel and lay face down on the table. She begins massaging my feet, then legs, then arms, then head, then back. Excellent!

She occasionally brushes against my hard dick. That's why I don't bother with "legitimate" masseuses, they're scared of dick. (lesbians?)

She rolls me over. She massages my legs, arms and pecs. My rock hard dick is enjoying this!

Time for the happy ending.

She lubes me up and begins stroking. A little too hard and fast right off the bat. Like she wants me to cum faster -- or she's irritated I didn't pay extra for a blowjob -- or she's just horny. In my humble experience, that works sometimes during massage, or it desensitizes so it takes much longer (requiring a tag team to finish me off). Either way, I love it. The longer it takes, the hornier the ladies get, so that's fine with me. I likes to please the ladies!

As she strokes me, I stroke her back and ask her to remove her top of her lingere. She quickly complies. She has great breasts, and I massage them and play with her hard nipples.

Her hard stroking feels very intense, so I begin stroking her pussy, which is soaking wet. I ask her to remove her clothing, and she quickly complies. Very beautiful girl!

She continues stroking hard, working up a sweat.

I ask her to climb up on the table with me, 69 style. She complies. I get a great view of her shaved cunt as I stick my fingers in and rub her clit. She strokes me even faster.

This goes on for quite a while...

Now it's time to orgasm, before she gets carpel tunnel and has to file a workers comp claim. I grab her ass hard and shoot hard near her face.

She milks me of my cum, gently. She goes to get a washcloth, then cleans me up. We get dressed.

I feel better now. Like a human and a man, ready to take on the world. I say thank you, we hug and I kiss her on the cheek. She kisses me on the lips.

I don't even know her name, and barely know her face if I see her again. Something hot about that. Plug and play.

I get home and eventually take another shower. I notice my dick is bleeding! Around the head where the skin was worn. I've never seen that after a HJ before. More like a sports injury.

Guess I better practice safe masturbation next time, and abstain at least 2 days before my next massage.

But wow, what a handjob! Best one yet.

Then I reach for all my herbal cures.

The previous story is a fictional fantasy for entertainment purposes only. None of these events actually happened.
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