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Playing Doctor 2

"According to recent US research, 10% of American doctors have had a sexual experience with one or more patients."
-Medical News Today, Sex between doctor and patient is fine, say 40% of medical students

"You will need to produce a semen sample, usually by ejaculating into a clean sample cup. You can do this in a private room or in a bathroom at your doctor's office or clinic. But you may feel embarrassed about the method used to collect it. If masturbation is against your religious beliefs, discuss alternate methods of collection with your doctor."
-WebMD, Semen Analysis

"Many clinics now have well-equipped masturbatoriums, to help you get an erection. We have found that using a vibrator can help men to stimulate themselves. We have a heavy-duty electrically operated vibrator in the clinic, and we instruct the many to apply this to the frenulum, until he ejaculates. It can take upto 10-15 minutes before he ejaculates, but this very rarely fails. We often given these men 100 mg of Viagra, to help them get an erection before using the vibrator . If the penis is sore because of excessive friction and stimulation, using liquid paraffin as a lubricant can also help. Very rarely, if this fails, then we have had to resort to more extreme measures. We now have 2 options available which we can offer patients who fail to ejaculate. The first is a technique called electroejaculation, in which a rectal probe is introduced under general anesthesia through the anus, to electrically induce ejaculation. The other option is testicular sperm aspiration (TESA), in which sperm are sucked out from the testis by needle, and used for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)."
-Malpani Infertility Clinic, Producing Sperms on Demand in the IVF Lab

I have an appointment with an attractive lady doctor. Just a routine checkup.

A cute nurse takes my temperature, blood pressure, weight.

I'm led to a private room. The nurse tells me to strip, er- disrobe, and hands me a hospital gown. She adds with a smile, "You don't have to wear anything if you don't want to." Damn, I can't help it, I like it when a beautiful woman tells me to take my clothes off. She leaves the room.

I comply with her orders and put on the gown, open in the back. My cock is beginning to stir, nothing I can do about it.

The lady doc comes in with her nurse and shuts the door. We go over the usual questions, etc.

She listens to my heart with her stethescope. My heart is racing with horniness. She blurts out, "That's the loudest heartbeat I've ever heard!"

She then says she needs to do the testicular exam. I stand and she quickly grabs my shaved balls and squeezes them for several seconds, as my dick begins to get harder. She and the nurse get a good eyeful of shaved cock.

The prostate exam is next.

She bends me over the exam table and pulls up my gown, exposing my pretty hard dick.

She makes me stay in this position for quite a while, as she and the nurse take notes.

The finger exam is slow, and only makes me harder.

I'm glad that part is over, but it only makes the women want more, for some reason.

The doc asks if I need anything else checked?

I reply that she might as well check me for ringworm since I sometimes get jock itch (decades ago).

They have me sit on the table, legs wide, and remove my gown. My dick is quite hard. "Sorry, it's trained to do that, I'm not actually sexually harassing you," I apologize with a smile. The doctor and nurse smile and fail to suppress a giggle.

The doc grabs my cock and says, "Let me take a look."

She slowly examines my rigid cock, as if she's never seen a shaved cock before. She won't, or can't, let go of it.

She asks the nurse to fetch some ointment, as a 'preventative measure'.

The nurse hands the ointment to the doc, who begins to apply the ointment to my rock hard cock.

She begins to rub the ointment up and down my dick, massaging it into the skin, then applying more, and more, 'to get the proper dosage'.

(Ever see women at a male strip club? This is what these two medical professionals were acting like, without all the hootin and hollerin.)

After about a minute of handjob, the 'medical procedure' is finished.

The doc asks, "Is there anything else you need to ask me?"

I reply, "Hmmm. What do you know about sperm mobility testing?"

"You mean like they do a horse?!" she asked, while staring at my dick again. Meaning, giving a handjob to a stallion until it comes, for stud breeding purposes.

I say, "Yes, exactly. What testing can you do for me?"

She replies, "Well, we can send off a sperm sample to a lab. It's a standard test, but not one that I've ever done for a patient. You will have to provide me with a sample."

I say, "Sure."

She says, "Right now."

I say, "OK." I start to stand up, to go to the bathroom (The Right Stuff).

She firmly touches my arm and breathing heavily, says, "You don't have to get dressed for this. You can provide me with a sperm sample right here."

I ask, "How is that?"

She asks, "Can you masturbate yourself to orgasm?"

I want to reply, "Are you kidding?"

But instead I pause and say, "I've never done that before, I don't think I can orgasm that way. I'm used to sex -- with a woman, of course." Another giggle from the girls.

The doctor orders, "Nurse Kayla, do you remember how to perform the 'manual ejaculation' procedure?"

Nurse Kayla replies, "Of course, doctor."

The doc orders me, "Go ahead an lay back on the table."

This of course makes my cock stand up at full attention. I lay on the table for a minute or two as the ladies putter around the room, supposedly looking for the lube and a sample cup, but somehow not taking their eyes off my huge dick.

I hear the nurse lubing herself up.

She walks over and grabs my cock again, but this time with slippery silicon lube, not that thick greasy ointment.

She starts to stroke hard and firm, causing my body to jerk uncontrollably.

The doc tells her, "Slow down, its probably overstimulated. If you do it too hard we'll be here all day."

"Yes doctor," she replies.

Nurse Kayla strokes slowly and softly, making sure I feel everything in maximum intensity, per doctor's orders. Up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, then around the rock-hard head, then over the top of the head and around, then repeat. Mmmmmm....

After a couple of minutes of this teasing, the doctor orders her to speed up.

Nurse Kayla follows her order, and is starting to pant from her workout.

I'm beginning to thrust uncontrollably on the table, gripping the sides to hold on. It's everything I can do to not groan during this fucking awesome handjob, since the doctor's office has dozens of patients nearby. Nurse Kayla is working up a good sweat with her incessant stroking...what will they say about that?

Kayla and Doc are starting to let out the occasional quiet moan, like when fucking in the bed next to your dorm roommate.

As I near the obvious orgasm, Doc grabs my balls and firmly massages them as Nurse Kayla grips a little harder, strokes a little faster.

I grab Nurse Kayla's ass to hold on to.

As I get closer to coming I grab the doc's ass.

Did I mention they were both wearing those little white hospital dresses?

I move my hand under each of their short skirts, then after a few more strokes, under each of their panties. I touch both vaginas at the same time -- both are sopping wet. Neither moves an inch as I stroke their wet cunts, and slide my fingers inside.

My lubed fingers rub their hard clits as they moan and shudder with anticipation.

I begin to orgasm, shaking up and down on the table, but the doc is a little slow with the cup.

My first squirt shoots halfway across the room, then Doc gets the cup into position, catching my full load while she's still pumping my hard balls.

I quicken my clit rubbing as both women start to shudder with (presumed) orgasm simultaneously. I'm still coming a little, so all three of us are coming together (or at least having a VERY good time).

Nurse Kayla relaxes her grip, then stroking softly, then goes to wash up.

Doc grabs my still hard cock and continues to pump it, milking all the juice out.

Doc orders Nurse Kayla to check the floor and wall for sperm.

Doc keeps me laying on my back as she holds my dick, softly stroking up and down, pumping the last of the lab sample, refusing to allow it to soften, still unable to take her eyes off it.

A couple of minutes later, Nurse Kayla has located the missing sperm and removed it to the biohazard bin. The smell of cum is overpowering in the little room, apparently driving the 2 married women mad with horniness.

Doc orders the nurse to wash my barely softening dick with warm water from the sink in the room, which she happily complies with.

Doc says, "Thank you for the sample. That was quite an, uh, interesting procedure." She and her nurse giggle again.

I say, "Thank you for your professional, uh, manual stimulation." Smiles all around.

Doc says, "You may get dressed now." I get off the table, a little unsteady, and the women assist me, somehow not succombing to the urge to grab my shiny, fairly hard dick.

I put on my t-shirt, then my boxer shorts, with my semihard dick sticking out the hole. I put it back it, but it doesn't fit.

"Nurse Kayla, take this sample to the lab."

As Nurse Kayla leaves the room, the doc orders me to sit on the table in front of her, as she goes over her notes. My half hard dick is sticking out the hole again, with cum dripping out, but I don't mind. The doc can't take her eyes off it, breathing heavily.

We go over the results and she tells me to set another appointment date, for a "follow up exam."

I thank her for her attention and she smiles. She tells me to get dressed, as she opens the door. I pay for her 'services' on the way out.

BTW this really did happen to me! What good is a fantasy if you can't make it cum true?

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My female doctor jerked me off during my exam

I am very surprised that so many people do not believe this happens. It does not happen that often. I am a nurse and worked with one Doctor who was a female and her and I would talk about and laugh about all the guys that would come in for their yearly physicals and get an erection during the exam. I personally have seen many of them during my initial run through after I have asked them to disrobe down to their underwear. amoungst all those men who got an erection during their exam there were a few who ejaculated. Both myself and the Doctor I worked for joked about how we helped them along a little.

The most obvious incident occured when the Doctor was seeing her one of her regular patients who was in his mid 20's. She informed me that on previous exams he had gotten an erection and that his penis was very large probably around 9". She asked if I wanted to assist her during the exam. I jumped at the chance to see this.

Both her and I talk regularly about sex with our husbands and we are very sexual oriented people outside of work. So to have her ask me to assist during the exam so I could see this guy's large package was not out of the ordinary.

So sure enough as soon as the Doctor starts checking him over while he is wearing nothing but the gown he was given it became obivous he had an erection. And by the looks of how far he was sticking out it had to be as big as she told me. At one point she looked at me and winked. She then asked him to take off the robe and left him standing naked with the biggest erection I had ever seen! Both the doctor and I smiled at each other hoping he did not notice. He apologized and we both told him it was normal and he had nothing to be embarressed about. So the doctor began the usual exam but what I noticed first is that she was not wearing gloves like we usually do. I knew then that she had something up her sleeve. She began to exam his testicles and at one point said she felt a possible lump and asked him if it would be ok if the nurse could check it also. She looked toward me and smiled as he was behind her at that point. I got down with no gloves either and checked his scrotumn. I have never done this before medically but pretended I knew what I was doing. His penis started to jerk back and forth as I felt up his balls. I wanted to grab that big penis in my hands but felt that would go to far. I told the doctor that I too possibly felt a bump. She jumped back in and felt him up again and I could tell by the look on the patients face he was liking all the attention. The Doctor then said that it might be due to a back up in sperm in the scrotumn. She told the patient that she would need to use some lubricant on his penis and scrotumn to get a better feel as to how far to goes up the shaft of his penis. He seemed to be ok with this as he stated he understood. I thought for sure he had to know that we were only doing this for our satisfaction but I think he did not care as he enjoyed it also. So to my amazement the doctor grabbed a hold of the lubricant and applied it to his penis and began to massage the length of it. She asked me if I would like to give it a try and I again jumped in there and grabbed his huge penis. I began to massage his penis up and down pretending to feel for any lumps. I could her him begin to breathe heavy and his penis was so large and hard in my hands that I knew he was close. Sure enough a moment later and he shot sperm all over the floor, my arm and hand. He aplogized up and down about what happened but the doctor explained that that was probably the problem and everything seem to be better now. She finished up the exam as she usually does as though nothing had happened and scheduled him for another apointment.

when she was done we both left him to get dressed and talked about what had happened and agreed never to tell anyone. What she also told me is that she had done that to other male patients before. So it does happen!

LOL!! I no longer work with her. She decided to mover her practice out of state due to her husband who is a surgeon who took another job. I wouldn't tell you if I was still working with her anyway. Being in this profession over the years and speaking with other nurses and doctors. This happens more often then you may think. I guess you will just have to keep switching doctors until you find her or me. ;-)

Well you would be someone I might just want to have a little fun with if I was in the right mood and you seemed to be up for it. You can tell when a guy would be not shocked if you teased him a little. If they are flirting with me and seemed to be an outgoing person. There are a lot of guys who are in good shape but you know they would never allow a nurse or doctor to touch them in that way. But I want to state that what I posted about me and the doctor does not happen on a regular basis. In fact because I am only a nurse I rarely see the patient nude. But on occasion I will stick around after I ask them to disrobe. I have not had a complaint yet. ;-)

PS. by the way it helps if you are in great shape. None of us like to mess around with a fat out of shape guy with a small penis.:-) Good Luck!

I am glad I found this post. I have always wondered if other people had this happen to them. I had this happen to me back a few years ago when an employer required me to have a physical done. I was 23 then and in great shape so I knew I would have no problems passing the physical. So, I was called back to the room by the nurse who was alright looking avg looks and decent body. She asked me a few questions and then told me to disrobe and the doctor will be in shortly. So, I remove all my clothes. the thing is I do not wear underwear, so I was sitting on the table completely nude when the Doctor came in. Now I was expecting a male doctor but what came threw the door was a very attractive woman in her early 30's. Blonde in great shape. She had the most incredible legs as she was wearing a skirt the ended well above the knee's. It was obvious she worked out. This caught me off guard. When she noticed me sitting there nude she smiled and said "Well, you are ready to go aren't you". I smiled and laughed and informed her that I do not wear underwear and the nurse told me to disrobe. She said it was perfectly fine. I noticed that as she started asking me questions she began to look me over and always ending up staring at my manhood. I was actually starting to enjoy it. It was only a few minutes and I had a full erection. My erection is not easy to hide as it is 8.5" long. She then told me to lay back on the table and which time I did. This made my penis shoot straight up and lay across my belly. She smiled and told me that it was normal to have an erection during these types of exams that other patients have had them also. She started examining me all over and ended up at my groin. She explained that she would be examining my testicles. She began to roll by balls around in her hands and that is when I noticed that she had removed her gloves. My penis was throbbing at this point and some precum was at the tip of my cock. She then explained that she was going to exam the shaft of my penis at which time she grabbed it with one hand and began to slide her fingers up and down the shaft of my cock. She I looked up at her and she was intently staring at my cock with a big smile. She then held my cock at the base with one hand and stroked it with the other. I was totally enjoying this and knew at this point she was having fun with me. I was up for it. So, I thrusted my cock up between her hands and she said are you enjoying this. I said yes. I have never had an exam like this before. She said in her doctor's voice very professionaly, I need a sperm sample and need to see if your genitals are working properly. I said ok. And she began to stroke it faster. It was not long and I told her I was going to cum. She grabbed a cup next to her and placed it infront of the head of my cock and I blew my wad. Most of it ended up in the cup but some went on her arm and hand and my stomach. She mentioned how much there was and told me that it appeared I was in good functioning condition. She finished off with some more questions and then told me to get dressed and left. I was totaly spent and shocked that this just happened to me. I could not beleive my luck. How often does that happen. I never really talked about it with others but when I saw this post I have now realized that I am not alone and many others have had the same thing happen. I tried to have her become my regular physician but she was not accepting new patients. To all those doubters out there. This does happen. Not that often but it does. I know it happened to me! LOL! Yeah, My typing was horrible!! Kind of in a rush when I typed it. And I did not proof read it either. Didn't think it was that important. Apparently some people are concerned with grammar on here. But actually this really did happen to me. I don't see why so many can not beleive a Female Doctor would do this but when it comes to Male Doctors it is understandable. I gurantee most men would not complain about their Female Doctor doing this to them. I didn't. I actually enjoyed it and did not feel like I was abused or taken advantage of. I guess old fashioned sexual stereotypes still exist.

During a recent exam, I get an erection in front of my female doctor who was checking me for a hernia. I told her I was sorry and embarassed. She told me not SORRY AS IT WAS NORMAL but before she continued with the exam, I should "take care of my business" and I said ok and waited for her to leave. She told me to go ahead that she had time and would wait. I did and she watched and never took her eyes off my erection. When I started cumming she smiled and put her one of her hands on my other arm and seqeezed my arm. When I cum, she kept smiling and took a towel and cleaned me up. I told her I was so sorry. She replied that it was ok and I did a real good job. She was 56 and I am 59. She scheduled me to come back in two weeks without me asking to perform a general physical. When I came back, I got another erection, the same thing happened and before I ejaculated, she asked for a sample for the lab and took my penis in her hand (with gloves) and did it for me. I never cum so much in my life. She told me that she hoped I would not get offended but said that I did very good job and hope I enjoyed it and that she provided me with some special comfort. This is a true story.

I can't beleive how many people are nieve to the fact that this acutally happens. I have been in the profession now for almost 10 years. I have spoken with many nurses and doctors of who are female who have stories very similar to the ones posted above. I myself have experiences with male patients who have erections during exams. Now I have not taken it farther and never have done anything. Although a few of them I would really have liked to! ;-) I will say that most of what I have heard about is just like the stories from above but I have also heard accounts of female doctors actually having sex with their patients. Also one nurse I was very good friends with had sex with a patient in an examining room before the doctor came in. He was a regular patient that she had flirted with on prior occasions and at one appointment when she asked him to remove his clothing he did so immediatly and stood naked in front of her. She said he was very impressive and she was already horny that day so there was no stopping her. So, to all those non believers out there. This does happen. Obviously not daily but these thing do happen. We are all humans with needs and sometimes do not make the best decisions. And tend to side on the side of instant gratification. You say this never happens? So, your telling me you have never seen in the news where a Doctor has been arrested because of such an incident. Now you truly have to be ignorant if you think that evey incident like this turns out where the Doctor gets sued and looses their license and ends up arrested and on the evening news. You need to venture out into the world and see what is really going on. Doctors are not Robots. They have needs and impulses too. And I tell you men are much more willing to fool around with a horny female doctor or nurse than a woman is too fool around with a male doctor. The point is that I know it happens as I have first hand experience with the people it has happend too. I do not have to prove anything to you. I was only just giving my knowledge on the topic.

Two years ago I had double hernia surgery done. It was successful except for the fact that I needed some pain therapy after a few months as apparently a nerve was cut and was not healing properly causing me some discomfort. When I went in for my scheduled pain therapy I met with the Doctor who specializes in pain therapy. She was in her early 30's and attractive. What they do for pain therapy is to shoot a medicine into your incession where the pain originates from. It is injected slowly and the area needs to be shaved and cleaned before the injection. In my case the Doctor did everything from the shaving to the injection. I do not know if this is common or not. When I first met with her she explained what needed to be done and it might take awhile. She then told me to disrobe and put on a gown and she would be back. I did just that and was fully naked beneath my gown when she returned. She told me to lay down on the table and she was going to shave the area that was going to be treated. Thankfully I shave my pubic are regularly but it had been a few days and some growth had come back. She lifted my gown up and pulled it back up to just below my chest. I found this a little wierd as it did not need to be so high and made me feel like I was totally naked in front of her. I was not really nervous but started getting a little turned on which of course made my penis begin to grow. She immediatly stated how easy it was going to be since I had already shaven a few days ago but she was going to still need to shave it clean for sanitary reasons. I read in some other posts that their doctor did not use gloves. Well, neither did mine. So I don't think it is that uncommon for a doctor to not use gloves. Since my p*nis had begun to get hard it was resting on my stomach and she grabbed it to move it to the side which really caused me to get a full erection and it came right back over to where it was. She grabbed it again and held onto it and began to shave the area and told me not to be embarressed that it happens often. I did not say anything. But it felt great to have her holding my erect penis. Each time she would shake off the razor in the bowl and go back to shaving she would let go of my pe*nis and then grab it again to move it. It took her awhile to get it all shaved and by the time she finished my penis was throbbing in her hands. At one point she asked if I was ok with everything and I chuckled a little and told I was doing just fine. she laughed a little and continued on. She then dried off the area where she was going to give me the injection and then had to apply some germ killer to the area. She went and grabbed my pe*nis again but when she moved it aside to rub in the cleaner she also moved her hand back and forth on my penis. it didn't take much and I blew my wad all over my stomach. She jumbped back and laughed. I apologized she said there was no need to. She grabbed some paper towling and wiped me off and continued on with cleaning the area and then giving me the injection. We had some small talk through the rest of the procedure like nothing had happened. And when she was done she thanked me for the interesting afternoon and I apologized again and she reassured me it was not a big deal. Believe it or not this did happen to me. I know it is hard to believe and I don't think I would probably believe it if someone posted it on here. But it happened to me and I thought most of you would find it interesting considering the topic.

Well in my case it was a nurse. I needed to have a hernia operation and the nurse came in to prep me for the surgery. She first explained that she would need to shave me and sterilize me down there. My experience was very similar to Roger's. She lifted the gown and got ready to shave me. She had to move the penis out of the way and it began to get hard. She was young, very cute and had nice breasts, so that got me excited even more. Like Roger, I apologized, but she said not to worry. She said she would be disappointed if I did NOT get hard. She asked if that was a problem for me. I told her no, that I enjoyed it. In fact, she said, that is why she chose this area of nursing, because she likes seeing men get hard. After she finished her work she said, now I can make you soft again if you want. I told her, yes, please do. So she began to stroke my hard cock. Just as I started to cum I reached up and squeezed her breast. She smiled and thanked me, wiped the cum off of me and left the room. I never saw her again.

A similar experience happened to me many years ago when I was in my early 30s. When I went to have my stitches out after my vasectomy, the doctor was running late for the appointment so his nurse offered to do it instead. She seemed positively eager, although I thought at first that was just me reading to much into it. Having no problem with her offer though, I agreed. After all, she was quite a presentable woman about in her early 40s; why would I mind? She gave me a surgical gown and instructed me to put it on after removing my pants and underwear. Then she had me lie on the examination table while she prepared her equipment. She confessed that she hadn't much experience and said she needed practice, which I told her was fine with me. True to her claim, her touch was tentative and seemed to lack confidence - it was rather ticklish actually. She hadn't got very far when the whole situation took effect on me and my penis became erect. A little embarrassed, I apologised and explained that I had no control over it, hoping she wasn't offended. She said with a very naughty grin it was perfectly all right and assured me that she didn't mind at all. So I relaxed and jokingly said "Well I will leave it in your capable hands then." This made her laugh, as she replied "It sure is!", at which she grabbed hold of my hard-on and gave it a couple of quick squeezes. Although she didn't actually play with it as such, she did tell me that I had 'a nice one' and this was one of her 'fringe benefits', before resuming her attempts to remove my stitches. She didn't offer to touch my cock any more after that, but she glanced admiringly at it a few more times until it finally went down through lack of proper attention. Just as well - the doctor eventually came in towards the end to see how we were progressing. A few times after that I thought about asking her out to see if she would like another free look and feel, but sadly I never did.

When I was in my mid-20s and about to get married, I applied for a life insurance policy that required a physical exam. The insurance company sent me to a doctor I'd never heard of before, and it turned out to be a woman. She gave me a VERY thorough exam. But that's not the exciting part of the story. She had an assistant in the room with us for the entire examination. The assistant was a girl I'd gone to high school with. She was a cheerleader, homecoming queen, etc., and I never had the nerve to ask her out. But during this physical exam, I got hard -- and she watched it very intently, with a smile on her face. If I weren't a week away from my wedding, I might've asked her out because she seemed quite interested.

At my recent yearly physical my new doctor who is a woman in her mid 30's and attractive ended up jerking me off during my exam. I could not help but get a hard on while she was examining me. She had a smile on her face and eventually began to grab my cock and exam it. This made me very hard. She then told me she needed to get a sperm sample and began to jerk me off with her bare hands. I blew my nut into a little cup she had. She looked like she enjoyed it. She was smiling the whole time and could not keep her eyes of my cock. Has anyone else had this done to them?

Maybe we had the same Nurse Practicioner. My practicioner (abut 10 years ago) was originally from the Miami area,(this was NOT in Miami though), and she was monitoring my cholesterol & triglycerides. I had to drive about 50 miles per visit, and it was worth it. She was divorced, and dressed to the "nines", but she had cold hands. After the first few visits, our eyes seemed to meet, and I knew it "was on". She was about 35-40 y.o., and fine looking. Inside her office, there was a standard table and a curtain to draw for privacy, but I could never figure why she would need privacy for cholesterol screening. She eventually began with a handjob, then after about 2 weeks, came the BJ's. She would raise her dress, and wore no panties. I enjoyed eating her, and bending her over the table and hitting it from the rear. Sad to say, it came to an end. She told me that she was going to Seattle to study accupunture. I didn't fully believe it, but figured if she wanted to end it, so be it. She did leave but I have no idea where she really went. She almost had me talked into getting my pilot's license so we could have gone flying together and possibly I could have gotten into the "mile-high" club.

I've had an acupuncturist stroke me off. She did it every visit for about the first dozen times. Then she must have got wind that it was illegal in the US,(she's from China). Later I asked for the same treatment and she denied she'd ever done that. I told her not to worry I would never tell anyone about it. She still refused. It was fun while it lasted. Now she just watches while I jack it off myself. She still likes to watch it shoot. Now that is absolutely true, if you guys think I believe one previous story you're dumber than you sound.

You know, I had something like this happen to me a few years ago. I went in for a dot physical. My employer picks the doctor, so I don't have much say in the matter, but it just happened to be a woman this time. Everything wad going fine, and she told me "well, its that time", so I drop my pants and I notice she is fondling me a little more than she should before she asked me to cough. She asks me to cough, then she still is holding me. She wasn't to bad looking so I couldn't hold my thoughts, and start to get an erection. Still she is holding me, but now she's looking at me and smiling. Then she looks down, and says " I'm sorry, look at that.". I say, I'm sorry too, that had never happened to me before. She told me it was ok, and nothing to be ashamed of. Then she let's go of my cock, and ask me if I need some time. I say yes, please, and she ask me if I would like something to cum into. I thought, wtf, but said sure. I wasn't planning on jacking off, but thought why not! She said that she would leave me alone, so I could take care of myself. She came back a few mins later to check up on me, and wanted to know if I was finished. I told her, almost, and she said, ok. She then just stood there watching me stroke my cock, which was extremely hard by now. She must have known I was about to cum, because she grabbed the towel and held it open for me to cum in. Some got on her arm, but she didn't seem to mind. To this day, I still don't know what to make of it?

My female doctor checked my prostrate and ended up milking it. The jucies dropped on the white paper that I was bent over. She noticed it and got a paper towel to wet it up. I looked at her and said sorry, she just smiled.

The other night my wife and I went out for dinner and drinks with another couple. The woman is a nurse with 18 years of experience in hospitals and nursing homes. So I asked her how common it is for males to get erections in a medical situation. She said in all that time she has only seen it 3 or 4 times even though she sees naked people every day. She said it is usually ignored or the patient is told not to worry about it. She did tell one funny story. When she was a rookie newbie nurse she had to care for a quadraplegic who sometimes deeloped bedsores. One day he called her over and complained that he has a sore on his penis and would she check it out. She said sure and started looking for the "sore" flipping his dick back and forth looking for something - for anything. Before long he started getting hard. She said "Oh!" let go, jumped back, and ran to the nurses station. She hurried told the head nurse, "OMG! I think I just got a patient excited and I didn't mean to!" The head nurse burst out laughing and said, "Oh I see he got you too! He does that with all the new nurses. You just got your initiation!" LOL.

I was a nurse and worked with one female doc that would bring me into the room to be a "chaperone" when she had a good looking guy as one of her patients. She didn't need to do this, but after talking a few times about guys, she did it as a favor to me. After a while, we had an understanding that any hot guys that i took back to the exam room were told to take off everything and put on a paper gown, even if what they were there for didn't require this. she always would do a brief exam before dealing with their specific issue, so we always got a good look at his package. Some of the guys seemed to realize that she was doing more than she needed to, but none ever complained. You would be surprised what goes on at the doctors office, mostly just to have fun at work. This is crazy but I had gotten hit in the nuts and was very sore all night and went to the drs office and reported it. Normally I hav a guy dr but this time it was a hot Russian woman. Like I said crazy but ALL TRUE. She began examining me and feeling my balls moving my dick around. I couldn't help get hard. I thought she would get mad or sumthin by to my surprise she just started stroking me and gave me a handjob till I came. I wish everyday I could get kicked in the nuts just so I can go back and see her.

I have to admit, i thought about it a lot, especially when we got a hot patient that had a really big one, but we would have gotten in a lot of trouble and lost our jobs. you can get a way with a lot if you keep it a part of the exam though. ;> the doc also liked to ask them a lot of sexual questions if they were in for anything to do with their genitals. things like "how often do you have sex?, when you ejaculate, how much semen typically comes out?....things like that. she was really good at making the guy think it was just part of the exam. i used to get so hot watching them answer her questions while she would check out their pacakges. unfortunately, she left my health center last year and moved to another state.:(

I once had an acupuncturist jerk me off. She must have studied massage before acupuncture in china or just have a different view about sex then we do here. It was all very clinical, she showed no emotion at all as she watched intently as I ejaculated. She said she was checking my prostate function. I asked to see her pussy the next time and she kicked me out of her office. I didn't care, that was the worst she could do since it's not illegal to ask. I already shot my load so why would I care? All these girls think they can call the police for harassment. Sexual harassment isn't illegal and it's only harassment if they say no. Plenty of them have and do say yes. All you gals freaked out by me, why? You all want to say yes, you're just afraid and still very immature about sex. Most girls are hornier than guys. Some can't admit it because they were too brainwashed by their mothers. But believe me, they all love a stiff cock. Think about it. If they didn't we'd have been extinct long ago.

It wasn't my male doctor... it was his 25yo very cute female nurse that told me to strip to my undies for an ekg. On previous visits I had worn boxers, but this time I was wearing a Speedo style bikini and when she saw it she stared and smiled. She made cute comments about my package showing and I got an erection. Right after the ekg she slipped her hand inside the undies and gave me a nice hand job. we started dating after that. WOW No, my encounter was real. I didn't get jerked but I got hard and she recognized it. She asked if it was okay with me to continue the exam or should she leave till I got soft. I said no go ahead and she did. Then she gave me tissue during the prostate exam and said I might need it it has happened before. Then told me she was noting in her file I did not need ED pills so don't ask. No day dreaming here.

You have to remember that doctors and nurses see thousands of penises, many of them erect, in their career, and are pretty desensitized to the experience. I’m a nurse and seen my fair share. I only succumbed once, and that was early in my career. Their was a sweet boy about 17 on my ward in double traction from a motorcycle accident. I would sponge bathe him every afternoon. He would get an erection every time, and at first was totally mortified. I would quickly clean it, dry him off and pull his sheet back up. I assured him he shouldn’t be embarrassed, it was perfectly natural, and happened all the time (which it did). As time progressed the poor boy seemed to be constantly erect. Unable to masturbate, he was in agony. I told my boyfriend about it, and he thought it was hilarious, but also told me I should masturbate him because the boy would be forever grateful. I wouldn’t do it. I wanted to, because he was so sweet, and in such obvious need, but I could lose my career over it. After about a week, he asked me to do it. I told him I couldn’t, his lip quivered, I slowly stroked his chest while I explained why. I went to the door, and turned and he had tears coming down his cheeks. My heart broke, and I returned, pulled the curtain shut, pulled down his sheet, and wrapped my hand around it. It only took a couple of strokes, when his semen flew out, and drenched his chest and stomach. In my life, Ive never seen a thing like it. I cleaned him up with a bath towel, and it was covered with it when I was done. I threw it under my cart, and later dumped it in the laundry bin. As I pulled his sheet back up, he had a huge grin, and he thanked me over and over. The next day, he was disappointed he wasn’t getting a replay, but he was due for discharge in 24 hours, and I told him he could wait until then. There was nothing sexual about it for me, just my desire to help a kind boy.

I am an attorney and will not say who I am or what Firm I work for but I have read this thread and there was an arguement earlier on lawsuits involving Doctors and patients. I specialize in these cases and can say they are not easy cases to win! Just because a patient feels he/she was touched improperly during a medical exam is not enough to win a case. There is much emphasis placed on common sense in these cases and the consent of the patient. It is very difficult to argue on behalf of the Plantiff in a case where the patient is a male and has an erection during the exam. An erection in most cases is in response to positive sexual gratification. If the patient truly found the Doctor to be molesting or conducting him/herself in an offensive manner the patient's mental state would not allow for an erection to occur. As I stated before in cases of male patients who obtain an erection during the offense, it makes it very difficult to win the case. There has also been a question to how often such cases occur. During my experience specializing in these cases over the last 10 years I can say it happens very often. I handle myself about 50 cases a year. At the Firm I work for we have three attorney's handling these types of cases. So if you take into consideration how many cases my firm handles in a year, and we are not the only firm handling such cases. And then take into consideration the times it does not go reported you can get an idea of how often this occurs. I would say many more cases go unreported than reported and of the cases that do get reported about 75% are Female Plantiff's. This could be due to the fact there are more male doctors than female and that male victims do not wish to file suit. I tend to believe that this probably did occur as it is very similar to cases I handle. He does not appear to go overboard on his description of the incident. The Doctor in this case did not follow protocol in reference using a glove and procedure. However, In this case you also have the patient who is a willing participant in the act. What happens between two consenting adults does not become a violation of law if later one files a suit. Could the Doctor be repremanded or similar if her actions were to come out. Sure, But as for a successful lawsuit I don't think so. The burden of proof required in a civil suit requires that the plantiff prove their version of the facts is "More than likely" to be true. If you were to put into percentages it would be that there was a 51% chance this happened.

Aroused by attractive nurses and female doctors

If I am told by a nurse to get completely undressed and put on a "johnnie" gown for an exam or procedure, I sometimes become quite aroused. One time I needed to have a barium enema exam. The reasonably attractive female technologist had to take a few x-rays prior to the exam. As I was laying on my back on the x-ray table wearing nothing but the johnnie, she put her hands on my hips in order to position me correctly for the x-ray. My penis became fully erect. She didn't seem to notice and then had me stand while she placed the x-ray head on my lower abdomen for another x-ray. What she didn't realize was that she was placing the x-ray head directly against my erection. I was too embarassed to tell her. She took the x-ray and then told me to wait a few minutes while the doctor checked out the films. Ten minutes later she came back in looking a little upset and told me that she needed to re-take one of the x-rays. No surprise there! I have also become partially aroused when examined by a female Dermatologist. It was my first visit and the nurse told me that the doctor would need to check every inch of my skin. She did and I enjoyed it. I have a friend in the medical field and it is not unusaul for this to happen. It is not unusal for the opposite sex to get aroused in this situation. Also I have a friend that is a massage therapist and this happens all the time......men and women. As long as you don't do anything disrespectful or anything ..... I think it is perfectly normal. Also......if my husband had the fantasy of having some nurse "check him out" ...I would be more than happy to dress up like a nurse and ...................

As a skin cancer survivor (Penile Squamous Cell Carcinoma), I am supposed to see a Dermatologist every six months. The other day I had my semi-annual "skin check" exam. This was my first visit to this particular (female) physician as my previous (male) doctor was no longer accepting my insurance plan. This new doctor was very thorough as she examined every inch of my skin from head to toe, including the genital area. I did not get an erection, or even close, but I definitely enjoyed the experience. This woman came across as very kind and caring and asked me several times if I had any questions. Following the 15-20 minute exam, she sat and chatted with me for another 5 minutes while I was sitting on the examination table totally naked - no gown, no underwear, nothing. She was clearly quite comfortable with this situation, as was I. Perhaps it is because she is originally from Europe where nudity is no big deal. In my view, if you are a heterosexual guy, and you have to go to a doctor, and you have to get naked, you might as well go to a woman doctor. I don't understand why a heterosexual guy would WANT to be naked around another guy.

why would a heterosexual (MARRIED) guy WANT to be naked around another woman? Well, Biani, there are a few reasons. 1.) There is a fairly good chance the skin cancer will recur. Therefore, it is imperative that my skin be thoroughly checked by a Dermatologist every 6 months. 2.) If SOME doctor is going to run their fingers over my naked body, it might as well be a woman because...3.) It makes an otherwise dreary experience fun. By the way, my wife, who is also a patient of this doctor, referred me to her. My female boss sent me to a clinic for an exam. She deliberatly set it up to have a woman doctor see me nude. I was extreamly embarassed & turned red but aside from my loss of dignity, got over it. My boss later told me she did this to teach me more respect for women. This is a tough ethical dillema and I'd like to start by stating that I feel the same way about wanted to be noticed by your nurse. Generally women often in my dealings seem to encourage this to a certain degree as I used to wear loose clothing and pajama pants to my chiropracto's appointment to have the same thing happen. On the day that I wore pajamas, probably the most revealing, she sort of threw in the comment "these appointments seem to get better and better everytime." This was when I was on my back and my !**@! started throbbing a bit at the implications of the situation. Another chiropractor said "we all want what we don't have" out of the blue just as she was flipping me over. I'm pretty sure she could sense I was marginally aroused and almost expected her to make things a bit sexual. As far as her becoming upset with your actions, you have to consider this a possibility, and not a probability. As long as your not a freakish horndog about it in my dealings women are very open to men who are unashamed of there sexual feelings/curiosity so long as it is not crossing any major lines and you're sensitive to the situation. Not to mention I also know that a good deal of women appreciate being noticed. Of course it has to be in the right way and not come off as creepy or like grabby.

Ever think to ask your wife to dress up like a nurse? Seems obvious in this situation. You could even get a stethoscope and have her "exam" you. You know, though, I'm sure there are tons. Otherwise they wouldn't sell sexy nurse costumes at sex shops, right?

'Half of GPs think they should be allowed to have sex with patients'

Half of family doctors want the freedom to have a relationship with a patient, according to a new survey. One in six GPs thinks it is acceptable to have sex with one of their own patients, says the survey, while 48 per cent think it is OK to do so if the patient changes doctor.

Although there are very strict rules to prevent doctors exploiting those in their care, these findings suggest that many GPs would like to see the rules relaxed. The poll of 282 doctors, carried out by GPs' magazine Pulse, shows that General Medical Council guidelines do not fit with the attitudes of practitioners.

When asked whether they would support a doctor's relationship with a patient, so long as the patient moved practices, only 28 per cent said they would not, with nearly half saying that they would. The GMC currently forbids doctors from having sexual relationships with their patients. It says that relationships with former patients are usually 'inappropriate' unless they arise from 'social contact'.

Guidelines also prevent GPs from having sex with former patients if the patient could be considered 'vulnerable', or if 'the professional relationship is being abused'.

Dr Tony Grewal, a GP in west London, defended the right of doctors to start relationships with former patients. He said, 'An absolute ban on sexual relationships with patients or former patients is an unfair limitation on the right to pursue happiness for doctors and patients alike.'

He added that a new set of guidelines was needed which 'maintains the necessary safeguards for the vulnerable against exploitation or coercion, but gives a framework for those who wish to develop proper relationships.'

Although the majority of GPs said they thought a doctor should not have sex with his own patient, 16 per cent thought that this would be acceptable. Two per cent of those polled admitted to having had sex with a patient registered at their practice. 15 doctors were struck off the medical register in 2009 for breaking regulations on relationships - more than those punished for any other offence.

Embarasing ejaculation during doctor's exam. Help?

i had my testes ultrasound on them..i had a blond on one side and a tech on the other side,,they had a cut out for my private to stick threw..this females says can you get a erection...i said i pray i dont lol...and she said this test requires that you do for about 45 min..im like thinking to myself this cant be true...so they both massaged me and they got the hard on there..i was also precumed,,they wiped it off acting like it was a job...but just think im laying there between 2 fine looking females wondering wtf is going on here...the tech was learning the procedure..the blond knew well what she was doing...then after the test the lady said i need some sperm to test...oh man i couldnt do that..so she grabbed me and rubbed were she knew she get what she needed...now i was so embarrassed...i pray that never happens again.....

I just had an exam where i had to disrobe and stay naked. My wifes doctor and mine are the same. I was being checked for blood flow and possible missing blood anong with several other things. Laying on the table the nurse came in and did the usual bp and temp thing. Damm, another female with my dick out (i'm hung about 10 inches too) . She almost put the sleve on my penis, we both chuckled. The Dr came in and did the usual prostate exam which gave me an instant hard on.She then grabbed my testicales to check for bumps on them through my scrotum, yes I have oversized balls but she was through. My erecton was at attention and she commented know she knew wht my wife was complaining about, She tried to lay it back on my stomach to ease the embarsement and it erupted all over. She gave it a good swueeze and had the nurse come in and clean it up. I now use ky jelly prescrivbed for my wife and her problem is solved.

If you're a man and your female doctor wants to perform a very intimate examination on you, would you be worried something very embarrassing might happen to you?

No. In fact, I just had my first exam in (too many) years and I really have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the exam. I had just epilated (like waxing - pulled out) my pubic hair and was feeling pretty good about myself and how I looked. I asked my doctor for a testicular exam and she agreed. She is in her late 30s/early 40s, very attractive, tall, slim, caring, considerate, gentle, competent. I removed my gown and stood naked in front of her while she got down on her knees to examine my testicles and penis. She was very gentle and thorough. When she was finished, she got to her feet and tried to say something and look me in the eye, but she stammered a bit and looked away. I think she might have been embarrassed, perhaps forgetting she was a doctor for a minute. I took that as a compliment. I would much rather have her examine me than a male doctor.

The most erotic experience of my life happened when I went in for a physical and got a young (mid-20s) and achingly attractive female nurse practitioner. She first had me remove all my clothes, except for my underwear. After the routine checks (EENT, internal organs, etc.), the moment of truth arrived. She first asked me if I've ever had a testicular and rectal exam, because "we're going to have to do that today." I said yes, which likely assured her I was not a newcomer to these two procedures. She then had me take off my underwear. I was now standing completely naked (not even socks) in front of her, feeling completely vulnerable but loving every minute of it. On top of this surreal scenario, she appeared genuinely interested in my job and could not stop asking me questions about it. So we were having a casual conversation while she was fully clothed and I was gloriously nude. She pulled up a stool and sat in front of me while I was standing. My genitals were inches away from her face. She checked each testicle thoroughly and proceeded to check my penis, all the while having a conversation about my work. It was weird, but in the most sensuous way. I was kind of glad that she stopped when she did because I was beginning to get aroused. That would have been embarrassing. After this long procedure (which overall, I really did not want to end) she had me turn around, and rest my elbows on the exam table. She went over to a side table to get some lube, and guess what--we're still talking about my job! She inserted her finger in my rectum, and rolled it around to check for hemorrhoids. I started getting hard, but did not achieve a full erection. When she finished, I did my best to stay facing the table. Eventually, I had to turn, as she handed my a tissue to wipe the excess lube from my rectum. She watched me while doing this, while explaining some medical information that I no longer remember. Again, an erotic mini-episode in the context of the entire encounter. She then instructed me to dress, as she left the room. This whole she was professional, courteous, and cheerful.It was a highly erotic and unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, I never saw her again.

When I had a vasectomy I cringed at being touched by a male doctor and got no erection, just felt revulsion. However, as I was being prepped with myself and the female nurse only in the room I was quickly erect. She was just a couple years older than me and decent looking, both in our thirties. She's rubbing all over my testicles, moving my penis around, shaving me, etc. I jokingly commented and said, "I didn't expect this to be so fun." She smiled and said, "Don't worry, happens all the time." Frankly, I got the sense she was proud of herself and flattered by my "salute" to her touch.

I've had my share of ladies and I can tell you guys one thing, as long as you are not a weird little pervert, no female nurse or doctor will be bothered by your erection. In fact, they might think something is wrong with them if you don't get one! Now, go ahead and contradict this post, but let's be real gals, a man with an erection that you caused in any setting is a tad bit flattering in some way as long as he's not there with perverted intentions. My advice guys, do what I did after this appt and find a lady urologist. It's a whole helluva lot better than going to a man. I've been to my female doctor two times and both times and, you guessed it, hard as a rock! She's younger than me and was not offended and I was not embarrassed. I just jokingly acknowledge my pleasure, she laughs about it, reassures, and that's it. Lighten up and enjoy the feel up! I sorta wish we needed those yearly check ups like our wives get. You don't think women enjoy having their breasts touched by a gyno? Yeah, right. Being touched feels nice and not a thing wrong with it. Now those probes on the other hand...

Before last Thursday, I would not have believed you, BUT at my yearly physical, the physician's assistant I normally see, also a female, told me I needed a testicular exam and asked if I wanted to do it or if I'd prefer she did it. I thought she was kidding so I told her I'd prefer she did it. She told me to slip out of my clothes and lie down on the examining table which I had done before. She then proceeded to grab my penis and lift it out of the way while she, with bare hands, started going over my scrotum and my testicles checking for anything unusual. I began to get an erection and she could tell I was getting nervous. She told me to just relax that she thought nothing of it and she had seen me naked many times before. She was right, but then I became fully erect and felt like I was about to explode. She told me I looked like I needed some relief and she needed a sperm sample anyway so she proceeded to masturbate me to completion. After taking my sperm sample in a cup, she looked straight in the eye and asked if I had liked it. I told her I had and she tole me that that was the way she would perform my future exams if I preferred. I looked her in the eye wondering what was going on with her, but she just had a smile on her face and bent over and kissed me. Believe me, I'm going to get all my exams done this way in the future unless she decides we need an internal endurance exam. That I will be really ready for. I wonder how my wife's doctor performs her physical exam. I actually hope it's as much fun as my last exam was.

I had a woman NP give a prostate exam, behaved myself guite well actually. The weirdest thing I have ever encountered was going to a woman eye dr. and recognizing her as the stripper who performed at my bachelor party before I got married. The hardest part is she has daughters the same age as mine, and all I could see when I looked at her was my finger massaging her p---- at that party way back when......and her sayinng, "Oh, you're not supposed to do that, bad boy!" Quite frankly, I couldn't go back to her because all I could think of was where my fingers had been.

Carol is correct. My wife is a RN and the rules, are almost always when a male doctor and female patient are seen that it is recommended. Now I have seen a variety of female doctors over the past 40 years in several different countries and states and not once has there been another person present, unless the doctor wants to consult with another specialist or there is an intern doing the exam. The only time I have had another person in the room while being examined by a female doctor was after hernia surgery and two beautiful 20-something young women - one a surgeon and other an intern - who saw me post-surgery on a frequent basis for about 10 weeks after the surgery. It was embarassing because every time they examined my groin and lower abdomen, I had a hard-on. Hard not too, even when my dick and balls were purple and swollen - with two gorgeous young women's faces inches from my dick and feeling of my balls and groin area monitoring the healing and reduction of the discoloration and swelling. They just laughed and smiled and reassured me that everything was working fine and would be back to normal soon - but warned me not to have any sex until they said so.

It's true, usually there is a female in the room when a male ob-gyn doc does an exam. However, I've had 4 female doctors that did physical exams with no one else but us in the room. They all flirted, but no hand jobs. Now, my dentist on the other hand! She and I always flirted, and she blew me one night when I was her last patient, and the receptionist went home sick. We ended up dating for 3 years, and fucked in that dental chair about 20 times! I'd ask her out if I was you!

My wife has been going to the same OB-GYN since she was 15, now 33. She says that about half the time she goes she has an orgasm. The way she describes it, he will place his thumb on or near her clit while checking her labia and using a speculum. She thinks it's her fault because she find him attractive and wants it. Several times she says she has moaned out loud and convulsed as she came and he obviously knew she was cumming. On one occasion he had most of his hand inside her as she came and he had trouble getting his hand out. The last time she went (and came, LOL) she asked him if he was alright and if he needed help (she couldn't say,'do you need a hand). She said he was breathless and had trouble answering her, but he said, "next time, okay?" Next time is in about two weeks and she says she will be more aggressive.

Erection during physical exam

I was getting a physical last month, and my doctor did a full exam. Testicles, prostate, you name it. She was on a roller chair, sitting eye level to my exposed waist, and I got hard. She was professional. Then asked me to turn around and bend over onto the table for the prostate. I am straight, but that feeling was tremendous. I got even harder and clamped around her finger. Then when she was done, she just sat up, and walked over and started to talk to me. There I was, hard as the day is long, and we had a 3 minute conversation about things. And I was naked. And hard. I finally asked if I could put my pants on...

I had to get a physical not long ago for my job and I went to my regular doctor's office but he was expanding and transferred my to one of his new colleagues. Of course she was gorgeous with red hair and a body to kill for. I assumed that during the "cough" period of the exam she would do like my doctor does and put his gloved hand under my balls and look away while I coughed...oh hell no, she sat right down on the stool and put her gloved hand under my balls (unlike my normal doc, her hands were warm and soft, not cold) and her face was literally about a foot and a half in front of her face. I felt my man start to rise and no matter how hard I tried he just kept coming up to say hi. I looked down at her, she looked up at me, gave me an innocent smile and then got up and wrote in my file while telling me I could pull my pants up. I appreciated her professionalism, it saved some embarassment for my body acting like a 14 year old.

i am very attracted to my ob..... there is no way he knew i turned on, besides the look in my eye....:) love it when april comes around.... hehe

Chickpea - I assume it's worlds' different for women. Sure, you can get "wet" but that would probably lost with all the lube they use during their exam. Pretty easy to hide (again, all assumption, not having been through it myself) but with a man, there's no hiding it. Reminds me of another time, when I went to my doctor. I had told her of a burning situation (thought it was an STD) and she had me remove my pants and bam, I was hard again. She squeezed it, so as to get fluid out, and there was plenty of it. I dripped precum. It was like a foot long drip to the floor that held on and made like a long string. Now THAT was not something I could hide. But MAN was that embarrassing. Total clinical setting, and I am coming across as highly excited. Physically I was, for sure, but mentally, I was crawling in a little hole to die!

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a nurse and and I was a bit worried about getting my first physical exam. She said that erections are normal for female nurses / doctors and the worse thing she had seen was a person premature ejaculate.

I went to see my doctor and he had a med student on rotation who did my exam and she was very attractive. The biggest thing about new grads/interns is they are very through and careful. You could tell she was a little nervous when she asked me to lower my shorts as she sat the normal foot away. I did and watched her eyes for a reaction I kind of enjoyed that part. I think being through she massaged and pulled more than the male doctor until I started getting hard. I think it was one of her first times.

I was in an Army hospital on Okinawa with a bad head wound in the sixties and after a few weeks the wash ups given by the nurses started giving me an erection. The technique then was for the nurse to thump it really hard. That would usually embarrass me and it would go down. There was this one nurse who was sent from God, I think, because when she washed my privates she would wash and wash until I got a nut. Then she would clean up everything and whisper to me to not say anything or she'd be fired. Needless to say, I fell in love with that nurse. When they finally took off the bandages and I could see I discovered she was wearing wedding rings and there went my marriage plans. I ofter wonder if other nurses did the same for their patients.

I was 19 and getting a physical and shots to go over seas and of course when you need your DR they are on V-K the covering Dr was a young Native American woman who was stunningly beautiful.We get to the drop your pants part and she explains she normally works with women so be kind to would only be a few minutes With my pants on the chair and my Boxers at my ankles she starts to examine me never closely 10 inches or so from my waist the more she looks and checks the harder i get by the end of my exam im at "full mast" she ended the exam by saying "your girlfriend must like "me" very much now put it away please"She smiled and left the room

When I was 24 I was in the hospital for a minor surgery (just a few day stay) and I was assigned a student nurse. Everybody who came into my room, even vistors, had to wear a mask so I never saw her face even. But she gave me a sponge bath in the hospital bed. She kept my privates covered with a cloth while she washed the rest of me. I was already starting to get hard from the very beginning, but I managed to hold the head of my "little elvis" between my thighs before it was too late so at least I did not make a tent, even though I was raging hard. However, after she finished with the rest of me, that cloth came off, and when she started washing the general area it sprang loose from between my thighs like a catapult. Then she actually held it in her hand while she washed around the groin area. When she finally started actually washing my little elvis itself, it shot a big load with such force that it actually hit on the wall behind my head and hit the intercom and buzzer thing. When that happened all she said was "oh my...".

My last physical exam I had was back in June. It was the first time I had a female doctor give me the exam. My previous doctor had retired and I was now seeing my new Female Doctor. She is in her mid 30's and is in great shape. Brunette and average looks. But her body is killer! Anyway I was a little nervous as I have not had a female check me out, but also turned on by her. When she started the exam she asked me to remove all my clothing which I thought was odd as usually I was asked to keep my underwear on until the end of the exam. But I took everything off like she asked and stood there naked in front of her. I am confident in how I look as I workout religously and keep tan all year around. I also shave all my body hair as I hate body hair. My c*ck is just above average at 7.5" and looks even bigger being shaved. Well as I am standing there naked infront of my attractive doctor I start to feel my c*ck getting hard. Now up to this point the doctor has been very professional. But now she began to stare at my c*ck as she asked me questions and checked me over. On a couple of occasions she looked up at me and smiled. She never put on gloves like my old doctor did and it wasn't long and I was fully erect! She then asked me to turn around and bend over for the prostate exam. I usually hated this as I did not care for my male doctor to stick his finger in my a**. But this time I got even hornier and harder. She still did not put on gloves and grabbed my left hip with her left hand and slowly probed my a** with her right finger. I clamped down on her finger with my a** and She continued to feel around. I was so hard I thought I was going to blow a nut. It seemed like she spent forever in there and then finally told me to turn around and she began to check my testicles. I was so Hard and prec*m was oozing out the end of my p*nis. She grabbed a hold of my shaft and moved it to the side and then to the other while checking my testicles. I couldn't hold back any more the look on her face it was obvious she was having fun with me and I had to go for it. So I slowly thrusted my c*ck forward thru her hand and she kept a hold of it. I did it again and she then began to ever so slightly stroke my cock as she played with my testicles. It did not take long and I shot my wad all over her and the floor. My first shot went right in her face. She jumped back keeping a hold of my c*ck and moved it toward the side of her as I shot my remaining load onto the floor. She looked up at me and smiled and said "well, it looks like it is working just fine. Everything looks good." She went for some kleenex to clean off her face and I began to apologizie up and down for what happened. She reassured me that I should not be aplogetic and not to be embarressed as it happens to many men during a physical. She was still smiling so I knew she was ok with what just happened. We finished up with some further talk about my physical and she was very professional there after. I can not wait to go back for my next years physical. Reading these post here it sounds like this type of thing has happened to other people but not often. I had a friend who had something similar happen but nothing like what occured to me. Do others have similar experiences?

It is important to note that a professional will follow specific protocol. For a complete physical, the patient should undress completely and wear a paper gown, nothing under it. I posted on a similar site because there is a lot of misinformation about what a complete physical, which should always include genital and rectal exams, entails. I do quite a number of athletic physicals, and yes, they are comprehensive. But the genital and rectal exams are done last. The patient's modesty must be preserved. For example, say a 17 year old boy is having a physical exam and is accompanied by his father. My exam room has a curtain by the table. I pull it closed and ask the parent to stand behind it. The parent can hear us, so it's something of a chaperone, but the patient isn't exposed in an undignified way. Now, many on here have expressed concern over what happens during the genital and rectal exams. The gown is best removed. The patient stands and the examiner sits. With both hands gloved, feel each testicle. Lift the scrotum to check under it. Perform the hernia test next. Use two fingers and push up into the side of the scrotum. The man should cough hard. This should be repeated on the other side too. Now examine the penis. If the man has foreskin, retract it to examine the urethral meatus. Squeeze the opening with both hands. Look closely for irritation or discharge. It is at this point that many young men begin to get an erection. It's normal. I tell them so and proceed with the exam. With both hands, feel the entire length of the shaft. If the man is erect, it is a good idea to press more firmly on the shaft as the erection makes it difficult to feel plaque, ulceration, etc. Tell the patient that in a clear way. Next, have the patient bend over the table, legs apart. Change gloves and lubricate the index and middle finger. Two fingers allow greater precision to feel the prostate, and are not much more uncomfortable. Spread the cheeks and firmly insert both fingers well up into the rectum. Once you get to the prostate, press firmly on it so you feel it as entirely as possible. Slowly withdraw the fingers and twist them as you do, so the entire rectal wall is palpated. Now, only if you suspect an std, either from clinical inspection or patient concern, have the patient face you again. With fresh gloves, inspect the penis again, this time to "milk" it for discharge. Milk it from base to glans at least three times and be sure to get a drop of discharge in a sterile beeker, to be sent to a lab. Do not defer this exam due to an erection. Be very matter-of-fact even if "milking" an erect penis. It sounds embarassing, and probably is for the patient, but a professional demeanor is mandatory for the clinician. Allow the patient to dress, and then review the results of the exam. One final note: A professional will never comment on the size of a patient's genitals unless there is a specific question the patient has raised, developmental concerns, etc. Beyond that, there is never a need to comment. Young men appreciate knowing they are normal, so that word should be used during the exam.

I have a complete physical every year. My doctor is female---I have been going to her for 15 years and she is wonderful. The exam always includes a thorough genital and complete rectal exam. When she does the rectal, I always get fully erect. She has told me more than once that this is quite normal. Not only is she a great doctor, but far better a lovely little female finger up your bum than some guy with huge hands. When she examines my cock and balls she is as gentle as can be.

I've been going to a female doctor for the last fifteen years. When I turned fifty she asked how my sex life was like usual. I told her fine and she asked if I could get an erection for her. She induced it by gently running a finger around the glans. As it became erect she held the shaft and gave it a squeeze, then said okay, all done. The year after that she did it again. I asked her why she never did that before and she said at fifty it's standard procedure. She then went on to explain many men will not admit not being able to erect normally so instead of just asking she always checks at my age. I asked her what if they can't ejaculate. She laughed and said she takes their word about that. As you can see she has a very healthy attitude about sex. She said not being able to perform sexually is a precursor to something much more vital. I feel lucky to have a thorough doctor.

I needed a physical and moving to a new area, I didn't have a dr. My wife said just use my dr[a female] It is no big deal for her for she has examined many men. I made an appointment and went. When she ask me to lower my pants and shorts,I was dreading it for I had started to get an erection. She examined my penis by retacting the forskin all the way down and looking it all over. By the time she had finished with it I had a full erection. She examined my balls and cords next and than the hernia test. after this she had me lean over the table and did a prostate exam. I ejaculated when she put pressure on it. Afterwards I said I was sorry that I got an erection and made a mess for them to clean up. She said it happens all the time and getting an erction helps her to retract the forskin.

One of my friends is a nurses aid. She is 34 so its no shock to her. She has to wash patients in bed sometimes and do back rubs and shaves some men down there, for surgeries. She said usually guys are embarassed and dont get hard. BUT sometimes a guy will get hard as she handles his penis and balls. Even with her latex gloves on some guys just cant help it. When you see naked men all the time its really just routine.

I am have just started as a RN and recently had a young man 25 who had just been involved in a minor accident. He was recovering and part of my job involved monitoring brusies on his left inner thigh. He was nude and I was applying a gel to one of the bruises the gel goes cold and he got fully erect. He tried to cover it up but I assured him It was ok. I couldn't help but stare it wa pretty big. He had precum starting to drip from the head of his dick and at that stage he noticed my staring I was very embarrassed he jokingly told me that it was all mine if I wanted it so I gave it a little lick and he moaned. I went to walk away being so shocked at what I had done but he pulled me back and at this stage my pussy was soaking my panties I licked the shaft and suckled on the head and next thing I know he is coming in my mouth... I couldn't believe what I did but I still rub my clit to that memory :)

Up to this point, it had been a miserable experience. But when I went back for that followup check, I was greeted not by the urologist but his physician's assistant, who is a woman. She is about 30 years old, plain in appearance and very professional and detached in her demeanor. But, still, she is a woman, and her exam technique is different than the doc's -- soft, warm hands, with a gentle touch. She asked if I had experienced any bleeding or discomfort. Then she asked me to drop my pants. As she handled my penis and gently probed the opening, I started to get erect. When I got about half-hard, she stopped the overt examination and just rested my penis in her hand and watched as it continued to grow. I stammered an apology, but she said, "No, I'm glad to see everything is in good working order. Normally I would have to ask you to give us a call if you experienced trouble getting an erection, but you've answered the question." I briefly had hope that she would complete the process, but she didn't -- although she did give my hardon a quick squeeze as she let go. She said, "If you have trouble ejaculating, let us know." While that little episode was pleasant, it wasn't worth the pain of the kidney stone!

I had to get a pre-employment physical at a clinic. The nurse practitioner was one of my neighbors and she asked if I was okay with her giving me the physical. I was puzzled why she would ask and I found out why she asked after I completed some strength, agility and coordination tests. She told me to drop my pants for the hernia test. I wasn't expecting that test. So she gives me the test and then she starts fondling my balls and I started to get a little hard. I asked if that is another test and she says no. She asked if my wife and I still have regular sex. I told her no, my wife has lost interest is sex, and this physical is the closest thing I had to sex in some time. So now I'm fully erect and she is stroking me. She said her situation at home is the same, her husband does not want sex. I told her I was going to cum and she grabs a towel and I shot into it. She removes her scrubs top and pushes the bottoms down and asks what do I think of her body. It was great, especially for her age, in her fifties a little younger than me. We have hooked up for full sex a few times, once in one of the examining rooms and meet occasionally for a quickie at lunch, usually just a bj or hj. We both agree that we still love our spouses and this is a purely physical relationship.

I examined a G.I. years ago for a damaged testicle. He just had some swelling but my examination needed extreme detail so he got a huge erection. He was in extreme pain during the examination and I was amazed at how he could have an erection. I told him to avoid tensing his muscles that went to his testicles and that they would naturally contract which could cause more pain. His girlfriend watched and she asked me if it would be ok to get it to go down. I said what you do in his room is your business but do it quickly and without moving his testicles much to avoid muscle contraction. She later told me that she held his testicles gently and sucked it out, ha ha. The things a doctor has to put up with....

Went to female DR when in my mid 50's for a complete exam. First one with a female. After checking everything she said to drop my shorts[only thing I had on] she cheched my testicals and before she finished that I had gotten a full hardon. Next she checked for hernia and than a through exam of the penis. I am not cut so she retracted the skin all the way and looked it all over than pulled the skin back and forth 5/6 times.I was having a hard time not ejactulating. Next she did a prostate exam and I lost it and came all over the front of the table. When she finished she said don't woory the nurse will clean it up. That is the only time I ever made a mess in a dr office. I have seen her every yr since and still get at least a partial erection

I once got a hand job from a female acupuncturist. Said it was part of her treatment. She used some electrical device on a few of the needles and I was hard in seconds. I wished I could have thrown my back out again so I could go back. Years later I now just realize she probably did that with all her patients so they would come back. Kind of like a masseuse.

I have gone to the same nurse practisioner for 3 years.The last time she asked me if I would mind if a nurse trainee came in with her and got some practise on a male. I said fine and had everything done twice basically.When it came time to do a hernia check and testicles I had an erection.The practisioner took it in stride but the trainee was quite flushed.My regular nurse told the trainee to get used to it,that a lot of the men she examines get erect.I enjoy her examinination by the way because she is thorough,gentle and takes her time.

Erections in physicals aren't that common, but they do "pop up" every once in a while. It is a perfectly normal reaction for a man to have, and his body is designed to react to touching. When it does happen, I don't comment, unless he is stammering out apologies. Then I reassure them it happens all the time (it doesnt), and that it is perfectly normal (it is), and that it shows that all the parts are working normally (they are). It happens much more frequently with teen boys getting their school / athletic physicals, partially because they are boys, but also because at that age you need to examine each testicle for any abnormalities.

Erection in front of a female doctor

I have two female Drs --- my urologist and gastro so both get to see lots of me and will both do a dre. The urologist also get to exam the male parts. The best part of that exam is when she sits on a stool with my penis at her eye level and she grasps the shaft in on hand and feel the testicles with the fingers of her other hand. I definitely am at least half hard during those exams. Sometimes I am fully erect. I know the urologist sees it. It is pointed right at her. I try to make it noticeable for the gastro too but I don't think she always sees it. Neither has EVER hinted in any way that they noticed I am aroused.

I was being examined by a female internist during our semi-annual conjoint exam. My penis is uncircumcised, with a long tight foreskin, that does not retract over the glans penis during erection. She asked our permission to bring about a discharge to determine if this would be a fertility problem. The doctor injected my penis with papaverine, which caused me to have a full erection. She then spent time examining me with an erection, and then massaged my prostate while stroking me to ejaculation. She was satisfied that my strong contractions discharged the semen well past the foreskin. For the doctor and assistant, this all seemed pretty routine.For me, quite unique.

This happen to me when I was about 23 years old. She was examining my testicles and I was trying to cover and hold the penis. The doc was so cute lady of age about 34 or 35. I could not hide the erection I got. But she continued her examinaton having a faint smile on her face. After the exam she patted on my back and said you have nothing wrong, young man, you are healthy as a buffalo.

I have a really good looking NP who does my exams so before my last physical I took a Viagra about an hour before my appointment. She has me strip down to my boxers for the exam and does all the usual stuff above the waist first. She finishes with the genital/rectal exam and has me remove my shorts. At that point, before she even touched me I became hard. She just smiled and continued and examined my scrotum and penis. I felt I was about ready to shoot my load and then she said she needs to do a quick prostate check and told me to lean over the end of the table. She inserted her finger up my rectum and started pressing on my prostate when suddenly I could not hold it and started ejaculating all over the exam table and floor. She quickly withdrew her finger and her face was beet red. I was red faced too, she handed me some paper towels and helped me clean up the mess.

Last time this happened was with a female urologist. She spent a long time examining my penis. I got hard. Her only comment was that I demonstrated that I didn't suffer any erectile dysfunction.

Rosalyn, what your friend has told you coincides with my own experience. I have a long history of getting erections when being examined by my female MDs. It has happened literally dozens of times even though I am in late middle age, and in front of five or six different women doctors. The first time it happened I was a bit embarrassed but ever since then I have been very impressed with the easy way my doctors treat the situation. Sometimes they ignore it, but more often they just smile and treat it as a normal, everyday event. Which of course it is. I literally have no control over it, I am sure it does not affect them (other than perhaps finding it amusing), and it is a quite natural occurrence. When I read on boards like this one men expressing fears of getting an erection in front of a female doctor, I want to counsel them that I doubt very much that their doctors will take offense and that the problem is in their head, not hers.

My close friend is a female gp and she tells me this happens very often; so often, in fact, that she considers it pretty well normal in younger males at least so she isn't bothered at all by it. However, what is funny - she says - is the reaction of the men themselves, especially those who get very embarrassed and try to laugh it off or who obviously get rather het up about it. She sometimes feels sorry for them. I expect most female doctors are used to this happening so the best thing is probably not to worry and maybe just a simple 'excuse me'......

Many years ago I had an older female doc who once was doing a very thorough prostate exam and I got hard as a rock. She just smiled at me and said "very nice." She was quite a character.

I had this happen in real life, I got a erection while being catheterized by a female nurse in the emergency room. to the point that the catheter had to be inserted up until the split. She acted as if nothing was wrong however I could here her and the other nurses obviously laughing in the hallways...not ten minutes later the ER doctor came in and said the nurse noticed my erection while she was inserting the cath and asked if I was on Viagra or Cialis... I declined blushing like crazy the whole time

Do women doctors and clinicians enjoy examining male patients?

I don't think the amount of time a woman takes during the exam indicates necessarily how interested she is or how much she is enjoying what she is doing. I think the best way to judge it is by her body language and facial expressions, and to a lesser degree what she says if she says anything (that is, what a person says is more guarded). That said, I have also had a few exams where the woman expressed a positive reaction to my erection -- like, that is a sign of good health, or, that makes it easier to do what I'm doing, and once, you have a handsome penis (no kidding). And took her time with the exam. I think it all boils down to how comfortable the woman feels. There are many ways of going about it, but the more relaxed I feel and manage to convey (somehow), the more open and comfortable the woman doctor seems to be. I think this is good overall -- for the quality of her exam I mean -- and also provides a more honest reaction or expression of enjoyment on her part. Most women are heterosexual and so have a somewhat positive inclination to all adult males, as long as there is nothing turning her off. I prefer women doctors precisely because I can feel their appreciation of me, one way or another, and I am pretty sure some of it is because I am a man.

This is a slight tangent on the subject but I have read at BDSM sites that people in "caring" professions like teaching, counseling and medicine tend as a group to be the most attracted to sexual dominance, and that in the guest book of an upstate New York "fetish weekend" house the most common profession listed by male and female dominants is medicine! My earliest erotic experience was having my rectal temperature taken by a pretty nurse - maybe I was just sensing her erotic enjoyment!

I'm a 34 YO female nurse practitioner. I've been taking care of men since I started as an nurse's aide in high school. Personally I like a larger penis; if the man get's erect it's nicer. However, I like my job, and I have to hide the feelings and not do anything that might offend the patient. The difference between a normal penis exam and one where I'm taking my sweet time isn't going to be more than 15 seconds. While boards like this one are for guys that get turned on by women doctors/nurses, I never know when the man I'm seeing would be offended by 'extra attention' and complain to the Nursing Board.

I have several female doctors. On a few occasions I have gotten an erection during an exam by a woman doctor and I would swear that I got some sexual vibes from the woman during some of them. In one situation in particular (I had a strange rash on the glans of my penis) I developed a prolonged erection during the exam, which was done first separately by a female NP and then a female doctor, then both at the same time, and finally done by each again separately. I had an erection during the entire episode (roughly 45 minutes because both women were involved in other situations needing their attention -- it was an "after hours" operation after the main clinic had closed for the day) and noticed a strong difference in their attitudes (smiles, body language, how long their touch lingered) when they examined me separately vs. together (they were strictly professional when they were both present). I have had enough sexual experience with enough different women during my life to know when a woman is sexually interested, and I think both women though completely under control during the exams were in fact interested. I should stress that absolutely nothing overtly sexual was done by any of the women I am referring to.

My experiences with female medical personnel

The following are my experiences with medical exams with female personnel. A female family physician doctor examined my scrotum simply by reaching out and grabbing me by the balls. No warning or anything. On another exam, a female urologist told me she had to examine me and after I pulled my pants down she examined and touched me so thoroughly that I got an erection while she was handling me. She continued the hands on exam of my erect cock. Another female family physician (on the first visit to see her about a possible urinary infection ) told me to touch myself while she watched so that I would have some precum to send to the lab on a specimen stick. On the 2nd visit, she told me to pull my pants down even though I was seeing her about an unrelated condition. Another female family doc examined me completely nude even though most of the exam didn't need all of my clothes off. On another occasion I was in the hospital for an erection exam with a chemical inserted into my cock to make it erect. During the exam a female nurse and a female radiologist were both viewing my erect cock. When the exam was finished and everybody cleared out of the room except me and the nurse, my cock was bleeding and it wouldn't stop. The nurse grabbed my erection and squeezed so that the blood would clot. Another time when I was in the hospital emergency on a false alarm heart attack , the female doctor grabbed my cock( for no reason) , underneath my hospital gown. The last experience was when I was examined for genital warts in another female doctor's office, the doctor rested her arm on my bare leg while examining my penis and smiling all the time. When I was in an STD clinic, the female doctor was playing with my semi erect cock to enable precum for the specimen stick. Afterwards outside the room she gave me a huge smile.On a recent visit to my new female GP since the other one is on maternity leave, the doctor had the tech weigh me on the scale. Based on my weight and height there was a question of whether I was underweight or not and she would monitor it with me in the coming months. Since I am a runner I do not weigh that much but I went to a fitness gym to get the body fat caliper test which the medical profession doesn't do. The highly accurate body dunk tank method is extremely rarely done anywhere so that option is out. So the fitness people measured me at 12.4% which is perfect. I am healthy and my body fat % is good and so I went back to my female GP to confront her with this new info. She agreed that maybe her original concern was out of line but before she said anything more I said to her that she should look at my body and decide for herself which is what she didn't do last time. So I quickly stripped down with her in the examining room and I took everything off including my boxer shorts which double as a swimsuit. I purposefully wore boxer shorts just in case she asked me why I am taking the shorts off as well. My answer would have been that they cover too much of the leg. However she never even questioned the fact that I was taking my shorts off too. So there I am, completely nude except for my socks and I am literally posing for her and asking her if my muscle definition is good enough and where should I put on weight? She agreed that I have good muscle definition and that I am not underweight. That was the diagnosis after looking at my completely nude body for a good 3 minutes. I was even posing for her with different poses including the 2 arm Mr. Muscle classic pose. This was very exciting and I couldn't wait to get back home...

Ejaculation during a REAL exam

When I had stomach cramps at work and got sent to the clinic. I was wearing a shirt, tie and trousers. I was seen by a young female asian doctor with very long dark hair and an english blonde female nurse. The doctor asked questions and took notes and then said she would examine me. She said to the nurse get him ready. The nurse helped me remove my tie and loosen my cuffs and unbutton my shirt to waist untucking it. The doctor then came back back and felt all over my stomach after listening to my chest. She then nodded to the nurse, who quickly reached in and unbuckled my belt and unzipped and unbuttoned my trousers. The doctor felt lower and then asked if I had lifted anything heavy recently. I told her no and she said I am just going to feel around your groin and nodded at the nurse. The nurse said just lift your bum sweetheart and in a slow but firm movement pulled my trousers and pants down to my ankles. Being with two attractive young women made me pop outwhen she pulled my pants down. The doctor then felt around a bit bit more and this brushed my penis a few times which was throbbing. She then took hold of my penis and felt down the length before pulling my foreskin back. She then looked at my pee hole and squeezed here a bit asking if there was ever any discharge. The nurse then reached in and held my penis against my stomach whilst the doctor felt my testicles. I was hard by then and throbbing. She then said there was nothing wrong just a sore tummy and left me with the nurse. I apologised for the erection and she said that it was fine and that she would have thought there was something wrong with me if it had not have happened. She helped me dress and I left. True story.

My husband has reported both pre-cum and a few ejaculations during prostate exams. I myself have become very aroused several times, but waited until I got in the car or home to "finish". Most of my GF's have reported the same. My daughters have obviously had mini's a couple of times when i sat in on their exams as young girls. I could tell they were embarrassed, but we never discussed until they were older.

Haven't seen any posts from females but I'd like to share my experiences relating to ejaculation. Being a a female I don't really ejaculate like a man does however when aroused I do become quite wet with alot of clear, sticky fluid secreted from my vagina. This is my natural lubrication during sexual activity. Some women secrete more than others and I do a heavier than normal amount compared to some of my friends. Yes girls like guys share notes when they discuss their sex lifes. Anyways when I go to the doctor for a physical( the last time was a pre-employment physical a year ago)I get into the usual gown which is most ofter flimsy paper, everything off except my panties unless its for my gyno visit. The exams a re usually brief but thourgh and include breast exam which to my surprise the pre-employment physical did too. My breasts are normal in size but my nipples are pretty large and very sensitive to the touch, I get aroused very easily when they are touched or stroked during foreplay. Well during this last physical the young PA really took his time on my breast (too much in my opinion) and I started to actually fell aroused. He told me he had to squeeze each nipple between his thumb and forefinger to check for any discharge. He did one nipple and then the other squeezing to the point of discomfort yet I could fell myself getting turned on. When I got up off the exam table so so he could check my back and posture I noticed that the eam table paper where I was sitting was all wet. I hoped he attributed it to sweating but the crotch of my panties was soaking wet. I was wearing some light grey panties so the wetness showed when I saw myself in the mirror. I could feel my face getting red and blushing because I knew he could plainly see it when he had me bend and stretch during the remainder of the exam. I looked like I peed my panties in the front. So very embarassing!

Having sex in a normal situation is all good. But I think if you are examining a guy for a "play exam" its all about the role play and the scenario that he is going through. If your really into medfet play, its highly erotic. For me I don't jerk off or have sex several days prior to my play exam. I cum very fast and very hard...but then my play doc gets a few more sperm samples out of me milking my cock until and there is no more cum.

I had it happen to me once during a pre-employment physical when I was in my early 20s. The doctor was a good looking middle aged woman so by the time she was ready to start the genital area exam I was already semi-hard. She told me to stand up and remove my undershorts. I let them drop to the floor so my half erect penis was out from its cover. She acted like she didn't even notice it as she sat down on one of those exam room stools on wheels and postioned herself in front of me. She began gently examining my testicles and soon I could feel my shaft getting harder but as much as I tried to think about othere things so it would go down it just kept growing. She started pulling back on the shaft around my foreskin to have a look at my pee hole when all of the sudden and without warning I started to ejaculate with large spurts shooting out at her face level. Some of my semen actually hit her face and hair. She instinctively pushed back and away while seated on that rolling stool however she was wearing a lab coat and part of the coat was on the floor directly behind one of the wheels which abrutely stopped the stool from rolling causing her to fall backwards onto the exam room floor, hitting her her and about knocking her out. As she laid there dazed I quickly grabbed an exam sheet, covered up and ran to the door and yelled down the hall for help. A couple of nurses who worked at the clinic came running in to the exam room. The doctor was still lieing on her back on the floor, my semen dripping from her face and hair. The nurses gave me a strange look as I tried to explain what happened. One of them told be to get dressed and said" looks like you passed the physical just fine....you can get dressed and leave now". True story.

I almost ejaculated once during a Yearly Physical with my female doctor.She took longer than usual checking my penis and she would ask my questions while she held it in her hand.Finally she checked for discharge as she always does and I almost lost it right there.

Nice topic! Some years ago I had the regular check-up by a student nurse. I had also to pass the penis exam. I mean the nurse had to check if there were any abnormal things that could be seen visually. No hard procedures just palpation. My lil sausage began to grow, cause she was very gentle, shy and of course she was wearing latex gloves. By the way nothing happen, but you should see her eyes... Oh, they were full of interest,shame and lust. that was cool.

I had an ejaculation during a cystoscopy.... I was laying on the table with a gown, legs up on stirups, 2 female assistants started washing my erect penis.... that was too much... sent a long jet... smiles seen.... had to wait a minute for the doc to procede... very embarrassed...

I never have, but I have been real close. I was glad when the exam was over because I really did not want this to happen. It was bad enough to have a hard erection while being examined by a female doctor who was about 15 years older than me. She was examining my penis and testicles using both hands as I was laying on the exam table with the gown bunched up around my neck and nothing on from the chest down. She did the abdominal exam right before doing the genital exam and did not put on gloves. I think that my main problem was that she was handling my genitals for a couple of minutes with her bare hands and this was just about more than I could take.

I have never had any more than a few drops of pre-cum during a regular physical exam while the doc was doing the DRE. On the one occasions when I had a prostate massage by a colonic therapist, I got a raging hard-on. She it would be OK to "touch" myself to "take care of the issue". So I did.

I always get precum during my prostate examinations, and of course the sensation of the KY jelly oozing out is quite erotic as well. I always end up sitting on the toilet in a clinic stall and masturbating myself to a gushing ejaculation after each examination. I did have an orgasm one time. And it was with a female doctor at a family clinic, my regular doctor was on vacation and she filled in for my annual physical exam. I leaned over the exam table, pants and briefs at my ankles, as instructed, felt her spread my buttocks, felt the coolness of the KY jelly on her delicate fingers, and instantly started becoming erect. My cock grew upwards along my stomach and I know I moved my hips a little. I had a history of prostate trouble so she was very thorough. Her fingers did quite a good job of palpating my chestnut and after about 45 seconds I felt the uncontrollable spasms and the pressure of a wad of semen and sperm coming up my urethra. I held back as much as possible but still ejaculated. When she pulled her fingers out of my rectum, I heard her snap her gloves off and she immediately said turn around, which I did, with a globule of semen on the head of my cock. She palpated my scrotum, didn't miss a beat (I wish I could have said "didn't miss a lick" but not so ...). Afterward she handed me several pieces of tissue and said "everything looks good". Right.

I don't usually get an erection during an exam, but when I went to see my urologist, who was a very attractive female, she examined my penis and I got very hard and actually ejaculated in to her gloved hand. I enjoyed the experience, but I kind of felt sorry for the doctor.

Last year during my DRE, I came. My urologist, a female, just handed me a Kleenex and said it happens all the time so don't be embarrassed. BTW, she is the gentlest doc I ever had do a DRE.

I usually get a bit emberassed as well since I can never keep myself from getting an erection whenever my female doc examines my penis or gives me a rectal examn. She usually touches my erect penis quite gently though and doesn't seem to mind. Never came though, just a few drops or pre come always. Sometimes I wish I could just let go.

I recently had a physical exam where I came during my rectal exam. The Doc was very professional and did nothing to cause this. It was not a "sexual exam" or anything odd like that....a very normal exam. I became partially erect during the genital exam and thought I would be good to go. When she slid her finger in for the rectal, I instantly became hard. As she turned her finger in my rectum, I knew I was in trouble. She pulled her finger back slightly, spread my cheeks a little more, and then pushed in very deep (I guess to get to the front of my prostate.) I actually had a throbbing ejaculation (not just pre-cum) and was absolutely mortified.

Doctor talks about patients getting excited, or not

I am a 48 year old female doctor, and have been amused about some of the stories on this site about interactions with physicians. While I think that a lot of these "stories" are exactly that, thought some of you might like to hear my experiences. In my many years from med school to family practice, I have seen countless male and female genitals of every age. Can't say I have ever seen a female become aroused, (much less orgasm) from an examination. As most women can attest, it is a fairly "non-sexy" situation. It is fair to say that men, particularly younger men, can easily become aroused during an exam. Needless to say, it is gross violation of medical ethics for a Doctor to manually stimulate a patient to orgasm. However I can say that I have had males ejaculate during a routine exam, both testicular and prostate exams. Since this is a site about masturbation (and I must admit that I do it like everyone else, and have on occasion used a particularly sexy patient as the source of a fantasy), I will relate a couple of my experiences. Teenage boys tend to be the most nervous about being nude with a female doctor. In my state, a physical is required before enrolling in high school, as well as before any interscholastic sport. The patient is asked to remove all clothing except their underwear, and a full exam is done until the dreaded hernia and testicular exam. Normally that part can be done in less than 15 seconds, then the boy can go on his way. In aboout 5% of the exams, the patient will have an erection when he pulls his shorts down. I do not react, or say anything, unless the patient apologizes. (and about half do) I reassure them that it is a common event, and not to worry, that it just shows everything is working well. Last year I had a boy about 15 with an erection, and we had our quick talk, then I checked for testicular lumps, with my usual talk about what I was doing, and how important it was that he check himself in the shower. Suddenly, without warning, he ejaculated quite heavily onto his stomach and chest. I must admit that it startled me, and came upon unexpectedly. I quickly gave him some towels, did the hernia check, and turned around. He was acutely embarrassed, and stammering his apology. I cut him off, assured him it happens all the time (even though it doesn't in all my years this has only happened 5 or 6 times), and as his doctor I was pleased to know all his parts were working. Twice I have had males ejaculate during a prostate exam. In both cases, ironically, they were gay men. (Ironic since it was a female that caused their ejaculation. The first it was fairly obvious that he was enjoying the exam, as I could see his erection, he was pushing back against my finger, and let out a deep moan as he ejaculated. Unlike my teen patient, he showed no embarrassment, and proceeded to tell me how good it felt!

I am now 31 and have always had a tendency to develop an erection when being examined by a female or any Doctor for that matter. I have actually just had an aviation medical exam today and I had deliberately made an appointment with a female medical examiner. After filling in the paperwork the receptionist/nurse started doing the preliminaries including the eyes test and measuring and weighing. There was a funny/awkward moment when the nurse told me to stand with my heals against the floor because it was time to see how 'big'I was!! She burst out laughing clearly realising what she had just said! There was something about her demeanor though that made me think she knew exactly what she was saying! While I was sitting in a small room drinking glass after glass of water in an attempt to produce a urine sample the nurse came and stood in the doorway while she folded cloth gowns with a look on her face of "you are going to be naked in a moment and in this gown"! Sure enough just a couple of minutes later she was telling me to undress and put on the "fasionable gown". It was at this moment that I flet the beginings of an erection comming on. By the time I had taken everything off I was already sporting a semi and with the realisation that despite tyeing the gown up at the back my butt was still very exposed it only got worse!

any doctors/nurses ever get turned on when they give their patient a physical?

As a former urology nurse who had her gloved finger up hundreds of tushies... Hell yeah!! Would be impossible to NOT get turned on at times - we are only human. Most men were embarrassed if they got hard when I touched them, but a few seemed really proud of their erections and asked for my number. Yes - I would get aroused, but the code of professional ethics would prevent me from letting you know that I did! Not to mention the law and regulations of licensure. Somebody always has to ruin the fun!! LOL! But now, I'm not a nurse any more. I can get aroused whenever and wherever I want, with anyone I choose. Sweet. I still volunteer at free clinics. It's hard to leave something you love, but I never felt like I had enough time for patients, always felt hurried, rushed and pushed to get people out the revolving door. Medicine in the US has gone down the gutter and is only getting worse!!! Sigh...

Being a male OBGYN I deal with naked women all day. For the most part you get women with problems and no matter how hot she could be its no fun to treat a sick vagina. There are days you get the young good looking pleasent women comming in and as a human being i get errections every now and then, its hard not to when you are feeling up a pretty woman's breasts you cant help but to think wow those are nice, the biggest chalenge is when u ask her to lay back spread her legs. There you are standing over a hot woman on her back with her legs wide open u sit down and spread her even wider and stick your fingers in there deep at times you hear them moan most of the time and thats when u get really hard and thats the challenge to remain profesional. Most women feel discomfort when I stick my finger deep in them to check the cervix but then there are women that like it and I know they like it because they push up on my hand making me stay in there longer and I wont lie I have fingered women longer than I have to for exam purposes cause I see I have the go ahead from them but thats as far as the patient will go. When you see her eyes closed and her head leaned back I know she is enjoying it. There are times when the patient notices a hard on through my pants and they just smile.

The hardest times are when their husbands are in the room with them and I am examaning them. One time I had a young maybe 20 22 year old with her husband in the exam room she was moaning every time I would go deep in there and i would stop cause i saw it made him feel uncomfortable. She ended up asking him to wait outside.

I am a research scientist that does some work in the health field so I know a lot of docs and four of them are gynecologists. They seem to have such a different view. One guy is from a large catholic family with a ton of siplings and nephews and nieces. He became and ob-gyn to deliver kids and gets rush from the conception to birth process. He told me he doesn't like well care as he feels that most women find it intrusive and dont enjoy it and he is long past getting excited by it. The second doc is maybe like many. He says it is an incredible job getting to see and touch all different types of women in ways that many do not even let their husbands do. But he says he has learned to ignore the sexual part as he feels that he must pay all his attention to the patient. If he missed a lump since he was thinking about a how good it felt to touch a women's breast or if he acted weird and it meant a women skipped going in when she needed to, he felt he could not forgive himself. The 3rd and 4th doctors are in practice together and in the field since they love women and everything about them. They say that their interest in women make them good doctors, good listeners and a doctor that wants to spend enough time with their patients. They told me if a person did not enjoy seeing and touching women's privates they should not be in the field. A friend worked in their office doing insurance forms and some other clerical. She said that the patients loved them, but they were really horny guys. They would even try to steal each others patients as they would watch the waiting room and if they noticed a hot woman going into an exam room, they would go in and say the other doctor was running behind schedule so did the patient mind if they did the exam that day instead. They even rated the "stolen" patients by a BLT score (bush, legs and tits) and kept score each week with the loser buying the first drink on Friday after work. I also know an internist who does a few physicals a week. He said that was the right amount and it made him horny as hell. It gave him an ego rush that he would see a woman for some other problem and then the patient did not go to an ob-gyn but selected him to do the exam. Sometimes the patients came on to him during the exam, which made it difficult as he often would have both the husband and wife as patients. Thats something an ob-gyn doesnt have to deal with.

I did get an erection when I was shaved for a hernia surgery last year. The nurse was cute and came into the room saying what kind of surgery are you getting today. When I told her, she said well I am the one to shave you. I am a runner and was wearing brightly colored running socks. She told me she liked the socks and it said to her that this was a person that wanted to have some fun with this surgery. She shaved the one side including getting some hair off the base of my penis. Part way through I did get hard. She had a sticky glove on to make sure that the shaved hair was cleaned off. She would shave then clean. After I got hard she squeezed my penis in her hand with this sticky glove for a long time. When she was done she said that she needed to do the other side alittle just in case. It nearly killed me that I could not have an orgasm before the surgery or for a week later. The whole time she just smiled. Even though she was not the post-op nurse, she came into check on me afterwards and lifted up the sheet for a look. I dont know how a man could be shaved like that and not get hard. Damm, maybe I should have asked this nurse to finish me off. At first I tried not to get hard, but I couldn't help myself. She gloved the hair off my body really quick but took a long time squeezing my penis at each break in the shaving. After hearing your story, I should have said PPPLLLLEEEAASEE DONT STOP. Some nurses and female doctors may get tired of it, but this one clearly enjoyed it. Ever since the surgery, my wife has wanted to shave me, but as a runner I don't want to look to weird in the locker room. She did trim the hair down there a few times and as pay back she let me give her a nice close trim before her annual trip to the doctors. Over the years, I have had female docs for several physicals and most of the time there was no sexual spark on either side except the shaving and two other times. Once I went to the same physical therapist several times for a back injury from a car accident. We use to talk and joke around. Then one time she asked me over to her house for a drink when her husband and the kids were away on a trip. Didnt think she was so cute so I skipped it. Another time I had a very pretty doctor my age. She was a big flirt and took a long time on the hernia (hence the surgery), feeling my balls for cancer (only doctor that has done that) and on the terrible prostate test (when I bent over she said that you have to give me more than that -- YUCCKKK). After the test, she said she wanted to do a skin check for moles and told me to just drop the gown. After that she asked me if I had any running problems and I told her one knee was bothering me. She had me stand on my toes, bend, etc all naked. She then wrote out a prescription for my blood tests, but I already had them done and we discussed it at the start of the exam. I asked her why the second test and she got embarrased and said she just made a mistake. She was leaving the exam room laughing and I overheard a nurse said why she was laughing. I listened by the door and the doctor say "well that patient of mine had me so flustered over his physical, I was going to give him a second round of blood tests." The nurse replied, "let me take a look." I had my gown back on and was sitting on the exam table when the nurse came in with some info on vaccine I needed. My gown was short and the nurse was sitting on the stool and several times I saw her looking up the gown at my dick. After see explained the side effects of the vaccine, she told me to "we'll come back to give you the vaccine, but get dressed before one of us ladies here gets ourselves into some trouble." I told my wife and she says I am skinny, horny man with a big dick and I better stay out of trouble. I moved and now have a male doctor so the fun is over on my side.

I also had to get shaved for a hernia opperation ....excpet my GIRLFRIEND was a nurse!!... she wanst the one who shaved me, but when it had to happen she was off duty and came in to watch ... you know what she did??... she fixed me up with ethe FINEST nurse on duty!!...and of course egged her on to play with me a little extra than normal untill i did get hard! THEN the little minx told her friend to have some fun and finish me off!.. which she did, while my GF watched! my GF said i had a BEUTIFUL c@ck and wanted to show me off to her friend on duty ...

Interesting this topix came up. About two months ago I went to see my new doctor for the first time to have a yearly physical done. This was my first female doctor. At the begining of the exam she immediatly asked me to disrobe. So throughout the whole exam I was nude. this was the first time that happened. She also did not use gloves during the exam. She spent a long time on the anal exam and when it came to the hernia exam I started getting a hard on. So hear I am with a full erection and she is asking me to caugh. She had a little smile so I knew she was enjoying what was happening. I no longer was embarressed at that point. But then she began to check my testicles and I had a throbbing erection. She would grab it and move it to the side and hold it there as she examined me with the other hand. At one point she had her hand wrapped around my dick and I slightly thrusted my hips forward forcing my dick in and out of her hand. She looked up and smiled and then went back to checking my testicles. I continued to thrust my dick in and out of her hand. I could not help myself. She went about her business until I started moaning and she grabbed a napkin with her other hand and I came all over the floor and her hand. She smiled again and said it looks like it is functioning well. this is good to know. I sat back down on the table and she started filing out her paperwork. She finished the exam by explaining to me I was in excellent health and she looked forward to seeing me at my next appointment. Wow, I could not beleive what just happened. this kind of thing never had happened to me before. I am looking for a reason to go back in.

A friend of mine is a nurse and she has mentioned that she does sometimes get aroused when she works with male patients but is always professional about it and doesn't let on. I can understand this; I mean we are all sexual beings by nature. I would trust that a doctor or nurse would be professional in handling such feelings.

I was just out of high school and had a physical with a female doctor, about 30, just starting out. She was rather attractive with raven hair. The exam went well and although I was a bit aroused I was completely soft throughout it. Then at the end she examined my penis and it felt nice and I could feel myself perking up a bit; not too much but I'm sure she could feel it. At one point she lifted it up with her thumb around the tip and a few fingers around the shaft to inspect the underside. I'm sure it was an accident but the way she did that one of her nails lightly trailed the shaft. I was a bit harder now and could feel and see a bit of precum ooze out on her fingers. She didn't say anything and just finished up the exam with a little bit of my pre on her hand. Then she told me to get dressed and washed her hands at the sink.

In my thirties during a physical exam I had a few nurses ogle me. It doesn't take three of them to take check your blood pressure. Three gals in one small room and none wanting to leave until they saw me naked... As a Doctor myself I do not get turned on seeing women undressed. There is always a reason they are naked and the reason takes away from the sexuality of the event. I only need to see a vagina or vulva when there is a problem. I'm not an Ob/Gyn so I rarely get a chance to see a healthy one. That all being said there are times that I admire some parts of someone's anatomy but there isn't anything sexual about it. Just admiring nature's handiwork. I have been to a strip bar and have enjoyed the show. However, patients are not strippers. I doubt any doctor has ever gotten an erection looking at an ailing body, no matter which part. That's the key here, the body is ailing. A healthy body on the other hand... Again, very little reason to see a healthy body being a practicing Physician.

I am a female R.N. and I have seen many many sexual organs from both male and female. I can honestly say that when examining a male and feeling his penis in my hands, I am NEVER sexually aroused because I am a professional and conduct myself in the office accordingly. However, I am human so I have thought to myself "No wonder his wife/gf is so happy" or " How did he make 4 kids with that??" but I do not get any sexual pleasure from it. I save that freaky and horny side for my personal life. For me, It is truly just another day at work. I see many questions and posts like this on the net and I have to say that Doctors and nurses have their preference in what attracts them just like everyone else. It is not always the size 2, 19 year old that gets men off as most would like to think. I am a very shapely 'plus size' female (according to America's definition of body beauty)and have been told I am very attractive. As a OB/GYN patient, I have been asked out by 2 different male doctors after a routine exam and out right complimented on my breasts by another during an exam. I was flattered but in my opinion all advances were in poor taste as they are supposed to be professional. Bottom line: doctors and nurses working with people's naked bodies should be so used to seeing it that it should not affect them but if it does, it's all a matter of personal taste that may cause them to want that extra feel.

Looking at unhealthy vaginas does nothing for me. Sometimes I see a cute vulva that does me. It's either the position or the circumstances. My wife is a nurse and she always tells me stories about a cute guy's ass she saw. She likes asses. A few erections have made her call me home early from work or a quick "lunch". I just laugh cause she's more visual than I am and all guys are visual.

Sex between doctor and patient is fine, say 40% of medical students

A new study has revealed that 40% of medical students think that sex between doctor and patient is OK. In the UK, the General Medical Council prohibits any kind of sexual relationship to develop between doctors and their patients.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, asked 62 students whether they would accept a dinner invitation from a patient if they were practising as a GP on a remote Scottish island. 60% said they wouldn't, while 40% said they would. In fact, the 40% said they would seek a relationship in that case (remote Scottish island). Students gave various reasons for the decision. Some said that living in a remote Scottish island would mean finding a partner might be quite difficult. Others said it would be easy to pursue a relationship if the patient changed doctors (changed practice).

In this survey, the students had to imagine the patient in question was coming to the end of lengthy treatment. They had to imagine that the doctor and patient both belonged to a bird watching club - the doctor being a new member. The patient, on making the invitation, made it clear that he/she wished to pursue a relationship with the doctor.

First, second and third year students were asked this question. The 60%-40% ratio remained pretty constant throughout those years.

You can read about this survey in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

The main reason the 60% said no was ethical. They thought a relationship would undermine the doctor-patient relationship. According to recent US research, 10% of American doctors have had a sexual experience with one or more patients.

The Scottish researchers said they hoped their findings would lead to more discussions on the subject of doctor patient relationships.

In the UK any doctor who has sex with a patient will be investigated and may face a disciplinary hearing.

Eager nurse gives handjob brought to you by PornHub Do Patients Need a Chaperon?

New York Times

Female doctors, as a group, rarely use chaperons for either male or female patients during genital exams. In some studies, the number was as low as 10 percent.

When I asked various female doctors whether they use chaperons, most responded that they knew they were supposed to but that it was just too hard to manage in a busy clinic day. Others commented that bringing a chaperon into the exam room felt awkward to them, especially with patients they knew well. They felt that it inserted a sense of mistrust into their relationship with the patient And some confessed that it just didn’t feel necessary; sexual misconduct by doctors always seemed to involve the male half of the profession, they said.

What’s more, it is not clear that having a chaperon in the room actually makes patients feel more comfortable, either.

Studies tend to show remarkably similar results: most female patients want a chaperon present during an intimate exam by a male physician. But if the doctor is a woman, that number is extremely low. In fact, many female patients distinctly do not want a chaperon present when they are being examined by a woman.

This attitude is mirrored by male patients, who overwhelmingly do not want any third party in the room, regardless of the sex of the doctor. For many patients, it turns out, a chaperon can make them feel uncomfortable.

Sex Talk Still Stigmatized in the Doctor's Office

Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Managing
22 March 2012

Embarrassment may keep gynecologists from speaking with their patients about sexual problems.

Gynecologists and other doctors are not talking enough with their female patients about sexual problems and sexuality in general, leaving many women to suffer in silence, a new study concludes.

Based on a survey of obstetrician-gynecologists across the United States, the researchers found that less than half of them routinely ask their female patients about sexual problems. At the same time, the researchers noted from past studies that about a third of young and middle-age women have some sort of issue related to sexual intercourse, such as pain, low desire or lack of pleasure.

Such sexual dysfunction not only can lead to worry, shame, guilt and feelings of isolation for a woman, but can put a real strain on relationships, the researchers said.

"Patients are often reluctant to bring up sexual difficulties because of fear the physician will be embarrassed or will dismiss their concerns," lead study author Dr. Stacy Tessler Lindau said in a statement. "Doctors should be taking the lead."

Let's talk about sex

Lindau, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Chicago Medicine, and her colleagues gauged sex talk in the doctor's office by surveying more than 1,150 practicing U.S. physicians who listed OB-GYN as their primary specialty. They answered questionnaires by mail between October 2008 and January 2009. The doctors were asked to indicate how often (routinely, sometimes, rarely or never) they discussed the following with their patients: sexual orientation; sexual satisfaction; pleasure with sexual activity; and sexual problems or dysfunction.

Sixty-three percent indicated they routinely assessed patients' sexual activities. However, only 40 percent said they routinely asked about sexual problems. Fewer still asked about sexual satisfaction (28.5 percent), sexual orientation or sexual identity (27.7 percent), and sexual pleasure (13.8 percent). [10 Surprising Sex Statistics]

About 25 percent of the doctors said they have expressed disapproval of patients' sexual practices; these were primarily doctors who were foreign medical graduates or ones who considered religion the most important part of their lives, the researcher said. Those who indicated a Roman Catholic religious affiliation were significantly less likely than others in the survey to ask patients about sexual activity.

Doctors who see more patients for gynecological purposes than for prenatal care tended to screen more frequently for sexual problems than their colleagues did, according to the survey.

Talks about sexual orientation were also lacking, with less than one-third of those surveyed doing so. Older doctors (in their 60s or older) were the least likely to delve into a patient's sexual orientation or sexual identity.

"OB-GYNs, because of the depth and specialization of expertise and training in female genital tract and reproductive health across the life course, are well positioned among physicians to address sexuality issues with female patients," the researchers wrote today (March 22) in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Blushing issue

So why don't they?

"One explanation for the findings may be a deficit in physician training about diagnosis and treatment of female sexual problems," said study researcher Janelle Sobecki, a second-year medical student at Wayne State University. "Like patients, physicians may worry that raising the topic could offend or embarrass the patient."

But sex talk may be just what a female patient needs. Past research has suggested general adult sexual education is lacking. "Most adults just don't have the basic education about their bodies, the bodies of their sexual partners, relationships, sexual behaviors," Michael Reece, a professor of health at Indiana University, told LiveScience in 2011. "We really have this deficit, I would say, across the country."

The take-home? "If you have a doctor you trust who has not brought this topic up, give it a try," Lindau said. "If you are waiting for the doctor to start the conversation, it may never happen. Communication is key."

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