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World’s Fattest Man: Now from UK!

A citizen from Britain, Paul Mason who settled in Ipswich has been awarded as the world’s fattest and heaviest man recently. Weighing 444.5 kg (981 pounds), Mason should be proud that his name is now recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. This aspiration was exposed three years ago after 127 pounds of weight loss after undergoing some treatment at a hospital three years ago. Mason, who is now 48-year-old said he was upset during that time due to he actually wanted the opposite effect. When returning home, he was feeling sad because he was no longer to be the fattest man of the world.
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“When arriving home, Mason instantly ordered a pizza, curry and also variety of food from China. He also frequently had been seen in McDonald’s ordering food by using his trademark wheel chair.
“No one can stop the Masons from continually eating and or else, he will be feeling very sad,” an anonymous hospital sources said.

In an effort to fulfill the his dream, Mason had eaten a box of Sugar Puffs at one time and every Friday he will be going to the restaurant during the day and night. Nacton Road Fish Bar Manager in Ipswich, Suffolk, Bob Singh Phagura, said Mason will be waiting at the wheels on the chair outside the store while waiting for her maid finished ordering the food.
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“He could not come in because of his body is too large. Mason will buy 10 times more food than any of his customers. He will buy four cods, two pies, four sausages and large chips with curry and peanuts ketchups and swallowed them all with two large water bottles of Coca Cola, “he said.
Essentially, Mason will eat 20.000 food calories a day, eight times double than an average of 2.500 calories food eaten by an ordinary man. He ate three family meals every night and for him a roast chicken is just a dessert. Meanwhile, ex-world’s fattest, Manuel Uribe, 43, was dropping his title because he wanted to lower half of his weight, 571.5 kg for a marriage years ago. In 2004, United States’ fattest guy, Patrick Deuel weighed 489 kg and United Kingdom’s citizen, Barry Austin from Birmingham is only weighed 413 kg. Mason now lives in the special bungalow house exclusively for obese people and lay on top of the bed all the time.
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