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Eiffel Tower In Russian Paris

In the Chelyabinsk region there is a village named Paris; nagaybaki live here – a small people that belonged to Cossacks before 1917. Nearby are villages with similar names – Kassel, Leipzig, Arsi, Berlin and Fershampenuaz. They were named after battles in which nagaybaki Cossacks distinguished themselves. It was them who took fortifications of Montmartre by assault, thus putting the Napoleon War to its end. That’s why the village is called after the French capital. And now there is an Eiffel Tower of their own in Paris!
Actually it’s a simple cellular tower that was built in 2005. It needs $260,000 to built a usual tower, but this one cost $400,000.

The tower is 6 times less than the original one, and unfortunately one can’t climb it. The copy’s height is 50 meters.

The village itself is not very big, about 800 houses with 2000 citizens. There is also the Museum of History in there and a recreation centre.

After the tower had been built tourists began to visit the village. And the streets are full of geese. So nice!
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