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Unexpected & Accidental Celebrity Sex Icons

Every so often, a virtually unknown woman finds herself at the center of popular culture’s attention. For some, this is due to a spot of good luck; for others it is the result of grave misfortune. In any event, if she is attractive, or even semi-attractive, it’s not long before she finds herself recognized as a sex icon. Below are some of the most interesting examples of unexpected (and accidental) sex icons from the last decade, plus the woman with the infamous blue dress.

Tina Fey

Dubbed “The Thinking Man’s Sex Symbol” by GQ Magazine, Tina Fey stumbled into sexual iconography when she joined the Saturday Night Live cast in 2000. Fey is most recognizable for her Weekend Update and Sarah Palin sketches, as well as for her signature black horn-rimmed glasses. Before joining the cast Fey worked as head writer for the SNL program. She currently can be found in her NBC sitcom ’30 Rock’. This picture of her is amazing.

Sarah Palin

From Saturday Night Live (performed by her celebrity doppelganger – above) parodies to sex dolls made in her likeness – not to mention the porno, Nailin’ Pailin – Governor Sarah Palin garnered more than political attention during her 2008 vice-presidential campaign. Though speculation lingers regarding whether Palin will run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 , she has denied all such claims. It is only a matter of time before she poses for Playboy.

Monica Lewinsky

“I’m well-known for something that isn’t great to be well-known for,” said Monica Lewinsky. After the infamous Clinton-Lewinsky scandal Lewinsky has made appearances on various television programs such as ABC’s 20/20 and MTV’s Tom Green Show, and had a short-lived stint as the spokeswoman for Snackwells. She has also made a cameo appearance on SNL in 1999, and hosted the short-lived dating show ‘Mr. Personality’. In 2006 Lewinsky graduated from London School of Economics with a Master’s degree in Psychology. It seems like these days, she wants to be recognized for more than just giving the most powerful man in the world a blow job. But it is unlikely that this will happen.

Abi Titmuss

This nurse-turned-glamour model/actress/TV personality found her status as a sex symbol through her husband, Scottish TV presenter John Leslie. Titmuss’ first appearance in the public eye came about when British tabloid ‘News of the World’ ran photos capturing Leslie and Titmuss participating in an orgy. When John Leslie was arrested and put on trial for a rape charges, Titmuss stood by his side; by the time Leslie was found not guilty, his career had come to a halt. But that of Titmuss’, on the other hand, was just beginning. Her good looks and ease in front of the camera quickly landed her a part-time spot as a reporter. Since then she has established a glamor and acting career, as well as released a book filled with her most secret sexual fantasies. She even has a sex tape circulating on the Internet, which I would like to know the url for.

Snorg Girl

Do you recognize this face? If you have a Facebook account chances are you do. Alice Fraasa, the quintessential ‘girl-next-door’ if there ever was one, models for the company Snorg Tees, whose ads can be found plastered all over various networking sites. Before she was the face of Snorg Tees, Alice Fraasa was just your typical college student at Auburn University ,where she currently still attends and is majoring in Communications.

Florida State Girl

“15,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State next semester,” stated announcer Brent Musburger upon seeing the nationally televised shot of Jenn Sterger at a 2005 Florida State – Miami football game. Sterger’s brief debut launched her into stardom. Since, Sterger has reveled in her new found fame and is certainly not ready to give up her 15 minutes. She has since posed for Maxim and Playboy magazines and she will be seen in the upcoming mainstream film scheduled to be released this year, The Tenant.

Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke caught the attention of millions during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It all started with one photo surfacing of the young pole-vaulter and soon more and more were popping up all over the Internet, catapulting Stokke to unexpected and unwanted fame. Stokke has expressed her discontent in regards of her newly found fame and wishes she were acknowledged for her hard work and sportsmanship and less so for her appearance. That, however, is not likely going to happen. Stokke currently attends the University of California on a full scholarship and is in the process of making granola heads rethink their collective taste for ‘earthy chicks’.

Chloƫ Sevigny

ChloĆ« Sevigny grew up in Darien, Connecticut in a strict Catholic household. She moved to New York City at the age of 18 and was spotted in the East Village by a fashion editor of the now defunct Sassy Magazine. Sevigny began interning modeling for Sassy, and eventually for Kim Gordon’s (Sonic Youth) fashion label ‘X-girl’. Sevigny quickly found herself the New york “it-girl” and landed roles in such independent films as Kids, Trees Lounge and Gummo, and in 2000 landed a supporting role in American Psycho. Sevigny is perhaps most well remembered for her infamous/wonderful role in Brown Bunny in which she performs fellatio on co-star and director Vincent Gallo.

Natalie Gublis

Golf is probably the sport least known for having attractive female participants. Natalie Gublis, was sent to the PGA by God to change this. Known for her participation in numerous calendars, and spreads in FHM, Gublis also has several tour wins under her belt…or bikini bottoms. The PGA still, however, has determined that the sale of any media featuring her scantily clad in it, will not not be sold at official events.

Lindsay Lohan

Who would have thought that the annoying child star of The Parent Trap would turn out to be so attractive? While she is probably known more these days for her bisexuality and her countless nip-slips, there is no denying that this train wreck is still pretty hot. This should lead to advice to all the young men out there: do not make fun of people because they are ginger; sometimes they turn out attractive.
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