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World Shortest Man Guinness World Record

World Shortest Man Guinness World Record set by Edward Nino Hernandez

Colombian man standing at 2 feet and 3.46 inches has been officially
certified as the world's shortest man, Guinness World Records
announced. Edward Hernandez of Bogota will appear in the 2011 edition of
the Guinness Book of World Records, which is due to be released Sept.
15, taking over from the recently deceased He Pingping of China,
Guinness said.

Nino Hernandez from Bosa in Colombia has just entered the Guinness
World Records as the shortest man in the world, a record previously held
by Pingping of China (who died in March).

24-year-old Nino stands just 27 inches (70cm) high and stopped growing
when he was two years old. Colombian doctors were unable to explain why
he is so small.

Nino seems unworried about his height and said "I feel happy because I'm
unique," Although he added that he dislikes it when people keep
touching him all the time and picking him up.

According to the new record holder he has an 18-year-old girlfriend
called Fanny. Whilst her exact height is unknown, we are told she is
less than 5 feet tall.

Unfortunately, Nino suffers with cataracts in both eyes and needs
surgery to correct this problem. However, with his new found fame, a
part in a film and the cash he earns dancing at department stores, he
may soon be able to afford this.

Worlds shortest man

The only cloud on the horizon might be a teenager from Nepal called
Khagendra Thapa Magar, who is nearly 18-years-old and currently 5 inches
smaller than Nino!

If Magar maintains his height, he could enter the records as being the
shortest (verified) man ever, which is currently held by a man called
Gul Mohammed, who was born in India in 1957. Gul Mohammed died at the
age of 40 from respiratory complications and after a long struggle with
asthma and bronchitis 

Colombian Edward Nino Hernandez is the World's Shortest Living Man Guinness World Records 2011 Video

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