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Bon Bon Gold (4 photos)

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders (Marcel Wanders) designed the chair "Bon Bon Gold '. This product design has a very unique story of creation. It involves a hook from a rope and reinforced with resin and precious metal.

'Bon Bon Gold' is currently being demonstrated as part of Sotheby's at Sudeley Castle '- open-air exhibitions, which takes place in a castle in Gloucestershire, and includes 25 unique projects, released a limited edition. This is truly a royal chair can be seen there until August 1. Though they say that all is not gold that glitters, here is a statement can be refuted.

Toy Model of Bugatti Veyron Is More Expensive Than the Car Itself (3 Photos)

The toy model weighs 7 kilos. It is made out of solid 24-carat gold and platinum and has a single cut 7.2-carat diamond set in the grill. All detailing is an exact replica of the real Bugatti...

There will be made only three golden Veyrons, said Stuart Hughes, the jeweller and one of the creators of the car model. I’d like to see those three fools who’d buy them.

The toy is almost twice the price of the real Bugatti Veyron or £2 million, whereas the real car costs £1.15 million… What would you prefer, this toy model or the real thing?


Housing Estate N – An Eccentric World Built of Cardboard (11 Photos)

“Abandoned Housing Estate Number N” is a unique miniature city, made entirely from corrugated cardboard.

So far I’ve seen a city made of toothpicks, another one made of staples, but this is the first cardboard city, for me. Created by a Japanese artist whose name eludes me, Housing Estate Number N is an ever-growing project that started back in 2001. The paradox of this art installation is that although it’s mostly abandoned, it keeps growing and evolving, with each passing day.

Some of the rooms in the estate are lit and completely furnished, while others are dark and empty. There are even some eerie characters that look like haunting spirits. Though pretty bizarre, Housing Estate N is an inspiring project that will keep growing as long as its creator desires it.

Photos Via: Hatena

Go See the Titanic, in Tennessee (8 Photos)

Just because it sank almost 100 years ago, doesn’t mean you can’t visit the famous Titanic. One of the best way to do it is to travel to the Titanic Museum, in rural Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

The world’s largest museum attraction, this 50% scale replica of the Titanic is actually just the front bow of the famous ship. Located in Pigeon Forge, this new tourist attraction cost $24 million and took over one year to build. But it has plans of attracting around 1 million visitors a year.

Unlike its sister museum, in Branson, Missouri, The Titanic of Pigeon Forge is not a Hollywood style museum, it’s an interactive experience that features all the tragic elements of the Titanic story. As soon as they enter the museum, visitors are offered a boarding pass with the name of one of the original passengers, and are greeted by in-character stewards and ship officers, always ready to offer information about the ship. There is even a section where visitors can sink there hand in a tank of -2 degrees Celsius cold water, the temperature the water was when the Titanic sank.

The Titanic Museum of Pigeon Forge also has a replica of the beautiful White Star liners Grand Staircase, as well as 400 artefacts from the original Titanic, including a life vest, and a tooth, recovered from survivors.

Even though the Titanic didn’t make it to America, it continues to fascinate its inhabitants, and the owners of the Titanic Museum hope this will make their investment profitable.

3D pictures in the parks of Moscow (13 Photos)

The duo of artists from Germany creates a 3D account - beheld illusions, for a antagonism club Nike «I'm running.

There are millions of affidavit to adjourn important decisions until "Monday", for example, the accommodation to alpha running. All of these obstacles - just an illusion. To authenticate this, and Nike has arrive the masters of the brand 3D paintings on pavement - German artists Marion Ruthardt and Gregor Vosika in a Moscow park.

The 5 parks, one of those that accept a active club Nike «I'm running," corrective in the bottomless pit, through which we can canyon on a log, a waterfall, over which afraid a braiding arch that breach in the earth, which can be overcome, jumping on the islands , afloat ice floe, and blocking the way, the bankrupt gate.

On the conception of a individual angel artists charge added than 8 hours. First, a appropriate technology the angel is put on the city with chalk, again the artists began to plan painting. 3D-effect draws absorption and is decidedly apparent in the photographs.

A new concept electric trolley Renault DeZir on the streets of Paris (18 Photos)

On the streets of Paris, you could see a new abstraction car Renault - elektrokupe Renault DeZir - the aboriginal activity developed beneath the administration of Lawrence van den Akera (Laurens van der Acker), the new arch artist Renault.

Renault DeZir is a bifold sleeper breadth of 4,225 mm and a amplitude of 1968 mm, able with an electric ability of 100 kW (150 hp) with torque of 226 Nm. New action electric trolley can advance from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 abnormal or from 0 to 50 km / h in just 2 seconds.

In autogenous architecture avtokontsepta Renault DeZir included:
refined anatomy of the foreground seats, foreground panel, as if amphibian in the air, top adverse bright accomplishment foreground driver's door, council cavalcade and centermost console, amazing red ablaze interior.

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