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World's Most Disgusting Fish

Remember my previous post about a weird animal you've never seen before?? some of the animal listed there are a blobfish, do you know that blobfish is included to the world's most disgusting fish?? do you wanna know what kind of fish is that?? there are 10 disgusting fish all over the world.. Let's go down and search for them below

Have you ever seen some of these disgusting fishes?? May you have seen some of them on the internet… So, let’s check out.

1. Goliath Tigerfish

2. Frilled Shark

3. Blob Fish or Blob Sculpin

4. Wolf Fish

5. Rattails or Grenadiers

6. Lamprey

7. Basking Shark

8. Goblin Shark

9. NO Name

10. Different Type of Grenadier

Yucks.. look at his mouth.. it's really disgusting.. but i think all those fish above are also horrifying.. which one is the most disgusting in your opinion?? would you please share it below in comment section..

Oh yeah you can also see another weird fish which has a teeth and lips like a human does.. here is Fish with Human like Lips and Teeth

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