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Weird Sex Tradition in the World

All the weird thing that happen all over the world indicates to us that world must be crazy and told us that we are live in a crazy world , so don't be crazy and try what are they do.. just make it as our learning.. OK this is the weirdest sex tradition all over the world, they are..

1.In Lebanon people are allowed to make love with a female animal, if one's are caught do sex with a male animal so he will be punish to death.

2.In Bahrain a Male doctor are legal in a law to check woman's genitalia but he doesn't allow to see it directly, they only allow to see the woman's genitalia from a mirror.

3.In Guam, there's a full time job for a man to break the woman's virginity, and they've paid to do that, because in guam law's a virgin woman doesn't allowed to get married..

4.In Hongkong, a wife are can kill his cheating husband legally, it's based on the law, but they only can kill the corrupt/dishonest husband with bare hand, and can kill his husband secret lover with anything that she want.

5.In Cali Columbia, woman are only allowed to do sex with her own husband, and the woman's mother must be in the same room with the couple on the first night to watch how they make love.

6.In Santa Cruz Bolivia it's against the law if a man do sex with a woman and her daughter in a same time.

Wow the world must be crazy.. i hope all of you can get many new knowledges by reading this
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