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6 Most Amazing Billboard Ads in the World

Billboards ads sometimes makes us uncomfortable because they block the view. But this billboard will make you see it two times and said “This is Amazing”.

1. Global Warning  Pool Billboard
New York is not under – It is a clever ad for HSBC by Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency in Mumbai, India. Bank wants to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming, so the ads people glued an aerial photograph of a town skyscraper to the bottom of a swimming pool … effect view of the city drowned, fantastic.
Global warming pool most amazing advertisement billboard
Global warming pool Billboard
global warming pool most amazing advertisement billboard 2
global warming pool

2. Pizza Crop-Circle
If you are flying in or out of Denver International Airport, look out the window and you will see a pizza cut into a wheat field near West 128th Avenue and Pena Boulevard. Crop circle, designed by artist Stan Herd, is a promotional vehicle for Papa John’s Pizza. Pizza circle’s wide is around the size of six football fields.

pizza crop circle in Dallas Texas US
pizza crop circle dallas, TX
pizza crop circle Dallas TX
pizza crop circle Dallas TX from far above

3. Lights pour coffee
As part of a national campaign promoting McDonald’s restaurant, in downtown Vancouver a lamp post [6th Avenue at Cambie Street] to be part of an optical illusion, appeared to pour coffee into a giant mug on sidewalk Post. Brown vinyl wrapped like pouring coffee.

lamp coffee pour most amazing billboard advertisement
lamp pour coffee

4. Axe Calendar
As a female student dormitory wrappers in the form of a calendar and use the Axe for a month during the month of March, addressed to the new woman that can fully express every day, to promote the brand image and preference for the Axe.

axe schedule calendar most amazing advertisement billboard
axe schedule calendar

5. Bleeding Billboard
This is a picture of a billboard in New Zealand bleeding in the rain. It’s very scary, but according to the ad agency, there has been no bad incident occurred. This billboad ads is used to warn road users to be careful in the rain.
bleeding billboard not raining most amazing billboard  advertisement
bleeding billboard When It's not raining
bleeding billboard raining most amazing billboard ads
bleeding billboard when raining

6. Let there be xenon
To launch the new MINI, with its large array of updated features, among them more powerful Bi-Xenon headlights, a MINI was mounted on the side of a wall. Then 2500 watt lights were placed on top of the billboard which up to the lowers levels of the stratosphere.

mini billboard let there be xenon most amazing billboard ads  lights to stratosphere
mini billboard let there be xenon

Any other interesting billboard ads I haven’t mentioned here, Please let me know.
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