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Sexy Hot Asian Women - Michelle Zen (Michelle Stephanie Banzer)

Sexy Hot Asian Women - Michelle Zen

Sexy Hot Asian Women - Michelle Zen (Michelle Stephanie Banzer)

Michelle Zen (born Michelle Stephanie Banzer) is an extremely sexy Asian beauty queen and poker model from Louisville, Kentucky. Kentucky? I thought this blog showcases Asian bombshells! Yes, you’re right, but even though Michelle was born in the states, she is all Asian. Well half actually, but that half consists of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Mongolian. So I think that’s good enough to showcase here. So she really got noticed when she was crowned Miss Kentucky USA in 2007. Michelle represented Kentucky in the Miss USA 2007 beauty pageant, but failed to place. Since then, she has been busy modeling with her most high profile gig as a touring model for the World Poker Tour. She also has competed in the Hawaiian Tropic competition so there’s a little bit of bad girl in her.

Now this picture doesn’t show a whole lot of her body, but it does show how amazingly beautiful this girl is. Look at those eyes. They are simply captivating. I love half-Asians because they get all of the looks of white girls that we’ve grown to love, but have Asian features. The best of both worlds. This girl has those beautiful eyes, a cute as hell button nose, a smile that (although could use some work) is quite sweet and inviting. She has a beautiful neckline and perfectly perky breasts. This girl is a nice tight little package that should win just about any competition she finds herself in.

The Art of Mass Public Nudity

FUNBATH wanna give you another crazy public action.. remember the crazy parade in japan where and also another crazy parade in japan?? now we have the next crazy parade. this is the art of public nudity.. imagine how if you belong to this people.. who do a public nudity.. wow.. the world must be crazy.. what are they purpose doing that?? are for demonstration or maybe for art reason?? but actually these photo below are really has an artistic photogrpahy value.. it's really interesting and amazing where so many nude people make a line in the field.. OK so you wanna see it?? let's go

Imagine if we're belong to them.. can you control yourself there if you meet a nude girl?? heheheh

Japanesse Weird Softdrink

Maybe the Japanese are really an innovative countries, there's many weird invention there, and also they has many weird and unique parade like Crazy Parade in Japan, And Another Crazy Japanese Street Dance, and now worldmustbecrazy wanna take you to another Japanese wonder.. this is Japanese Weird Soft drink, all the softdrink below are really weird, and you won't find this anywhere.. Ok?? check this out and enjoy your soft drink

13. Bottled Water

A Bottled water?? hmm... that's weird

12. Artificial Milk Softdrink

11. Pepsi with Cucumber

Springfield is now Tokyo! Exhibit A: Pepsi Ice Cucumber, introduced to the Japanese soft drinks market and Pepsi vending machines on June 12th (2007) and to our Top Ten Bizarre Japanese Soft Drinks listing immediately thereafter. Pepsi? Good... Cucumbers? Great! Cucumber-flavored Pepsi? DOH!!

10. Coolpis : Soft Drink with Meal Flavour

Coolpis comes in Peach flavor and (stop reading now, if you can...) Kimchee flavor. Kimchee, for those unacquainted, is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented cabbage and LOTS of red pepper. Makes Peach flavored Coolpis almost appealing, doesn't it? Anyone for a Calpis vs. Coolpis taste test? We could call it a pis-ing contest.

9. Kidsbeer: the Popeye Cigarettes of children's drinks

Kidsbeer. We kid you not: Kidsbeer. What can be said in defense of Kidsbeer, except maybe that it's alcohol-free? That would be like saying Hitler wasn't all bad because he liked dogs. Kidsbeer is so wrong on so many levels it makes my head spin, yet it is so popular in Japan that monthly shipments are approaching 100,000 bottles. As for the ad campaigns, nothing else will make you feel more like you've blundered into Superman's Bizarro world then seeing pre-teens - heck, pre-toddlers - joyfully guzzling their bottles of Kidsbeer.

8. Deepresso Coffee

Is this the opposite of Espresso, or a coffee designed to bring down Type A personalities?

7. Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Wasn't there already a blue Pepsi, called umm, er, oh yeah - Pepsi Blue? It faded from the scene fairly quickly; a fate certain to be shared by Pepsi Blue Hawaii. Flavored with Pineapple and Lemon, you just know PBH is going to be sweeter than Hello Kitty in insulin shock – actually, it would probably be her IV drip.

6. Melon Milk

Melon Milk doesn't taste bad... it does taste kinda strange though. Sort of like milk, with a melony overtone. You sip some, think “that can't be right”, then sip a little more. Before you know it you've drained the whole can – all part of Pokka's dastardly plan, no doubt. Melon is actually a major fruit flavor in Japan. If it's green & fruity, there's probably a melon involved. Consider yourself warned.

5. Bilk

Bilk... 70% beer, 30% milk, 100% disgusting. Supposedly, Bilk possesses a subtle sweetness that women should find most appealing. Beer bellies, belches and lactose intolerance, not so much. Bilk can be bought at 6 outlets in Japan's northern province of Hokkaido where bears outnumber humans 2:1. Guess they like the stuff, for their pic-a-nic baskets and all.

4. NEEDS Cheese Drink

Well, you balked at Bilk so now it's come to this: NEEDS Cheese Drink. Nuh-uh, that's where I draw the line. I prefer to enjoy my cheese in the solid state, thank you, where I can shave off a paper-thin slice with that fiendish cheese-shaving knife. NEEDS Cheese Drink, I don't needs.

In fact, it seems the only ones who DO needs NEEDS are those pesky dairy farmers in Hokkaido, who “needs” to do something about growing stocks of surplus milk. If only there was something, sort of like a baby but still a cow, who could drink the surplus milk... ah well, never mind.

3. Placenta Drink

From Kid's Wine to Kid Swine... Ahh, the things women will do to stay young and beautiful for us!

Thank you ladies, really... but there comes a point where bizarre beauty potions intended to make you luscious, just make us nauseous – and Nihon Shokuten's eerie series of placenta products are a prime example.

Made with swine placenta, the drink carries the automotive-sounding name of "Placenta 400000" - perhaps it's made from the ground & pressed extract of 400,000 placentas? Nihon Shokuten's not telling, but their revolting beverage should come pre-packaged with mints because there's nothing worse than placenta-breath in the morning.

2. Eel Soda

Unagi-Nobori soda is no ordinary energy drink, oh no... this terrific tonic is infused with a generous helping of eel extract. If you think there's something fishy about that, you're unfortunately right.

According to Japanese folk tradition, eating eel is reputed to give one extra energy on summer's hottest, most humid days.

These days though, one doesn't always have time for a leisurely lunch of delicious barbecued eel

1. Okkikunare Drinks

Okkikunare is Japanese for “make them bigger”, and do I really have to tell you what “them” refers to? Well, maybe I do - least guys with macho issues rush to place orders, the apple, peach and mango flavored drinks are quite popular among teenage girls in Japan.

Made by a company called Welcia, the special bust-boosting ingredient in Okkikunare drinks is powdered Arrowroot containing the same sort of isoflavones found in soybeans, which are said to “stimulate the female hormone system.”

Seems a little sketchy to me... then again, the drinks are also sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, which has been linked to obesity. Therefore, EVERYTHING gets bigger the more you drink, not just the, umm, apples, peaches and mangos

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Surprise Before Meet a Net Friends

Before meet a net friends, usually many people do a photo exchange to introduce their self, but what will happen next?? sometimes people are too shy to expose their true photo, there's so many reason, maybe because of his/her don't have a self confidence.. but if they sent you a photo, don't trust the photo 100%. because of The computer graphical software also get more advanced. we think guys or gals should seriously consider our advise to have a video chat before meet your net friends. Why? Take a look at these photos and you will understand the surprise before meet a net friends

See?? so don't trust the photo 100%.. hehehehe This is really.... amazing.... are they the same person? If that is also possible, then anything also possible!!! we will really feel pity for the guy that meet her after viewing her processed photo. I doesn't mean that she is not pretty, but the guy would expect a lot before meeting her, and this is really a big surprise to him
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